Neutral fall decor ideas

I shooed out all the orange for neutral fall colors this year. I went for everything that is wood and white and natural. There’s something simple and calming about it. Because it is subtle, I don’t think I’ll have a problem leaving it up until Thanksgiving.

I’ll show you all the details and then how I repurposed what I already had and a few more DIY projects — like the acorn garland, thankful pillow and $10 sign.

fall dining room in neutrals - white pumpkins, old trunk, plaid blanket, grays, whites, wood, acorn garland

simple fall decor in neutrals - wood, white, cotton stems, candles, books, white pumpkins

fall decor for buffet table in dining room

fall flat lay - wood and cream tones

neutral fall decor - cotton stems in silver pitcher on dining room buffet table

DIY acorn garland

fall decor in woods, creams, cotton stems, and white pumpkins

neutral fall decor in white dining room

Cheap fall decor - repurpose what you have

thanksgiving placemat turned into a pillow for 5 dollars in 5 minutes

woods, browns and whites for fall decor

Entry way

I did another little fall vignette over in the entryway. I’m feeling the neutrals this year, but I couldn’t pass by these mustard yellow billy balls on sale at Hobby Lobby!

(By the way, this dresser and art look to dinky in this spot. I’m just not sure what I’m going to do about it yet. Maybe moulding?)

entryway fall decor

fall entryway

mustard yellow fuzz blossoms for fall decor

fall entry way with lantern, yellow fuzz blooms and white pumpkins

wood leaves garland

wood lantern with beaded handle

fall neutrals - white pumpkins, old trunk, plaid blanket, grays, whites, wood


The only fall things I bought this year were the cotton stems and yellow stems. Everything else was either DIY, painted white or from years past. Here’s how I decorate for fall on the cheap:

placemat pillow DIY - 5 dollars and 10 minutes

Placemat pillow

I’m going to keep talking about placemat pillow until somebody cares, haha! Five dollars and 10 minutes will get you your very own placemat pillow. Get the simple tutorial here.

DIY acorn and twine garland

DIY acorn garland

Gather acorns from the yard and simply knot twine around them. I hung mine on the top of my sign. You could string them along a window or run them down the table.

Cheap large art - how to hang an engineering print from Staples

$10 sign

I made this sign on the super cheap and it makes a great, simple backdrop for any holiday decor. You can find out more info here.

DIY fall decor ideas - budget fall decor

Painting pumpkins

Last year I painted all my orange and black pumpkins! I tried a few different paints, but good ol’ spray paint was the way to go for the bold and dark colors.

Just remove the stems and spray. If you want a more realistic look, you could add some acrylic on top in darker tones.

I love saving money by repurposing what I already have!

painting orange fall decorations white

Painting old decorations

And finally, as I wasn’t feeling into orange this year, I also painted these stems white. I put them in dollar store vases running down the table for a cheap centerpiece. I like that they can work for Christmas too.

I think most bloggers are supposed to have their fall decor up by now, but it’s so hot in Florida I haven’t really been in the mood! I’m loving it now though! When do you start decorating for fall? Or do you?

12 thoughts on “Neutral fall decor ideas

  1. One of these days, I’m actually going to make a placemat pillow. I’m always attracted to the lovely placemats, but I don’t particularly like using them on my table, so I never buy them. I do LOVE pillows, though. I actually had one of my senior portraits taken with all my pillows. :)

  2. I keep talking about placemat pillows but it never really catches on, haha! That’s awesome that you had a senior picture taken with pillows! I love them too, but my kids throw them all on the floor :(

  3. You are such a frugal decorating genius! I love the place mat pillow. I hate sewing and am not a big DIYer, but that feels doable and such a fun, inexpensive way to get some new decor.

    The pinecone garland is so fun too!

  4. Wow, thanks, Lydia! That means so much coming from you. I love placemat pillows! I keep talking about them but they’ve never caught on, haha! They’re so easy.

  5. Hi Kate – Love the pillow and the honey color matches the chair perfectly! The wooden leaves are so lovely, and I discovered your Steamer Trunk under the table. The colors match beautifully. The Trunk gives me the impression it is ready for another long overdue trip! Glad you did not change or painted it like so many of us suggested …. Sometimes you just have to follow your own instincts. Glad to see you are enjoying your home and sharing your ideas. Cheerio

  6. Thanks, Elize! Yes, that trunk! I didn’t do anything to it, including my own ideas, haha! And so it sits. But I like it :) It’s kind of funny decorating for fall when it’s so hot here, but it makes the kids and I festive and happy. Not sure Marcello even notices, ha!!

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