I saw Jesus in a dream

A week ago I had a dream about Jesus. It was very real and vivid. I’m not sure if it was from the Spirit or not; I’ve never had a spiritual dream before. But I can’t get it out of my mind and continue to think about this very short dream without end.

A day or two before the dream, while driving in the car, I was listening to a podcast. I heard the verse from Deuteronomy “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.” Something stirred inside of me. I do love God with all my heart, but what about his son? I am truly missing something there.

I believe he was on the earth. I believe he was both God and man. I believe he that atoned for my sin at the cross. But I don’t know him, not like I want to; not truly with deep affection or great longing.

I prayed a heart prayer to God as I drove. I’m not sure if it was aloud or in my head, but I prayed the Lord would reveal his son to me in a new way. I prayed that I would find what I am missing and be so full of love for Christ that it would spill out of me onto others. I wanted to have a passion and realness about him in my heart so that I could share it. You can’t share something with someone you don’t have.

Here are some reasons this dream could have been an answer to prayer:

God encourages us to ask for wisdom. “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” (James 1:5)

God says if seek him, we will find him.  “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

God wants us to know him. “And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” John 17:3

God says if we pray according to his own good will, the answer is yes. “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” (John 15:7)

God wants us to tell everyone about Jesus. “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” (Mark 16:15)

So now the dream.

I was in the passenger seat of a car at night in a woodsy area. The car was crashing, but all I saw was grass lit by headlights headed for my face. I thought I would certainly die.

Next thing I knew I was back in the moving car, like nothing had happened, looking out the passenger window. I looked out at the dark woods and saw a man in a deep purple robe standing at the side of the road with the hood up loosely. It was Jesus!

When I saw his face I knew it was him and began to leap in my seat with excitement. My window was down and I wanted to jump out of it to get to him! I saw his face and the look he gave me is what continues to stir my soul. He looked at me and with one facial expression was a mix of:

  • I see you.
  • I know you.
  • I know you want to hold me.
  • It’s not time yet.
  • I’m so happy you want to see me this much!
  • Even with a touch of loving humor: You funny girl, you would jump out of that car, wouldn’t you?

It was a subtle smile, but more complex. A knowing smile, almost as if he were tickled that I was so excited to see him, like if you looked at your spouse from across the room at a party and nodded at each other. His personality was multi-dimensional and devoted and strong and witty and good-humored. Honestly, he looked like a person you could easily talk to.

hearts in nature - gray rock

Yes, it was a quick glance but I still felt all of this and more. It was such a powerful exchange I can’t stop thinking about it.

Have you ever pictured Jesus like this? Sadly, I have not. He wasn’t there to give me a lecture or tell me to be better. He rescued me from the dark woods and from certain death. He knew me like a life-long best friend. He was even elated that I wanted to be with him so much! That’s the part I’ll never get over.

There are millions of Christians. Who am I in that mix? How could he possibly have time for me. Apparently he does. Apparently he has time to rescue me, get to know me and delight in me knowing him. I cry if I think about it. This is what I have been missing in my relationship with him — a personal and real connection. He is more than a king and redeemer. He is also my loving and dear friend. And he is yours too!

I can’t tell you if the dream was real or not, but I did find what I was looking for, that connection I had prayed for. I think this is a real turning point for me.

The next day I heard a message mentioning the story of Peter jumping off the boat to swim to shore when he saw Jesus because of his excitement and love. John, the author of the verse, even defines his own identity by Christ’s love for him.

“That disciple whom Jesus loved [John] therefore said to Peter, “It is the Lord!” When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on his outer garment, for he was stripped for work, and threw himself into the sea. The other disciples came ashore in the boat.” (John 21:7-8)

That is the same feeling I had in that car. I literally wanted to jump out of the window of a moving vehicle (even though I had just feared for my life in the same vehicle) to be next to him. Jesus radiates love that penetrates even stubborn hearts like mine. He is love.

I heard the verse that started my initial prayer four times that week! “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.” (Deuteronomy 6:5)

The final time I heard it was on Sunday, in a parenting class at church. I thought “Oh, he must know that I really need this. Maybe I’m not being loving enough to my children. Maybe I’m not teaching them to love by my own actions …” On reflection, I see the truth! He wasn’t reprimanding me, he was telling me he loves me and wants me to love him!

Love. Love. Love. That is his message over and over again. This theme has been so strong in my life the last two weeks I’m about to explode. That’s what’s going on with my DIY project this week — “they will know us by our love.” And this Instagram post. And talking to strangers and doing kind things for them. And smiling like a weirdo at anyone who looks at me! I need to share this radiant, joyful love. They need to know this love Jesus has.

So there is my prayer, my dream and his answer. I prayed that I would be filled so full that it would spill out of me onto others, and that is what compels me to share this dream with you — even though I would really rather keep this in my personal prayer journal.

God is love- hearts in nature -

“Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love.” — 1 John 4:7-8

Have you ever had a dream you thought to be from the Holy Spirit? I want to hear all of it. And one final thought: Don’t forget what you pray for and wait expectantly for his response! It might look different than you think.

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93 thoughts on “I saw Jesus in a dream

  1. Love your blog! You have a great balance of spiritual and secular content for all of your readers. Great job!

  2. Claudette, you are a godsend. Really. Thank you. I’m always trying to find the balance of spiritual and secular content in this space. I’ll probably have a lot of unsubscribers because of this post, so you don’t know how much your encouragement means to me :)

  3. Loved hearing about your experience. I had a similar experience when my third son was born. To get through labor I was picturing walking on water as Peter did when he saw Jesus. I was thinking that as long as he kept his eyes on the Lord he was able to not sink, so I just pictured walking to Jesus. Suddenly I was right next to Him and looking into His eyes. The love I saw there was amazing. It has stayed with me and been a source of joy and comfort ever since. ( My son is now 29 years old! )

  4. Mary Ellen, your story gives me goosebumps!! I love that that walking on the water to Jesus was your focus. What does that say about your sweet soul?! And then there he was. He came to you! My best friend, Ashby (a solid spiritual soul, who has known deep pain), told me that the dreams that she has that were of God have stayed with her for years. She said she remembers every detail of them. The other ones fade away. This must have been the real deal for you. Oh, how happy I am you shared this with me! It’s truly beautiful. Thank you.

  5. Thank you 4 sharing I’m working On loving others my desire is they come to know Christ as I do sometimes people seem not to expect this kindness IT’S not me but HIM

  6. That’s it! It’s not us, but him. We love only because we have been loved first. And I love it when people are surprised by kindness. That’s the best! It’s contagious.

  7. A very beautiful experience indeed! Proverbs 8:17 I love those who love Me and those who seek Me diligently find me! Your heart’s desire has been fulfilled. I so wanted to reply to your story but words failed me, I said to the Lord I shall wait for the right direction from You. Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen all by myself and thought about your vision, the purple robe – I have seen paintings wherein the artist’s colored His robe, one in dark red and another in a rich blue, the colors of a King, He is the King of Kings and as I sat there and just thought about Jesus, I had this strange feeling in my spiritual heart, like a firmness and then a sweet anointing and with great sadness, as I thought what Jesus has done for all of us walking the earth, alas, there are just some whom truly seek Him. We shall rejoice with gladness in our hearts as He first chose us…. what a privilege to know how much we are loved.

  8. In the name of CHRIST, I speak to you. It is so wonderful, to hear others talk about seeing our savior. Jesus found me in my worst time, Me and my daughter had just moved out of the shelter and were on our way to cash my paycheck, so we could pay for our deposit. Inside the store took so long, longer then usual. My daughter was getting impatient, and I kept telling her it was okay, to just be patient. All the while, I was feeling just love all around me, It is very hard to describe. Well, when we finally got to the counter, I cashed my check, and me and my daughter walked outside, and the cab driver said someone wanted to share our cab, but he was gone, and before he got the words fully out of his mouth, I saw a man standing behind me, coming out of nowhere, he had on a long brown shabby robe like garment, and when I turned around, and looked up at him, his was just tall, not tall like a basketball player, like TALL, like no human is this tall, tall! I looked at his eyes, and they seem to guide me to cab, I felt a great need to open the passenger front door for him, and as I looked at him, he seem to move very slow, not slow as a slow walker, but like a flowing type of slow! and It was all so dreamy, he was dressed like a homeless person, but he still looked stylish! When we got in the cab, me and my daughter sat in the back, and I felt this sudden joy and happiness and I introduced everybody in the cab, and I told him I didn’t know the cab driver’s name, and I asked the cab driver his name 3 times, and finally the cab driver said his name, after this time seem to be non-existent. I could not tell you what time it was, I barely remember the ride, I was so focused on JESUS, the most I can remember was his hair was brown and curly and shoulder length, He had a long brown beard, really long! He was so well-mannered and quiet, and humble, his eyes, were red, and I just remembered thinking his eyes sure is red! His teeth at first, were like that of a homeless person, then all of a sudden they changed, into a sparkling white! and I thought, his teeth is white for a homeless man. Then I remember I needed to go to the pharmacy, and I asked him, if he wanted to get dropped off first, and he said you are alright Christina, and something in his voice caught my attention and I looked up, and he was dressed differently, I can not describe it, he was shining all over, he was gold!!! his teeth shined like diamonds, his tongue was pinker then any tongue I ever saw! When I looked in his eyes, They were wide and red!!! This is all I can remember, time did not matter, my problems were non-existent, my whole focus was him, I remember his gaze was that of patience, love, humbleness, and also you felt his authority. He is so beautiful, I am in love with him!!! My life has changed so much, I love everybody, no matter who they are, material things do not matter to me anymore, It does not matter how much money I have or do not have. I just try to show love to everyone I meet, sometimes I mess up, but His HOLY SPIRIT tell me to pray through every feeling, and to share the LOVE of GOD through JESUS CHRIST. My description gives him no justice, it is something you have to experience for yourself, because the emotions can not be explained. JESUS is real and he loves us, I wish I can describe it the way I saw him, It is just true love, no love on earth, can compare to this feeling of love, and I still feel it, and his image is burnt in my mind, I talk to him everyday, I pray everyday, I try to show everyone love, I talk about him all the time. I can truly say I am in love with the LORD!!! GOD BLESS. ALL in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!!!

