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Blank wall turned plant wall

Slowly and sale by sale, I’m chipping away at all the blank walls in our house. I finished this area this weekend and thought I’d give you a little tour. I’ve been eyeballing our house to figure out the best place to hang a “curtain” of plants. I settled on this window and hung them across the top. But I couldn’t stop there!

I put this little area together with half off sales and things we already have.

World Market bench and plants

People naturally want to sit here under this window so a bench made sense. My patience paid off and this bench, that happens to fit perfectly in height and length, finally went on sale for half off! (It’s still on sale, by the way. I listed all the sources at the bottom.)

The pillows actually have a sweet story. I found one at Home Goods, but when I brought it home it looked dinky on the long bench even though it was 38 inches. I went to another store and they were out too. So Marcello drove 30 minutes and found one at another store for me! He knows the way to my heart.

And the scripture sign was half off at Hobby Lobby, and I believe it still is! It is important to me to have God’s very words written on the walls of our house, not just clever quotes. I believe there is power in these words. And I love when I’m sitting, staring off into space, and my eyes land on these words of life.

The plant hangers were $5-7 each and I already had the plants from my plant wall in my old bathroom (that has been pinned over 86,000 times). I also already had that white table from years and years ago. I think I’ve painted it three times!

blank wall before bench and plants

Above is a view of the blank wall that plagued me since we moved in!

White boho classic living room with plantsHanging plant ideas - macrame plant hangers

Blank wall update with bench and plants

Hanging plant ideas

Hanging plants with extra long indoor outdoor bench

Love is patient sign - half off

vintage clock, sign and plant stand - blank wall styling

Hanging plants make a big impact in a blank space

Rustic bench with white walls and hanging plants

Rustic indoor outdoor bench from world market and black and white lumbar pillows from Home Goods

How to add more plants to your space

Cheap macrame plant hangers

White gray and black boho living room with bench and hanging plants

Over to the right is a peek at what I’ve got going on in the dining room. Hopefully I can do a post on that next week!

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Clock: Target  |  Macrame hangers: Amazon 1 & 2  |  Bench: World Market  |  Love sign: Hobby Lobby  |  Pillows: Home Goods


6 thoughts on “Blank wall turned plant wall

  1. I really love this. I love what you have done with this area. It really makes a huge difference. Since we have moved I hope I can get around to posting my updates on my blog to get it started and share. My husband and I really love what you and your family have done to the house. Keep it up! I hope your summer has been so wonderful so far. In our neck of the woods school begins this week. So we are all gearing up for that. Have a great day and enjoy. :)

  2. Thanks, Melissa! Slowly, it’s coming along over here :) Let me know when you post pics of your house. I’d love to check it out! We have two weeks until school, so just one week behind you. Does it make you a little happy or sad the summer is over?

  3. Yes it does, but it does tell me that cooler weather is on it’s way. I don’t deal with the heat very well. We took the lil one to the park yesterday and it was just miserable even in the early part of the day.

  4. Oh I understand! In southern Florida it’s super hot from June until November! I kind of think of it as our winter when we have to stay indoors!

  5. Absolutely stunning and what a great! And you photographed so well :) Can’t actually believe that is the same wall in the before and after pic – definitely something to try.

  6. Thank you, Monique! Amazing what some paint will do, isn’t it? I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a note :)

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