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Easy DIY art ideas

Our many blank walls have been driving me nuts. I had some white IKEA frames from our last house so I thought I’d get creative and fill up some of these empty spaces! I’m artistic in the way of being creative, but not in the way of skilled painting or drawing. So I’ve come up with couple of cheap DIY art ideas that anyone can do.

Cheap DIY art - modern abstract black and white art

DIY roller art

First up, is our living room. I didn’t photograph the process because I didn’t think I would actually like it, haha! I whipped it up in 45 minutes. I remember because I had a deadline of picking the boys up from school and was surprised I finished in time.

I simply cut a a roller in half to get the width I wanted, dipped it in some black acrylic paint and rolled it on the canvas. Easy peasy!

Cheap DIY modern abstract art

modern black and white DIY art with bronze sconces

DIY black and white abstract art

black and white art that you can do yourself

Simple modern black and white art

DIY art ideas - black and white roller abstract art

Easy DIY art anyone can do - neutral modern abstract art

DIY modern art with bronze sconces and no electrical wiring

These are the sconces I bought. No electrical wiring and they turn on with a remote! I learned how to do it from Nesting with Grace. Her post is called magic light trick. Genius!

free printable art - green fern leaves

Free printable fern illustrations

The next blank wall on my mind was the spot above our bed.

I simply printed off these letter-sized illustrations from the New York Public Library’s digital collection. There are free for personal use. And I just taped them right to the back of the frame!

Doesn’t get easier than that!

free printable fern leave prints

Download the high-res tiff file and crop. I knocked out the background, but that’s not necessary.

free fern leaf illustration prints

gray and white bedroom - cheap DIY art

Free printable fern leaves - cheap DIY art

free printable fern illustrations

free printable fern art illustration prints

Free fern printables - taped to the back of frame board - cheap and easy DIY art ideas

How about you? Do you have any DIY artwork or projects in the works?

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You can see me working on these projects and get sneak peeks of my DIY projects in my Instagram DIY story highlights here! I can’t wait to show you the next project. It’s almost done!


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