  9. Christina! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us your INCREDIBLE story! How remarkable and inspiring and life-changing. His love shines through you! I’m going to have to reread it, there is so much detail, so much meaning. It reminds me of this man’s story: God bless you, Christina, for sharing Christ’s indescribable love with us. It will stay with me.

  10. Last night I had a similar experience. I accepted Christ and was saved at the age of 9. I said yes to the Lord in a Christian School my mother had me go to. I had my experience with the Lord at 21 (my encounter), backslid, then had another one at 30, backslid again, and now He is bringing me back again! Talk about stubborn love…i am so grateful for it! But last night I also had a reprimand. I was praying and I felt His love for me in a very strong way…it was both beautifully loving but reprimanding at the same time…He kept telling me “You are MINE”… its what I kept hearing. It made me cry but thank Him all at the same time. I felt like I was falling in love… it was so strong, passionate, firm, but so loving…it was a whirlwind of love…love like a hurricane! So yes… I know what you mean. Beautiful experience! :-)

  11. Patricia! What an incredible experience! I am covered in goosebumps. I too know that gentle reprimand. It’s not condemnation, but it’s clear things need to change. What some wouldn’t give to have a dream about Jesus saying “You are mine.” Such relentless love! Our savior is real, and I keep hearing of these dreams over and over. You are mine. You belong to me. You are saved. It’s so exciting!! God bless you for sharing, it just makes my day! :)

  12. I’m happy to share. I can continue to share as I get more from Him to edify the body of Christ, particularly us ladies who are always seeking to cry at his feet and dry them with our hair…to pour our love on him like Mary of Bethany poured the expensive perfumed oil on His feet! He is so worthy! I love the Lord and I love you all my sisters! :-)

  13. I never dream or see the Lord savior. I am lost without hope now and in the future.

    I wish I am like you.

    Thank you.

  14. Valance! It breaks my heart to hear you say you have no hope! But you are not without hope, believe me! In fact, God promises to never leave you for forsake you. (Deuteronomy 31:6) He promises that he has GOOD plans for you, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11) And God cannot lie. He has sworn he will bless us in Hebrews 3:16. Not only did he swear, he swore by his own name because there is none greater! He would never defame is own name. He will never lie. HE LOVES YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! You are His child, his inheritance. To Him you are a beautiful treasure.

    Please keep reading, stay with me. This part is important. HE LOVES YOU NOT BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE. HE LOVES YOU BECAUSE OF WHO HE IS. You can’t change that. Even if you wanted to.

    I don’t know why God answered my prayer to see His son. Maybe part of that reason is so that I could talk to you! I have prayed since for another dream and not received one. I have friends very strong in faith that have prayed for dream of Jesus and have not had any. That doesn’t mean that God no longer loves me. It doesn’t mean that my friends are not loved and saved by the son.

    I have one more point. You are believing a lie. Satan cannot do anything to change your salvation, your future in heaven for eternity, your authority over him in Christ. BUT he would LOVE for you to believe a lie that you are chained to this sinful world, that you are lost and that God doesn’t love you. DO NOT believe those lies, friend. In Christ you are free, free indeed! (John 8:36) You have been promised a hope and a future — and not just here in this world (as life is but a vapor here) but in the next as well.

    I’ll meet you in Heaven one day and we’ll talk about this. I believe that. You cling to the Lord like never before. He has promised to never leave you. He is there, planning every detail of you life.

    I’m praying for you now, Valance! I will keep praying for you. I pray you are freed from the bondage of lies, bondage of sin, and are able to see God orchestrating the details in your life. I pray you are able to experience Christ’s joy and peace in a new way, no matter what the circumstance! In JESUS’ holy name and authority I pray, Amen!

  15. Very very touching. I have never once felt loved like that. Ever. Yes, I am a believer, but I have never had an experience like so many of you.

  16. Hi, Lettie. I’m sure it’s hard to take it in and believe someone across the internet, but I assure you God loves you. Not just loves you, he adores you, he thinks you are precious, he sings over you! I’m praying right now that you experience that love in some tangible way here on earth, but I KNOW you will in Heaven if you are a follower of Jesus. If there were one message I could convince people of it is that God LOVES them so deeply! And because of what his son has done, we get to spend eternity basking in that white, bright love. I love you and God does too.

  17. I had a dream a few weeks ago there were people sitting down in their chairs and Jesus Christ went around to each person telling them something. I didn’t know what he told them. Then he came to me and I was so desperate for him to come to me, he whispered something in my ears, I wish I could remember what he said; one thing I do remember that stuck with me was “be calm, your time is coming.” Then he hugged me and it felt so real and intense, it felt like complete love. I wish I knew what he meant.

  18. Wow, Jacky! What an incredible dream! “Be calm, your time is coming.” So symbolic for you to be waiting for your turn in the group and then he says that to you. What is remarkable about so many of these dreams is the symbology. Mine was at night and I have since realized that he was rescuing me from darkness. Of course I don’t know what he meant by “be calm, your time is coming” in your wonderful dream, but I do know that Jesus is King (in charge) and he only speaks truth! So your beautiful moment will come to pass. How exciting!! The other commonality in every dream is the overwhelming sense of “complete love” as you so perfectly put it. I’m thrilled that one day we will all life in this kind of love every day for eternity! xo

  19. I just love this! This made my heart leap for joy! This was definitely from the Lord! I did have a dream last year that I was lying on my old bed from the house I grew up in, and was praying earnestly for a friend’s marriage and I had my head buried in my blanket as I cried and prayed. I felt someone gently sit on the edge of the bed and just place their hand on my back. (this one moment replayed 3 times in the dream) I wondered who it was. Suddenly, I realized it was Jesus! I was so excited, but quite nervous to take my face out of the blankets to see Him. When I finally did, I saw my husband sitting beside the bed instead! End of dream. I will say, I have certainly been seeing Jesus through my husband A LOT more now since this dream. (We just faced a terrible loss of our baby daughter last November, and it has caused us to cleave together like never before) Though I would LOVE to see Jesus Himself as you got the honor and privilege of doing, He chose to reveal Himself to me in the person of my husband. And you know, God does describe Himself as our Husband! Song of Solomon describes the relationship between Christ and His Bride, He really does love us incredibly deeply! It is such a thrilling and fascinating love! I came to your blog through a Google search about maintaining the house and read your post about cleaning one thing a day and setting the timer for an hour. I’m glad I stuck around to read this as well! Subscribing!

  20. What an incredible dream, Tina! You know, when I first posted this dream on my blog I was nervous. I didn’t know how people would respond, but it has been such a blessing in my life and I get to hear how he is working in others’ lives too! His symbology and creative ways of speaking to us each as individuals will never stop amazing me. It makes me think of how Mary and Martha both said the same things to him but he responded so differently to them. In your dream you were praying for marriage and He so thoughtfully chose to reveal himself through your husband to prepare you and protect your marriage. It teaches me that He knows and is in charge of all things. That he would consider us his bride is extraordinary. I’m so sorry for the loss of your daughter. I can’t imagine what you have been through and my heart swells for you. I know a large percentage of marriages end after the death of a child, but the fact that you two became closer is a testament to the work of the Lord! Incredible.

  21. Well I am so glad you DID post it despite feeling nervous because it is such an awesome testimony and can lift up so many others , give them hope, and give them a better picture of who Jesus really is! It certainly blessed me! Thank you. :)

  22. Coming across your post even though almost a year later is the true works of God. This year Good Friday falls on the 19th of April 2019 which is my birthday. My personal dream of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour took place yesterday Sunday 7th April 2019. I dreamt my mum was outside preparing the cross which Jesus lay for Easter as I walked outside to see how it was going my mum walked away. In an instant as the cross lay I notice the feet of Jesus shake and before you know it he appeared In front of me in human form. He called out to me, Child he said and I replied . YES Father. SEEK ME. I agreed at that moment. JEsus dissapeared and I walked bout telling everyone my dream. I woke with such excitement and I continued to tell everyone around me at that instant about my dream. I truly believe that my purpose is to do exactly what he has asked. As I continue on my journey of fulfilling God’s purpose in me I feel so confident knowing that THROUGH CHRIST ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE AND I LOOK FORWARD TO CREATING AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE KING ABOVE KINGS.

