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VIDEO: Nonni see their new house

I’m sorry I’ve kept you in suspense of my in-laws’ reaction to their new house! It took me awhile to figure out how to present it and edit the video. Friend, if you want to see a true reward to sacrifice and what grateful looks like, press play. Grab a tissue, this is going to make you cry. I was sobbing as I edited it! Their gratitude and overwhelming joy is palpable. I treasure the video of their first tour.

To fully appreciate the joy of this house reveal, you should really read their story first. The post on why and how they moved to the States is short and to the point, but it will make you appreciate their sacrifice and struggle to get here. This is a major, major deal in our world, especially Nonni’s. (Nonna and nonno mean grandma and grandpa in Italian. Nonni means grandparents ;)

I’m giving you two video options here:

  1. Get the full house tour and how I decorated it on the very cheap, plus their reveal and reaction.
  2. Or you can watch the reveal only if home decor isn’t your thing.

That’s my mama in the video. She made a sweet effort to be here when the arrived. What could we ask for in this life more than family like this?

Home tour and reveal

No tour, just the reveal

Another post is on the way Thursday for the guest house pictures, planning and source list!

moving into a new house

Moving series


7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Nonni see their new house

  1. How wonderful! The house is so special. So happy your in-laws get to be close to you.

  2. Thank you! I don’t think any of us have fully absorbed everything, but it sure fun and adventurous to try to find our new normal! :)

  3. What an amazing gift for your entire family!! I’ve seen your mom busy with many VB store installs….but this must have been the best project EVER!!!

  4. Hi Amy! Yes, this was truly an amazing gift. I was honestly more excited about decorating the guest house and surprising them than the main house :) And their reaction made everything more than worth it.

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