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Christian dance and workout playlist

I love a good dance party! And so do my kids. But most dance songs aren’t meant for little ears, so I’ve been collecting all my favorite, dance-tested Christian songs into a TWO HOUR Spotify playlist! It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I made it for wild dance parties at home, but it’s great for workouts and hangs by the pool too.

You press play and then I’ll show you how I make a dance parties come alive with the flick of a switch at our house, haha!

If the embedded playlist doesn’t work, here’s the link.

By the way, if you don’t normally listen to faith music, give this a shot. I think you’re going to be surprised.

family dance party spotify playlist

So on Amazon Prime Day, I impulsively bought this inexpensive disco light (regularly $12.99) and I have to say, I’m super impressed. I bought a much larger professional disco light back in my 20s (that’s normal, right?) and this small one is more powerful! Anyway, when I went to put it up on top of our kitchen island (naturally) I noticed that I could unplug the track lighting up there and plug the disco light up instead! Yesss.

And I didn’t stop there. I grabbed my older, professional light and plugged it in too. I faced one toward the dining room and one toward the living room. And sure enough, the plug in works with a switch and I can light up the whole living area with party lights in one switch!

It makes Clara and I happier than you know. We turn them on daily and blast our current favorite playlist (this one!). When my mom was here visiting she was laughing because one evening Clara and I were still going strong — I was teaching her the moonwalk — and both boys were laying on the couch. Adriano was asleep. Finally Luca got up, switched the light off and informed us it was over. Haha!

disco lights with the flip of a switch
best cheap disco lights
unplug track lighting and plug in disco lights instead
Best Christian dance playlist
disco lights in the house and family dance playlist
disco lights make the perfect family dance party - christian dance playlist included
Disco lights in the house
marcello cooking dinner

Someone has to be responsible and cook dinner, I suppose.

Best small bluetooth speaker

This is the speaker we use. It is extremely impressive for it’s size. We use it in our movie room as well instead of surround sound!


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Christian Spotify dance playlist - clean dance music safe for kids
Christian dance playlist - Spotify
Christian workout Spotify playlist

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  1. You can click the Spotify logo in the top right corner of the playlist I embedded at the beginning of the post. Or you can search spotify for “”. Hope that helps!

  2. Awesome!!! Thanks, this will be GREAT for my wedding day. Some great additions to the playlist i’m making for the dance floor music for my reception.

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