  23. Cindy, your words send power through my veins!!! So beautiful and remarkable! He continues to speak to us until this day, until the last day and forevermore. I am so very encouraged and grateful that you shared your dream here. He is alive and moving and reigning as our king. I love your ending statement. And I too look forward to having a closer relationship with him (and you, sister). xoxo

  24. I’m just now reading your blog about your dream of Jesus. I too had a dream not that long ago. I have been googling what it could mean and I came across your blog. Jesus came to me in a dream. I don’t remember seeing anything in the background…where I was or anything like that.
    Just void, He was wearing a white robe with the hood down. I remember seeing his hair. It was shoulder length and brown. He had a beard as well!! I remember him looking very clean!! And he was standing on water. And the love I felt!! I felt so much love vibes coming from him it was enough to fill you up. It made me feel safe and whole!! It’s hard to describe the look on his face. A little hard to remember exactly but racking my brain I would say he looked like matter of factly. Calm but like he was delivering bad news that he didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news. He opened his arm up extended his hand out not to take mine but to talk with his hand like he was trying to explain something. And he spoke!! He said “I’m sorry, but you can’t come” I’m not sure he said you can’t come now or you can’t come period. But he did say you can’t come. And he said I love you my child. And I woke up!! I woke up in tears. I think about this dream a lot!! I’ve also had doomsday dreams and dreams of what seemed like Hell. I also dream of tornadoes a lot!! But this peticular dream kind of scared me. What do you think?

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your dream, Samantha! It’s powerful. You don’t need to be scared. The Bible tells us a few hundred times not to fear! I can’t pretend to be an interpreter of dreams, but a couple things come to mind. First, if you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, He will accept you at the heavenly gates. Period. Satan can do NOTHING to stop that, BUT he can deceive you. He can trick you into thinking you haven’t received the gift of eternal salvation. Instead, look what God says in John 10:28. “I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.” NO ONE can pluck you out of God’s hand. There is nothing you have done or can do that God will not forgive with true repentance (asking for forgiveness and turning in the opposite direction of that sin).

    Dreams are powerful. God can communicate with us through dreams, but as they are muddy territory (they can come from our own subconscious or even the enemy) we HAVE to know what the Bible says. When we know what God’s written Word says, we won’t be deceived by Satan. We will know when God is speaking to us when it lines up with the Bible. God cannot contradict himself.

    Every person I’ve heard recount a dream with Jesus starts with the crazy amount of love they felt! He usually seems to be wearing a robe. Isn’t that amazing that yours is similar! He called you his child! HIS child. He’s claiming you. Believe that! You are HIS. Accept it as a fact over your life and as your new identity!

    It’s common for him to say it’s not time. I had the same impression. Many people are told they can’t enter Heaven YET, not PERIOD. Yet.

    As for the doomsday dreams, you reminded me of something. I was scared when I woke up from my dream of Jesus. I felt unsafe in my room. I couldn’t understand why I would wake up from the best dream of my life and feel fear. But if you think about it, when Satan sees a child of God growing in their faith, experiencing life-changing love from the Son himself, he’s not happy! He wants to lie, torment and deceive.

    But we are not alone. We have authority over Satan in Jesus Christ. When these confrontation happens, the Bible says “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” You can rebuke him aloud in the name of Jesus. Demons can’t breath in a room filled with prayer and the name of the risen Christ!

    And there’s one more suggestion I have about stopping these nightmares. What are you watching on TV? You have to be careful. When you watch murder, violence, anything from Satan’s territory, you are giving him material to work with. Your mind should be filled with everything that is good and holy and pure and lovely. I used to have nightmares too. Here’s how I stopped them. I really don’t have them anymore!!

    I hope this helps in some way. Let me know how I can pray for you, my sister in Christ! xoxo

  26. Very beutiful everyones vision of jesus.
    I had a dream when i was going through some hard times a few years back. When i had a dream. I was walking through a forest when the 3 wise men came to me. They said they had a message to give me from the one standing next to the tree. They said he is always with you through everything, loves you. and to always have faith in the holy trinity. Thats when i was filled with great joy and love and saw jesus looking at me and said to to 3 wise men in amazement ‘is that’? And they said ‘yes it is’.
    It was amazing transormation in me.

  27. Wow! Amazing! The three wise men too? What did everyone look like? Any idea the significance of the trees? Later I recognized in my dream I was in a car on a dark road because I am such an anxious car rider — like, ridiculous. So Jesus rescued me from my biggest fears — the car and the darkness.

  28. I saw jesus in my dream too. I was an atheist but i became a christian 2 years ago. So my dream:
    Driving my bike it was raining around 11 pm or 12 i had nowhere to go and there was a train people were leaving . I went into a park and there was an old tree there rly old i sat under it .tired and sad . Suddenly i saw a chirch with beautifull white crosses shining into the dark . While i was looking at it the door opend a rly charming man with long hair and white clothes open the door and pointed at me . He led me go in we he said wellcome son i smield . There was a big statue with candles in the meadle . I could here the rain and thunder i went close bended my knees and praying and thanking lord for this warm place that he gave me for the night . When i was on my knees i fell into sleep and woke up at 4:15 am .that was one of the best moments of my life

  29. Wow, you dream gives me goosebumps! One of the best moments of your life, indeed! I’m so very happy to be your sister in Christ. Thank you so much for sharing this special dream and welcome to the family! :)

  30. It’s funny, last night I had a dream that Jesus kissed me on the cheek and told me he loves me. In my dream, he had short hair and was dressed modernly, but I knew it was him. His voice, his eyes and his unconditional love, a pure love. I’m not too sure what to think about this dream, one thing that I know is, my life hasn’t been easy for the longest time now. This dream gave me comfort and I know that everything will be okay no matter what happens because he loves me and blessed me with a kiss.

    Thank you, Lord I love you too Jesus, Amen.

  31. Oh how beautiful!! I’ll never regret posting about this dream because I have been so blessed hearing others’ dreams of the King visiting them in their time of need. And there are three commonalities in all of them: 1) people remember the dream vividly, even years later. 2) They say they’ve never been the same since. 3) They can’t get over His LOVE, His immense, pure LOVE! Sounds like you had a true encounter with the Savior!

  32. Hi Kate, thanks for your email. I don’t see your reply via your website, but that’s okay. Yes in the dream you know it’s him because you can feel that strong, immense love! We are so blessed to have seen him in our dream, it was the very first time for me and I’m now 49 years old. Continue the great work you have been doing and have a blessing day, thank you.

  33. Hey kate, this is your sister in christ here, and my name is Sara. I was wondering about those who claim to have seen jesus and what he was like. During my search I found your post here. When I read your description of Jesus, it was like it came alive to me, how you described his look. I felt a love so strong and powerful that I was taken by it. I felt the perfect love, the love I always wanted to feel. I’ve always struggled with intimacy with people in my life. With my family, with my husband, with my friends, even with my pets. Sometimes, I lack an ability to love, it’s like something is holding me back, like it’s corny or something. Excuse me for my honesty lol. Well when I saw that, I was pondering it, and I realized something. A few days prior or perhaps even less, I was thinking of myself, how even since I was a child, I had thought about god the father all the time. I felt him and knew he loved me. When I came to know Jesus and his sacrifice a while ago, I got that he died for me and that he was gods way of showing that he loved me. that he came into the world to save me, and yet, I didn’t feel like I quite felt that much of a connection to the son as to the father. And on this particular night, I even thought ” I know why we need him literally, but I don’t feel for him like I do for the father, is something wrong????” This bothered me so I put it away in my mind. Then I saw this post after and I had remembered that, and thought maybe this was god showing me his son, and letting me feel that intimate connection with him, that before I just coudn’t understand. Well the funny thing is, I did not read all of your post. I have a habbit of skipping, so I only read the portion where you described the dream, and not the before part where you talked about not feeling that connection too. But I thought about this dream so much and loved it that I came again. Then I read that part, and now I’m here writing in awe. My sister, we have felt the same. I felt as though I had seen a miracle. I thought that was why god showed me this dream…. and yet , you who had the dream also concluded that was why he showed you! That must be amazing confirmation for you. But that wasn’t the end. I came here to comment and I see you here, contending for the gospel of grace, I see you here are a real child of god the almighty, and I now have no doubts about you. You have truly understood the gospel, that you cannot lose your salvation, that it was jesus work not ours, and you know Jesus as do I. I thanked god for you right that moment. I told him ” Thank you, for you have given me a sister”. Indeed, I love you so much, it is as if our hearts were one. I want you to know, you are truly blessed by the lord for this he has shown you, has been used to edify even us, and it continues to heal our hearts, and love his son. God bless you sister.

