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Fun float away kids bookmark

Looking for a last minute sentimental gift? These easy and silly bookmarks will be sure to get you off the hook for procrastinating.

You and I are in the same club. Last year, about a day before Father’s Day, I made these with the kids. My last minute creativity saved face but there was no time to do a post, so that’s why you’re seeing this a year later!

The kids loved making the bookmarks and Marcello got such a kick out the them! He still keeps them in his Bible all the time.

Float away bookmark - present kids can make for dad

Tassel on DIY laminated kids bookmark

DIY Float away bookmark with tassel craft

Fun float away book mark - great last minute father's day gift or DIY Christmas present - DIY keepsake

Bookmark craft with kids - activity and DIY gift

I got the idea for this keepsake from Creative Family Moments. Isn’t she clever?! Heather used clear shelf liner, but I used my laminator. It’s a little risky to use the laminator, but if you put the pictures close enough together it won’t shrivel and get stuck. Just a little warning there.

Float away bookmark - DIY keepsake - kid activity - last minute gift - father's day


  • camera
  • printer
  • laminator or clear shelf liner
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • ribbon or tassels


  1. Take the kids’ pictures in front of a plain background. Have them put their hands together over their head and make a silly face. The silly face is what makes it!
  2. Print the pictures out. I printed several of each kid so I could make more keepsakes for grandparents. See below.
  3. Cut out the pictures.
  4. Stick them in the the laminator sheet close together, but with enough space to let it seal and cut in between them.
  5. Cut out out the kids from the plastic.
  6. Use a hole punch at the top.
  7. Thread a tassel or ribbon through. Feel free to add beads and pom poms for a little flare! You can buy premade ones too.

I put 6 photos on a page (shown above) and printed 2 copies to make extras.

It’s a fun keepsake dads and grandparents will love and treasure. How about you? Do you do cards and breakfast or do you go all out on these holidays?

DIY float away kids bookmark - easy homemade last minute keepsake

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