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Gift ideas for a 3-year-old girl

My daughter, Clara, is three and a half. I thought it would be a good time before Christmas to round up her favorite toys! Everything except the tricycle is under $30 and all available on Amazon (for those of you procrastinating shoppers like me!).

Toddler toys - Present or gift ideas for a 3 year old girl2

toddler toy gift present ideas - shopping cart

Play grocery cart

Our house sees quite a few toddlers and the grocery cart is hands down the favorite. This is the exact one we have and it’s just the right height. They use it for all kinds of things and the girls love to put their baby dolls in it. Toddlers just love pushing things around.

toddler toy gift present ideas - baby doll and accessories

Baby doll

The girls who like dolls go crazy over those sets that have all the little baby accessories — pacifier, bottle, diaper … I like this one because they can’t take the clothes off! We always end up with a bunch of half-naked babies, haha! This high chair I got Clara gets a lot of use too.

Update: After I posted this they jacked the price up by $20! Here are some other options: Bedtime doll with accessories, baby doll feeding set and carrier, baby doll with carseat and feeding accessories.

toddler toy ideas bubble wand

Bubble wand

A wand AND bubbles?! It is battery operated and lights up. This is just bound to be the most popular gift. All kids love bubbles. Fact.

toddler toy gift present ideas - reusable stickers

Reusable stickers

I am a BIG fan of reusable stickers. They don’t get stuck on furniture and can be used on the airplane window, in the bath and on glass doors. And they can use them again and again. I like to buy a different one for each kid and then they can trade. The price is unbeatable as well.

toddler toy gift present ideas - jewelry box

Jewelry box

My daughter was so excited about having her own jewelry box! She keeps it on her desk and loves all the little drawers to keep her “jewelry.”

Add some play jewelry for fun too! These necklaces and bracelets are a great deal — I used them as party favors. Stick on earrings are always a hit as well.

best toddler books


I love it when kids get excited about books! I included board books in these links because some little ones are still into tearing pages at this age. Most of them are around $5, so you could get a few of them and maybe put them in the backpack, below.

Here are some of our favorite classics:

toys for three year old girl - unicorn backpack


Three year olds love feeling like big kids with their own backpacks.

toddler toy gift present ideas - fairy princess costume

Fairy dress

The thing I love about little girls is that every place is an appropriate place to wear a fancy fairy princess dress — church, grocery store, and of course tea parties. This one gets bonus points because it has wings!

best toddler toys for girls - princess shoes

Tiara and shoes

Crown your princess with her own tiara and shoe set. And do NOT forget the shoes. Something about these ill-fitting plastic princess shoes makes little girls very, very happy!

best toddler presents and gift ideas - tricycle


Clara loves her tricycle! She pulls the wagon behind it, even hauls other kids on the back. Every little kid needs a tricycle, and the good ones hold up for decades.

best toddler toys for girls - glitter play doh


This is a well-loved, very affordable favorite. Fun factory is a classic around here. The boys have played with it since they were three and still do at ages 6 and 7. Win even more favor with GLITTER play-doh!

best toddler girl toy present ideas - unicorn

Unicorn stuffy

A unicorn stuffy will never fail you in the gift department. I’m pretty sure all little girls like unicorns.

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” — Agnes, Despicable Me

See my two-year-old girl list for even more ideas!

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