  34. Sara. This is the most deeply afflicting comment I have ever received. I’m sure my words can’t do my emotion justice. Just know that I am deeply moved by your story and our connection. And I love you as a sister too! How amazing is our God?!?! I read your comment three times and relate on so many levels. He takes our skepticism and makes us stronger because of it when we bring it to Him! I’m sending you my love and looking forward to our tea date in Heaven, sister!

  35. Hello Kate;

    I sincerely thank you for telling about your wonderful experience With Our Precious LORD JESUS CHRIST !

    Today is the first of the year 2020; I know it might sound strange, but I was studying a few Bible verses, then doing some research by surfing on the internet, and then I encountered your Site where there is written about your very beautiful Vision/Dream Experience; personally, It reminds me of the fact that I had similar visions related directly To HE, Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and you said it, that is, after you have these Visions, they just stay written on stone in your soul, in the memory, thereafter; i still remember of one which happened to me in the early 80′ (I was in my twenties), and from that time I noticed how The LORD changed my life thereafter, but it was a process, a Walk in my life of growing In CHRIST JESUS Our LORD ; I was already a believer In LORD JESUS, but The Vision was so powerful that, after all these years, I still have it impressed in my soul, and There HE Was, and I Felt The True Presence OF HE WHO Created also me, a creature of HIS, and my bones were truly vibrating, for a few istances though (it was almost as if it was like electricity that went through my body, for how strong I felt HIS Presence, I Felt A Powerful Paternal Presence, Severe, but Truthful and Loving at the same time, SOMEBODY WHO Cares deeply, Worrying, but also SOMEBODY WHO Knows all about me; and There Was HIS Cross also, an ancient One With HIS Holy Blood On It, everything was there tridimensional, in a mediterrean environment, on a hill, just as if I was right there, and after that my soul started lifting up and shortly thereafter I started going (my soul, because my body was on the bed) at an amazing speed with so many stars passing by on all sides; I didn’t want to come back anymore, but the vision ended slowly in a swirling cloud and after that I started slowly to wake up; it is all true, had to believe perhaps but you already had a Vision By Will Of LORD GLOD so I am sure you will believe, you have been Touched for sure By THE HOLY GHOST By Having your Vision !

    A few days after, thinking and meditating on this, I decided to go and talk about this to a Pastor;
    he believed me but, it took long time to understand the Message in Its Own Entirety; I was already a believer but, the details/keys of the vision where there to Advice me about something that I already understood being so vitally important;

    finally, as I am sometimes stubborn but a lot introspective, I realized that the vision was truly from LORD GOD; HE, LORD JESUS CHRIST, Truly Died on That Cross for everybody, for The Atonement of sins as we know, as It was taught to us, HE IS GOD Incarnated, THE LIVING WORD Of HIS FATHER,
    and It Is Solely Through HIM That we all can, By HIS Unique Grace, Reach HIS FATHER, In Heaven;
    HE Opened The Way (HE IS THE WAY, The Only One) for whosoever Truly Believes In HIM, Trusts
    HIM) To Heaven With HIS Passion, Death, Burial, Resurrection, and Ascension To Heaven !

    I had others, from other churches/beliefs, who do not believe that HE Died On a Cross, or that HE Did not Die, or other wrong beliefs and apostasies, but, for That Vision I had when I was in my twenties, HE Knew that I was going to be tried by others of wrong doctrines, and for infact I had many coming also knocking at the door trying to pull me into other beliefs, and others accusing me to be a Believer; I was thinking about this the other day, and this IS How HE Loves me, and you, and many others, HE Sees the future, HE IS LORD GOD with us, Emmanuel, HE IS YAHVEH With HIS FATHER LORD And The HOLY PARACLETE LORD !

    I also wanted to share with you this, Something that I came to know a few year ago, but you might know about it already; in the Old Testament of The Holy Bible, the One written in ancient hebrew though,
    The HOLY Name Of LORD GOD, How It Was Dictated By LORD GOD HIMSELF To Moses (Within The Four Books Wriiten by Moses), IT Shows With Four Letters from the Old Hebrew Alphabet, That Is,
    Yud Hey Vav Hey (From Which The Latter Variant of The Same Holy Name Y A H V E H Derives);
    said this, each and every letter of the same old jewish alphabet has a corresponding hieroglyphic/
    draft : for The First Letter (Yud), It Shows a Hand, for The second Letter (Hey) it shows a man with
    lifted arms (like to say : Behold !), and for the third letter (Vav) it shows a nail/peg; the fourth letter
    (Hey) is the same as the second one Hey;

    and All of This Means : ” Behold ! The Hand, Behold, The Nail ! ” ; The Ancient Holy Name Of
    LORD GOD IS Referring To LORD JESUS ! When I came to know About This Truth, Hidden for so long,
    I felt a deep Feeling Of Gratitude To LORD JESUS CHRIST, Our Salvation !

    this life we are living is about coming to Know About Our LORD CREATOR, because That Is The True Purpose, Which IS To prepare through a rehearsal during this life, is about The Rehearsal Of HIS Bride, The Bride Is The True Body Of CHRIST and HE IS The Head Of The Body, HIS Church, HIS Church Is HIS Bride, and HIS Body Is The Third Temple, and HE Wants our soul to be a Temple Of HIS SPIRIT, a Tabernacle Of HIS SPIRIT; It Is All in The Holy Bible where we can read about this too, but I am sure you know;

    I clearly saw HIM in my visions during my sleep, but in a strange condition of awareness that only
    HE Can set up for us, like it happen to you, and this happens, as we know, solely By LORD GOD’s

    in The Holy Bible it is written that, LORD GOD Gives Dreams and Visions; this type of life we are
    living for now brought so many far away from hearing HE WHO Created us, so HE Tries to
    communicate with HIS Children also through dreams and visions, when our soul is, to say, closer to
    the Spiritual Dimension; let us not forget that, HE Promissed to Send THE HOLY PARACLETE, and
    we can also Pray so that The HOLY PARACLETE Can Touch us, Be Upon us and also Within us;

    a Blessed New Year to you and thank you for sharing your Beautiful Vision About Our LORD YESHUA !

    Sincerely, Peter

  36. Peter! Your excitement and reverence is contagious! Of course I believe your vision. I see that it has changed you forever, no matter how many years ago it occurred. Thank you so very much for sharing your story, along with so many wonderful insights!! God bless you!

  37. Kate,

    first of all, I wanted to apologize for my way of writing, in my previous message I remember that
    I was writing too fast; you know, when these experiences happen, a person has its own words
    flowing like a fountain, you can’t stop it, The Fountain of LORD JESUS Has HIS Waters flowing forever and this also through HIS sheeps, and for HIS sheeps; but, yes, it is all true what I saw, I still remember like it was yesterday; also, I forgot to mention in my previous message that, LORD JESUS Wasn’t on That Cross I saw within that same vision of mine while I was in that state of awareness during the sleep, but HIS Presence Was there, I felt IT very Powerful but then Gentle, Paternal at the same time, and you feel the weakness of a human being, it is like HE Says, ” I See you, I Know you, be very careful because you are Mine, I Created you, and several other deep Feelings/Meanings which are all, by thinking very seriously, highly Characteristic Of Our LORD CREATOR; I had other visions during the sleep, also a few days ago; I try to talk To LORD JESUS, but I saw HIM sad more than one time, worried, concerned, but other times I see HIM Smiling instead, it depends; there is also a telepathic way of communicating; on another occasion, HE Spoke to me : “how many times I gave out My Precious Blood !” (yes, it is true, with a baritonal voice, and a faithful man I met in Church recently told me, without knowing about my experience, he told me that he, while his life was in danger, saw HIM, and heard HIS Voice, and I asked him about HIS tone of voice, I asked abou details, and he said to me “a baritonal type of voice !”; I know all of this could be shocking to hear, but this happened to me; about me hearing HIS Voice, it was the night of a one day when I prayed To HIM To cover me with HIS Holy Blood, for Forgiveness and for Protection; I truly thank you for what you have said, you pointed out something vital about Visions/Dreams From THE LORD, FROM HIS SPIRIT, that is, again, how strong they are to the point that, they stay within us for all of our lives; this shows to us also that, For Our LORD CREATOR, time doesn’t have obviously any relevance; we have to give our hearts To HIM, and to others like HE Wants us to do; something else I wish to say is, in the ancient hebrew Bible, there is a two letter Seal in ancient hebrew (ALEPH TAV) Which often Shows, including at the very beginning of The Book of Genesis , and This Two Letter Seal is not a word, but It has a very very important Meaning, That Is, -The WORD- (ALPHA OMEGA), and it means also -All Of The Holy Scriptures- (All of The Holy Bible), also, It means -The Beginning and The End-, and -I AM The Beginning and The End-, -I AM The First and The Last-; but it’s not finished, because the ancient jewish letter ALEPH (which is the corresponding letter ALPHA in greek) has its own pictogram/hieroglyphic/pictorial symbol being a Bull (at those times This Bull meant -The Chief- in Command, but also -The Sacrificial Bull-, and the correspondent pictogram for The Letter TAV (the corresponding Omega letter in greek) reppresents a cross, and all of this means – The High Priest on The Cross – ! These same two ancient hebrew letters ALEPH and TAV show many times within verses of the ancient hebrew Bible (our known Old Testament); also, the letter ALEPH, the first letter of the ancient hebrew alphabet, is composed for itself by the two ancient hebrew letters -YUD and VAV-, and again, YUD has its own pictogram showing a hand, and the VAV letter from the same alphabet has its own pictogram showing a nail/peg instead (like to say – The Hand and The Nail-, and we can see that all of the above said very clearly Refers To Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, The Priest of Priests WHO’s Hands were going to be nailed on a cross; it was all planned By LORD GOD, LORD GOD Had HIS Plan Of Salvation Planned long long time ago before LORD GOD SON, EMMANUEL, HIS SON, Was going to Descend on this earth created by HIM, for our Salvation; there are many other deep Meanings, Messages, hidden within The same Ancient Hebrew Bible, and these things are being revealed nowadays, within this age which we are living called End Times;
    let us pray together, and I truly thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to share; a Blessed New Year 2020 to everybody and let us Give always Thanks and Praise To OUR Most Precious LORD JESUS CHRIST, Our SALVATION !

