Half-finished projects and why I’m MIA

I haven’t been blogging much lately and I miss you! There are a couple reasons why: 1) I do also do freelance graphic design and my projects have been piling up. 2) I can’t seem to finish any one home project, but start another one instead!

Let me show you what I’m up to.

I started this hallway project and like where it’s headed, I just hit a spending freeze! Haha! I painted the top Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams and plan to do a chair rail with wainscoting underneath. I did collage frames up top because I have yet to put a photo of my family up in this house!

dining room progress - pax wardrobe closets

This wine cooler that I repurposed jetted out waaaay too far in the room, so I put these Ikea Pax wardrobes on either side. It worked! I still haven’t added handles or finished putting all the shelves inside.

Eventually I want to make them look built in, but I might need help with that because the ceilings are at an angle.

board and batten wall - christmas decor - garland and houses

One project we did finish is this wall on the other side of the dining room! So double doors were here to the home office and we decided to close it in and make fourth bedroom. Our friends, Christian and Amy, showed us how to do it for $150! The board and batten wall cost another $100.

kate - - DIY, organizing, decor on a budget

The wall textures were weird and I did a subpar job my first time using joint compound, so I thought I’d do another board and batten wall! I hammered and caulked and painted my little heart out until it was done. Another post I haven’t gotten to!

guest bedroom before

This is the other side of that wall, the guest bedroom. Clearly I have a lot of work to do in here! I ordered the boys bunkbeds, much to their delight, so their beds will come in here. You know, just so I could involve one more room in my project list.

home office

And I haven’t forgotten about my organizing series I began with the kitchen and bathroom! The office is up next, but I need to finish the post and printables and, honestly, I want to do a couple more decor things to this space before I share.

A book and coffee

And finally, we’ve got family coming into town, I’m reading lots of books and trying to be more present with the kids. So I’ll be back, I’m just a little scatterbrained right now. Tell me you get it!

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3 thoughts on “Half-finished projects and why I’m MIA

  1. Hi Kate, I so love the cupboards on either side of that beautiful wine cooler and the children look so absorb in their projects. The house is coming together beautifully. Oh for space in my own home, yet I shall not complain! The wall with the garland strung across and those “magnificent” row of little white houses, oh my goodness, I can only dream. I have a writing bureau totally handmade with no nails, it was re-claimed wood from wooden wine barrels, I think I am going to use your idea of waxing, not this year, I don’t think there is enough time for such a project. Thanks for sharing, and yes, I missed you as well…. Kind regards.

  2. I shall do so, like I said I think this project is for next year maybe sooner, time will tell. I am quite confident it is going to look smashing. I would like to plan and organize beforehand. You home is coming together so beautifully and I love all that space. Be richly blessed go well and take care :)

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