    with humility,
    sincerely, Peter

  38. How it blesses me to read about your heart felt prayer and God’s answer and then to see the flow of comments through your act of obedience. I too had a brief dream with Jesus. He was definitely working on something. Looking down and at some distance away. But in my dream my spirit new it was Jesus. And I remember thinking in my dream that we were so connected that I could communicate with Him without physically speaking to Him. In my mind I repeated to Him “ I love you Jesus…I love you Jesus…I love you Jesus” and as I spoke it within, He stopped what He was doing and started to make His way over to me. Although I didn’t catch His face our connection was undeniable. And of course I have prayed for another dream but have found that my daily walk with Him and God the Father have become so thick and tangible that I’m filled and over flowing with Their Love. Everyday is now an adventure. Between taking walks and talking with Them to reading the Bible and having personal commentary from my two favorite. I had no idea that life could be so fulfilling. Or that I could walk in peace in joy. This is what They taught me. Three simple words. Surrender, Obedience, and Time.

  39. Oh wow, Anne! What an amazing experience. I wonder what he was working on! :) I love hearing how this dream has changed your life. My dream changed my life too, along with many others that have commented here! I believe they are real experiences. No other dream has changed my life. I LOVE how you said “every day is now an adventure.” So beautiful and thank you so much for sharing the incredible things you’ve learned.

  40. Hello Kate
    My daughter had a dream about the end time
    She says “ We were all at home. And suddenly the trumpet blew and I saw Jesus coming down on a cloud. I knelt down and prayed hard for forgiveness. Then Jesus came up to me and said. “Dear, I can see that you are trying so hard to save yourselves. I will give you time to do so. But I shall come back on the 29th of February” Then he left and I woke up. He didn’t tell me the year so I was scared but 29th February is past and I’m worried.
    What can I do

  41. Hello! What a dream! I’m not saying she didn’t experience something supernatural, but I can tell you that no one knows the day or the hour of Christ’s return. Many people have tried to predict it and failed. Look at what the Bible says in Matthew 24:36: “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.” The angels don’t know, not even Jesus knows! The Lord only knows this time. So don’t spend any time worrying about the exact moment. One great takeaway from her dream is that we should always be ready for him! For in just a few verses more in Matthew: “Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” (verse 44) Also, the phrase I’m questioning is “you’re trying hard to save yourselves.” We can’t save ourselves! In our own strength we have no hope! It’s only by Christ’s death and resurrection we can be saved. So rest assured, if you have taken Christ as your savior, there is nothing to fear!

  42. Kate,
    I had experienced many years of domestic abuse and had not been a really spiritual person but reached out to God for help, in desperation, for months. I was wary of this “Jesus character”, because of my aversion to men with beards from childhood experiences, and told God so. I did ask that he show Himself to me. He did, in a series of dreams and visions, starting in September 2018, and I and my life have been completely transformed through all of these. As someone who had not read the Bible, you can imagine how perplexed I was the first time he showed Himself to me: he asked me if I am a Believer, deep inside me unhesitatingly replied, “Yes”, and he breathed on me. I felt His breath on my lower lip. Can you imagine how I felt when I discovered John 20:22 weeks later? I know how He communicates so richly without words– without even changing His expression– and I share your longing and your love for Him. I hadn’t heard about another person who had experienced this so I started to read writings of Julian of Norwich and John of the Cross. You might find that you can relate to these. I almost fell off a dock in my amazement last summer reading Julian’s “Revelations of Divine Love” when a dream I had written down from November 2018 was nearly identical to one she had had– almost 650 years ago! Have you heard of Richard Rohr? His books and daily reflections have profoundly enriched and guided my understanding of what has been happening to me spiritually.

    I am so glad to have stumbled across your webpage, Kate! I am smiling as I write that I am so very happy for YOU.

  43. Carol! What an incredible testimony! The John 20:22 reference knocks me off my feet. He breathed the Holy Spirit into you and transformed you forever! Who can believe such a beautiful gift is given for free? He’s real! He’s moving! He’s still speaking and still reigning. Hallelujah! Thank you so much for taking the time to bless me with your moving story. And thank you for the book recommendations. Like you, I’ve not heard of many people having dreams, but then I wrote this post and get to hear all of these wonderful experiences. I look forward to reading them. Lots of love, Kate

  44. i had dreams of Jesus too, it truly touches your spirit for a lifetime. In one dream i saw a funeral of a very rich man and all around him was all his material wealth and possessions that he loved, Jesus was standing next to me he told me of all these things that you see here,none of which he can take with him when he dies. Jesus said many people are more concerned with material things in life and have forgotten that it is not things but love, kindness, charity and living a life doing good deeds which bring us closer to heaven and God. I asked him about beggars and people that ask for money who might use the money for drugs etc. He said what matters is that you give with a good heart.He then took me and showed me heaven, i remember seeing heaven and felt and indescribable happiness all through every cell of my body, i turned to Jesus and said “is this what people are throwing away i have to tell them so that they can do better, be better this is better than anything on earth , they have to know how beautiful it is” Jesus told me to spread this message to everyone
    i have told everyone i know heaven brings a happiness that no material no amount of money can bring, please don’t become consumed with it, pray and seek God and eternal happiness will be yours.

  45. What a powerful dream and message and life motivation, Angelica! I’m so happy that you took the time to share it with me and whomever might read it. Giving to beggars resonates with me so much. He truly cares about our heart’s motive. Thank you for sharing this beautiful insight!

  46. I found your site by asking a question on Google … ” I had a dream that Jesus held out his arms and held me in an embrace .” It was a quick dream or part of one that I have forgotten … I am in AA for the last 46 years and have been blessed by an absence of the obsession to drink … filled with gratitude … I always say that I am a grateful alcoholic …. we don’t discuss religion but the AA Big Book is filled with the word God … so I don’t remember thinking about Jesus but there he was in a dream … I awoke calm and went on with my day. A decon I know was interested in my dream but didn’t have an answer for the “why me ” ??? So I accept that He is with me in Spirit and I am to be helpful to all that I meet . Thanks for creating this site ….Peace

  47. What a dream! An embrace by Jesus! Amazing. And you’ve been blessed with the absence of obsession to drink as well. That can only be God’s good grace! I don’t know who Jesus appears to in dreams, I’m just happy he’s still working and moving toward his stubborn people! I was nervous when I posted this article but I have been so very blessed by hearing how Jesus is mediating for us every day. Thank you so much for sharing your dream. It truly makes my day.

  48. Hi! Kate
    I’m 15 years old and since I became a teenager I’ve had alot of dreams about Jesus.
    But I will like to share one with you.
    I had a dream where I was a disciple of Jesus Christ. And I was the only female disciple among all the others. So, when I woke up the next morning I was so happy and confused why I was the only female disciple?

  49. What a beautiful gift to have MULTIPLE dreams about Jesus! Maybe you’ll be a leader in women’s ministry one day!

  50. I came across your blog when i searched “dreams about Jesus” because I just had one last night myself and i wanted to read about other dreams others had, and so I thought I would share my dream also! I dream pretty much every single night and I have had a few dreams that I knew were from God, but most of the times i just have random dreams however last night was different. Im always praying for God to speak to me through a dream or vision, and the last few nights I feel like He is definitely getting my attention, and i pray for more dreams from Him.
    I remember being on a rooftop of a parking structure and seeing a lot of people lined up to meet Jesus. He was standing behind a table with someone else next to him, I dont know if it was an angel next to him , but they were both taller than humans. I really wanted to meet Jesus and talk to Him so i got in line, and noticed that everyone had a book or Bible with them and it looked like they were getting his signature or autograph, which i found a bit strange but I wanted it too and i had my Bible on me so i opened it to the first page. When it was my turn, I stood there in front of Jesus and gave him my Bible, and i remember he called me by my nickname and usually when people call me by my nickname its more of a personal thing so that stood out to me, and i noticed i saw His blood (but not in a scary way) , like its hard to explain how he was signing in the Bibles but He didnt have a pen or anything, He was signing by His Blood which I think is supposed to be symbolic. Anyway i was just looking up at Him, and He was about 7-8 feet tall, wearing a robe and he had a beard and medium-long hair, and just was very calm and peaceful, and loving, I was just more in shock and awe that I was standing there before Him i felt like i didnt deserve to be there in front of His presense and i couldnt even find the words to speak, except in my mind I rememebr thinking ” I love you Jesus” and then He looked at me and He spoke ” I love you also” and when He said that I was in more amazement because He heard my thoughts and told me face to face that He loves me! Then He spoke some more to me which I dont fully remember , but I know He directed me to read from the Bible – Im so sad because I cant rememebr which book exactly, but it was either Malachi 2, Nehemiah 2 , or Michah 2 and that was the last thing i remember. When i woke up, first thing i did was go to my Bible and I wanted to read from all three of those which i did.
    for a long time i feel like this topic of “love” has been a struggle for me and truly feeling that acceptance and love from Jesus, i KNOW He loves me and I know how sovereign and all-loving God is but i guess in the back of my mind i always felt like i wasnt sure if i truly experienced or felt that love inside my life, and then i had this dream of Jesus telling me face-to-face that He loves me, it was really humbling and amazing, i woke up and immediately wrote it down in my dream journal because it is something i probably will not ever forget! Please keep me in your prayers for God to show me more through dreams and speak to me , because I dream every single night about anything and everything but what i long for is dreams/visions from Him so that i can understand God more and be more confident in my walk and purpose for my life here on earth

  51. Bianca, what a beautiful dream! Thank you SO much for blessing me and others with sharing it. Another woman commented here about Jesus being very tall in her dream as well! The beautiful part is all about the love he has. That he called you not only by name, but by your nickname!!! And told you he loves you also. Oh, it gives me tears. I will pray for you right now to understand God and grow in your relationship with him. Humbly I would like to add, though, that you don’t need a dream to know him better. I think it’s also symbolic that He signed your Bible, that he told you to read it. He wants you to know Him through His beautiful Word even more than dreams. — Lots of love, Kate

  52. For some weeks ago I had a dream on that dream Suddenly people’s began to perish so I found my self in a place where I couldn’t found anyone what I was seeing around me was a mountain he was so high I have to climb the mountain thing I got to the top immediately I saw Jesus with an old man the old man was standing on the left side while Jesus was on the right side walking on water immediately i recognized him and I shouted and said that is Jesus. I so mush believe that Jesus loves me and he is coming very soon.

  53. What a dream! Isn’t it amazing that in all these dreams in the comments that we all recognized him immediately? I hope he is coming back soon!

  54. I am so happy to find your blog.I think its amazing Jesus appeared to you in the dream ,its very real.I have been having encounters with Jesus also and had a couple of dreams of him also that were very vivid .The one dream I had of Jesus was him at the last supper table. He was surrounded by a bunch security like the secret service protecting him .I had walked up to him and he didn’t say anything but as soon as I got next to him all I remember is feeling this amazing love .It was a deep love the same feeling you would with your husband .Then the dream ended .I feel that Jesus let me feel the love and security that he brings if you accept him into your life .I know that he is trying to get my attention about a month ago I was awakened at midnight by some knocks and when I opened the door non one was there .Then last night in my dream I got a message like a picture that said “Let me In”.I know he is real and does reach out to those who love him .God bless!

  55. What an insightful dream. I’ll never get over how he speaks to each of us according to our individual needs! And the knock on the door is fantastic! Gives me goosebumps. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  56. I was searching for someone who had a dream about Jesus because I did too this morning. What you described about His smile, it was just what I experienced too. It was the best part of the dream. So glad you shared your story.

  57. “the look he gave me is what continues to stir my soul” Yes, I know it!!!!

    “He was even elated that I wanted to be with him so much! That’s the part I’ll never get over.”

    Yes!!! That’s what I recently experienced in my dream about Him. That’s exactly it!!

    I too had prayed awhile back that my love for Him would be greater. Again, so glad I found this blog.


    This time it started in 2014 when I saw  the number ‘11,11’ everywhere and for weeks and there was a dove that sat in my window for all of those days

    At Saint Johns day I felt an urgent feeling that I should pray, so I did

    Then my soul suddenly popped out begging to come home. A voice behinde me said “Make happy and you maybe will become it to” immediately I became very joyful. Then one night an angel with redhair woke me up telling me I had to meet the Lord

    I flew out of my body from my balcony and saw a huge crystal stairway

    I was so amazed that I took five step then had to sit down on it for a while and looked around.(I thought about my family but i was so happy and relaxed and i knew they would be okay

    There was nothing else but the stars and the shining crystal stairs that  made rainbow colours because of the light 

    Soon after I heard a voice saying “Sarah, come”

    so I stood up.and continued to the top, but i didnt walked up on all of the steps

    only a few and suddenly i reach the top

    There I saw two doors; I chose the one that was open and I could hear Music from , the other door was closed 

    Now I was in space, when He came flying on my right side. He smiled and said— ‘Dont look back’! !
    We then went to Orions Nebula (Messier 42)where He opened up a tunnel on the left side with the four stars in the middle of the Nebula cloud – he used some kind of spell word. Meanwhile I walked around and checked out the cloud. I wasn’t worry at all, just fascinated.

    He spread his arms out a bit when he commanded the tunnel open and suddenly I recognised and remembered I knew Him from earlier in life, but had forgot about it…I was so curious and happy to be there and to see him

    He looked exactly like this when he commanded the tunnel open⤵

    As we walked through the tunnel I looked at the “walls”‘. It was kind of flickering electric but still I had a view to cosmos that was around us.. He said that I should’nt look to much because it would drain the faith out of me…but i thought —’what can harm me when you are in front of me’ , i walked slowly behinde and  noticed my feet didnt touch the ground but still i walked 

    When out again, we flew in space. As we approached our destination I saw multiple glittering colors and music. He told me “that is inspiration to people on earth” and then he said that I would soon “fall apart” as we get closer but that he would “fix me” again when we get there…Then I woke up on his lap as a baby in the New Jerusalem (a star; all stars are homes for our souls) He smiled and nursed me and I was emencely happy to be in my REAL Fathers arms

    I was growing up VERY fast, my whole past away family was waiting on a little bridge in front of me and a creek running under it 

    We hugged each other, some of them I did not know but I knew they were relatives – all of them was young again. I asked my aunt who had died the exact same year “Do you know who this is?” She answered “Yes, He is always here!” 

    I had some alone time with them and we went up in what looked liked an old mill or water tower to talk

    When Outside again, they showed me the plate with the names of this towns members ,all my familymembers names (so i think all families have a star of their own after life )

    After a while Jesus came to get me He and I went outside in what looked like a courtyard with pillars. We sat down on a little fountain and he gave me gifts; toys I had as a kid. I became so full of joy to see them again and to see the marks I had made on them while using them growing up, they were still there – and because of that it confirmed to me that it was the same toys I’d once owned. He laughed out loud when I was silly

    The town looked like a mix of ancient greek and yeah well heaven

    I didnt see streets of gold , but it looked beautifull , everything  my heart longs for

    At one point I got the idea to pinch my arm and I felt it

    I still had my body even though I knew that I was out of my body 

    I looked up in the air; there were no sun but still everything shined like a beautiful summer day so i asked him —does all people come here?’—’No, he said!

    He called for a small cloud that came right above me, it was some kind of “cloud screen” on were he showed me my whole life and some of my future. The cloud somehow surrounded me, and I was reliving scenes from my life, sometimes from another perspective; for example I saw myself playing with my brother and sister when we were younger,. When the scene was over the cloud left me and I was still sitting with jesus. At one point I was shown that he was the one that “installed” my soul in my body the day I was born; I actually was in the hospital watching him kiss my forehead one second before I came into the world

    When I was with the Lord my soul didn’t care much for my body…I was still me but in my soul it felt much more important to please and obey Him. Jesus also showed me the several times when he saved me in life; among that from a car accident. He also showed me many of the times I prayed as kid, it felt like I was reliving all the scenes again

    He then gave me some paperthin flesh like papyrus that he wrote his name on with his own blood. I had to eat it…Before I did so I asked Him if I could see His hands (to confirm) —He smiled and showed them to me; I could clearly see that He had huge nailmark scars in them. I ate it and when i did that i could hear a choir sing..He then began to teach me with words from the Testament, but in some sort of “code” – words I had “to heal with”, he said, and names and words was flashing on a screen; all the deciples names and some letters. I said “It’s so simple that a child could understand it!” (It was so obvious there!) He then showed me a pillar that someone named Symeon Stylites used to sit on and something about the “ANKH”

    In the end he showed me that he will come and get me the day that I die. He then gave me eternal life, while he did that, he drew something on the ground and said that I should try to endure the daily temptations and stop saying harsh words in anger. Then He hugged me and a big bright warm light surrounded us and we had to go back to my body.

    On the way back we were very close to Saturn and we walked on clouds

    I’ve been there two times now and everything He said came true (in the first experience I was sitting with Jesus looking out on a sunset and a beautiful wheat field, he then told me it was going to be a hard life but the outcome will be good for many and that i will be allowd to see more of heaven when 25 years has past and that promise he keept

    Behind me was a large tree with fruits I’ve never seen before and a ladder that angels and I used to transport to another place

    Later He took me to a throneroom where I saw two chairs; in one of them in front of me on my right hand I saw an old man looking exactly like God, you know from Micheal Angelos painting of The Creation of Sun and Moon. On the wall behind me I saw a big old wooden wheel with saphires between the spokes

    I heard a loud voice saying “‘Bend for your master !”, so I did and now Jesus was sitting in the other chair but I still felt like HE WAS BOTH OF THEM* He told me that I had to save a girl from doing drugs. I met her later on in real life and  manage to convince her; she is now working for the Government .when being “spoken to” it wasn’t done with sound and words, it was going on telepathically but I could still think and feel. I’ve also been filled with the Holy Spirit twice; the last time it lasted for five days – I was full of pure joy and love, infact I’ve never felt more joyfull in my whole entire life and I was “glowing” for days

    One evening I saw tall blue/grayish men in the sky flying up and down everytime I heard an ambulance in my town. I also saw “energies” in purple/turquoise colors like rain coming towards us from the sky all the time (maybe Neutrinoes)

    Jesus’ hair was VERY big and beautiful, like the mane on lion and His beard was just as beautiful and on His neck He had some sort of an ancient “hammercut style”. His robe was light blue and He wore old sandals

    When he showed me something i did in the past that wasnt so great he right after erased it and said— ‘But it’s okay now’ and the whole place sang of joy

    The following days I saw His face in everything; in shapes, in trees and shadows and in almost everything living on earth

    When I came back into my body I checked out the name Symeon Stylittes and I realized that He really did exist! I had no knowledge of the term “pillarsaints” before , and I still don’t know why i saw it

    Throughout all of my experiences I didn’t feel any jugdement only understanding and directions to be a better person

    Something like a big animal flew me some of the way had fur with spots all over looking like eyes , it told me it loved me and i said that back

    A few days later I saw the old man sitting next to Jesus in the throneroom; came flying right towards me in a vision when I blinked my eyes for a moment

    Painting of Jesus as i saw him

    Symeon Stylites Stonepillar


    The Dark
    Something big as an person hittet my glassdoor and it got extremly cold , i got nosebleed and VERTIGO and a shadow of a skull on my ceiling for 5days
    Then i got depressed , i feel empty, hard, faithless and no tears and cant pray

    I had an attack of SLEEP PARALYSIS .I couldnt move some beast was on top of me, i felt raped, but in the same second i was thinking —when will GOD come to save me’ a light came and  it fleed

    1 out of ‘2 Testimonies

  59. I had a dream yesterday night. In my dream i was asleep and I was dreaming. It began with a white light hitting my eyes . I woke up in fear but I somehow knew that it was Jesus who was gonna show up so I closed my eyes again and the white light hit me again and then I could see Jesus standing in front of me wearing white robes. He held me and we walked. We stopped at a place and he showed me a wall on which “ Michale” was written. He said that it was my guardian angles name. And he said me something which I’ve been trying to recall. It was like 3 sentences but not matter how much I try that part is just blank. It sounded more like a verse. So now am praying to Jesus to help me recall what he has to say to me. But I feel very calm and happy today I don’t feel alone and I can feel the company of my angle. Am Just happy that HE is there for me and is watching over me.

  60. Thank you for this wonderful blog, I found it when I googled dreams about Jesus. I had a dream I saw Jesus about 20 to 25 years ago. I was suddenly back in biblical times and standing by an Adobe building in a town. Jesus, and a man and a woman came leading their horses. I somehow knew that they were just in town to run errands, nothing special. Jesus came next to me to leave his horse by the building and as he passed me his shoulder brushed against mine. He suddenly stopped and turned around and looked at me because when we touched he knew who I was. He grabbed me by the shoulders, threw his head back, and begin to laugh this beautiful joyous laugh! He was so happy to finally see me in person, just as I was so happy to finally see him in person as well. I grabbed him by the shoulders also and begin to laugh with pure joy. My laughing turned to tears of joy and I woke up crying. I have thought so much about this dream over the years. I realize that in reality Jesus didn’t ride on horses to run errands, he probably walked everywhere as would’ve been typical in those times. I don’t know why that part was included in my dream? Jesus in my dream was about 6 feet tall, had dark hair to his shoulders that curled at the ends, dark thick eyebrows, and his teeth were a little crooked! I can’t wait until our meeting is real.

  61. What a beautiful dream, Shari!! He was so excited to see you! I don’t know why horses were included, but after having the privilege of reading all of these dreams in the comments, I notice two things are always the same. Jesus is specifically seeking the individual. He KNOWS them and LOVES them. And is so excited to see them! He is love and joy. This is so special, I’m grateful you shared.

  62. Hi I’m Dea from the Philippines and I too experienced the same dream of seeing Jesus Christ. The beginning of the dream starts with a group of soldiers holding hands to form a circle while dancing in an open field. Inside this circle were 3 or 4 kids dancing along with the soldiers. There was like a festival or a celebration. Beside this dancing soldiers were a very long line of people wearing different colors of shirt. I was trying to insert in the line but I could not. One person who I knew was in the line and had told me what I was doing there. I was just trying to fit in and be part of them. That was what I felt at that time. Then a maroon horse suddenly appeared and starts to follow me everywhere. I climbed on a steep hill to get away from the horse. After that, I saw this man in the multitude with a white robe with pink hue (the same color of white doves with pink on their chest) wearing no sandals. The man has this beautiful caramel-colored round eyes, not too bushy brown eyebrows, a fine 4 inches brown beard, and a beautiful curly brown hair just above the shoulder. At first glance I knew it was Jesus Christ. Even though it was my first time seeing Him. He did not smile at me. He was just looking at me. But I was so happy. After that, Jesus walked to the right direction. I hurriedly followed Him and then suddenly I was already riding in a red jeepney. Inside the vehicle where 5 middle aged men wearing red shirts. When the engine started, there was this man at a long distance wearing an all black tuxedo and a black cane. He was also wearing a black hat like he was trying to hide himself just like those agents who are working behind the scenes. I knew right away it was Jesus Christ. He was yet to unveil Himself to the world. He gave me a serene smile as the jeepney runs slowly. I who have seen all those things smiled sincerely. A smile which I have never done before. A pure happy smile without any worries.

  63. What an incredible dream, Dea! Such detail and story lines. I can’t begin to tell you what it means except for Jesus is in control! I love picturing him smile serenely at you in a tux from a distance. Our hero is still working for us behind the scenes and will come for us when it’s time. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is a blessing to read it.

  64. I had similar dream last week Sunday.I went to something somewhere somehow I left the person who brought me there,i was trying to get the direction on my own.i couldn’t because I didn’t know the area well even though I was there earlier that day with the person who had been guarding me around.I got more lost into the deep of the environment.Soon enough I found I was lost in a wood.It was getting really dark,my phone was full but I had no credit to call anyone and nowhere to lay my head as the day become older.I felt the eerie feelings of darkness as if I had somehow landed in a satanic region.I didn’t meet anyone on the road for a while.I asked for direction from the first person I met but the person gave me the wrong one,later on I met another person on the side of the forest road he gave me another direction I thanked him and was leaving when I heard him give a shout of excitement about having me tie.I became suspicious instantly and I suspected he had directed to the devil’s den.I asked what he meant he immediately got angry and tried to attack me.I felt his power wash through me at the same time I was calmly saying God was my protector he won’t leave me alone without saving me,suddenly I saw another figure beside me.It was Jesus he gave me a big kind smile and agreed to what I said.His smile was full of love kindness and I couldn’t understand how He could come to me or smile at a sinner like me as if i wasn’t a mess and unworthy of his presence.He agreed to what I said and voiced out his agreement by saying ‘Yes God will never leave you without helping you.’Then he directed me out of the evil forest.

  65. What an amazing dream, Jo! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us. It’s interesting that both of us were in the woods at night when Jesus saved us. What a comfort that God will never leave us!

  66. Hi.. you might want to see “True Life In God” ( Messages from Jesus. Kinda funny you said the love love love. Theres a message from Jesus he said “All I Ask Is: Love – Love – Love!” Heres a link:

    check it out! peace out!

    And yeah i had dreams too in the past! Adieu.

  67. I have had a number of occasions where I dreamt of Jesus. I will share the ones I remember the most.
    So it was the beginning of COVID-19… like the time when it started to super-spread throughout the world. In my dream, I was in a really big mansion.. the inside was all like Hawa Mahal, you will just be lost inside. While playing around, I saw its pouring outside through the window. It was weird, it was raining only near the mansion, rest of the world looked like in ashes. I crossed all the rooms and somehow managed to get out. I saw a couple of my friends but they were all inside the mansion. I looked up at the sky and saw two eyes through the clouds. Those eyes were all in tears. I had no idea what to do. I just said, “don’t worry everything will be alright.” Then I woke up! I was sad why I saw Jesus crying, I was happy I saw him. And also thinking the question, Why me?
    Another dream is very recent. So, it began with me doing some study lessons with my crush whom I could never tell that I like him. Then all of sudden the scene shifted to me driving a flying car with my friends. I reached a house like store, where the materials were sold by nuns. I saw the whole store was covered with Jesus’s cross statues, Mother Mary statues, Saints, rosaries etc. I took one rosary. It was huge and beautiful but only had 10 beads. I bought a Jesus on cross statue and the rosary. Then the nun said something about payment I don’t remember.
    But this rosary with 10 beads thing, I know why that happened. I get so busy and tired with work that I just used to do one mystery.
    Bang! After that dream, I have started doing all mysteries daily, like no matter how late it gets. :)

  68. Thanks so much for sharing these dreams, Ann. I hate to think about Jesus crying! I’ve heard something similar from someone, saying Jesus was such a love and joy, but the only sadness in his eyes was thinking about the lost — longing that all would come to him. I hope you’re keeping a journal with all these amazing experiences!

  69. I just had a very similar dream. My family and I were driving down a highway at night with dark woods on either sides of the road just like you described in your dream. I was in the back seat of the car while my parents were up front. My dad driving while my mom was in the passenger seat. There were other cars too that were crashing around us on the slippery, wet road, all except for us. We came very close to getting in a crash but we just kept on going and finally made it past the danger. All of a sudden, I hear my mom say “that man just saved our lives!” As we drove past that man, I turned around and looked out the rear window and saw a man sitting down on a log a little ways into an open area of the woods. I could clearly see his face and everything and that’s when it immediately came to my mind that I was looking at Jesus! His face just lit up the area around us and it suddenly became a beautiful sunny morning. I could see Him so clearly and I just got filled with so much excitement and other wonderful feelings that I can’t explain. I also remember just having the extreme feeling of getting goosebumps throughout my entire body. We made eye contact and He was looking at me about the same way that you described how He was looking at you. I was filled with so much joy and just started waving at him as we kept driving and that’s when I woke up. Every time I think about that moment, I get so emotional. I’m not usually one to cry about dreams that I had but this one just seemed so real! I had a feeling of comfort as Jesus was looking at me. I’ve been going through some struggling times lately with stressful school and other personal things and I just think that this dream was a reminder from God that everything is going to be okay. I’ve always told myself that as I knew God was helping me along the way but I feel as if this was a message from God saying: “I really need you to believe that everything is going to be okay.” Because sometimes the thought of “what if everything isn’t going to be okay” floated around the back of my mind and I just feel like this dream was God showing me that everything WILL be okay and that I will make it through the things that I am going through such as my stressful school assignments. I also think that this was a reminder from God that no matter what it is that I’m going through, Jesus is always there for me no matter what, He is always there wherever you least expect it, and that He is always looking out for me, watching over my family and I, and that He will always love me know matter what. I normally just forget about my dreams because of how random they are but this dream that I had, I will surely never forget!

  70. Wow, Adam! I have goosebumps by how similar our dreams were! Even down to that look of love and comfort Jesus gives. I felt emotional afterward as well — I still do! And it’s amazing how real and vivid the dream was. I still remember it. Jesus is with us, watching over us and we never need to fear. Thank you so much for sharing, it’s so special.

  71. I was searching the internet to find out if anyone has had a Jesus dream before. I’ve loved reading all these beautiful dreams and visions. So here’s mine, in February this year I had a Jesus dream. Months prior to dreaming this dream, I was asking Jesus to guide me and give me a sign on whether we should have a third child. Could we afford it financially? Could we mentally and physically be able to raise another child? These were the sorts of questions I was asking him. On February 9, I dreamt of Jesus floating in the sky in a deep purple robe. He was holding a doll in a box in his hand. The little doll was also wearing a deep purple dress, matching with Jesus’ robe. Jesus had beautiful blonde locks and the doll had blonde straight hair. He turned and looked at me with his beautiful face and said “she’s yours” while holding the doll. Since then I’ve had some health issues, but that dream kept me positive and got me through. We are now ready to try for a baby. We are excited to if this dream comes true. We have a lot of faith that it will 💕

  72. I landed here after searching for dreams about dreaming about Jesus.I had this dream that’s really confusing me. Jesus visited my house. (I didn’t see His face or anything peculiar like bright light but in my subconscious mind in the dream, that was Jesus) I can’t remember the entire dream but I was with a primary school classmate I have never meet since primary. Jesus asked for some sheep that were in my house so he could leave, we were to follow Him, infact I was so excited about it that I left everything behind to follow Him. Then my friend said, we need to do something before we go and He was like ‘yeah sure you need to do that and then come.’ Sadly, I didn’t know where He was going. I woke up while in the process of what he left us to do. It’s a good thing Jesus visited me, I woke up with so much peace in my heart. But I hope Him leaving without me ain’t bad.

  73. I have no gift of dream interpretation, but I can comfort you in this way: He will never leave you. NEVER. Once you are his, you are his forever and he will never leave you for forsake you (Joshua 1:9). In fact no one is able to pluck you from the Father’s hand (John 10:28). In fact, I just read this today: “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world” (John 17:24). He longs to be with his sheep! So happy for you that you experienced that peace that Jesus brings!!

  74. Hi Kate
    Thank you for sharing your story here is mine. It was COVID time maybe September 2020 and me and my sister where in the lounge listening to our pastor preach, he started praying in tounges and my sister and I started to pray in tounges too. I received new tounges that day too. The house was so filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. As we prayed I received a vision but I was aware of where I was but I was seeing the vision too very weird. So this vision stayed with me for about two-three weeks. It was so vivid I just felt a nagging like I should tell someone or draw it or something. So as I was taking a walk I was just sort of wondering “Lord I don’t have a talent to draw but I feel a nagging like I should let this vision out, how can I do that?” So that day I was on Instagram and I saw my friend who is a poet and she posted a poem.

    An it came to me! I should write down what I saw and felt. Mind u I’ve never in my life written a poem before and never liked to write in the first place. But I’m one hour I just poured out what I saw in writing in my phone. So I thought I should share this with you.

    The throne room

    I kneel on the ground .
    Surrounding the space
    An intense white light
    Before me a throne
    White stable throne
    There is Holy light upon it
    I dare not look towards it
    But I porestraight in reverence
    I shake in awe
    I am unworthy to be before Him
    I shake with tears poring out.

    Suddenly I know He is there
    Not the one seated on the throne
    Abba I know His name is Abba
    No it is He The Truth, Way and Life
    Though He is His own person
    He is One Being with the Holy One on the throne.
    I feel His sandled feet.
    I utter words unknown to men.
    Even to myself .
    He alone understands me
    Abba enabled me to be known by Him

    I dare to look up
    I’m struck by His pearcing eyes
    His eyes…..
    His eyes where so full
    Full of comfort
    Full of peace
    Full of hope
    Full of warmth
    Full of grace
    There where full….

    He looked down at me.
    All I wanted to do was stay and worship at his feet.
    Would He let me be in His comforting presence?
    Just to kneel here now and forever.
    For what He has given me is so much more.
    What He has sacrificed for me is greater.
    Ohhh how can I repay
    I could never repay
    I’m incapable

    I want to lay my head back down
    Upon His feet
    To keep worshipping Him
    But His eyes..
    His eyes won’t let me
    Full so full…

    He gets down to look at me
    “Ohhh great King, revered One
    I’m unworthy…”
    But He looks at me
    His eyes..
    Suddenly He smiles
    An explosion of PURE, TRUE LOVE!💥
    It radiates through out His personhood
    Like a light beckoning, I’m in a trance
    Unable to pull away
    Full of Love

    With absolute certainty
    Without doubt I know He loves me
    More than I can ever imagine or ask
    Why He loves me so much?
    I do not know.
    But I know it is no doing of mine

    He embraces my shaking body
    And I know without looking He is still smiling
    He does not speak
    But He has said enough….
    He Loves me
    His eyes told me….

    I hope it touches people like it did me.

  75. Shanell, what an incredible experience! I’m in tears reading your beautiful poem and emotions as they happened. Thank you so very much for sharing your story. What an absolute blessing!

  76. Hi Kate,
    I’ve dreamt a few times of what I thought to be Christ . I’ve had the same dream today but in a different way which brought me to your page . My dreams are very scary for me . It seems to be always the end of time and I watch how the whole judgement unfolds on the earth . But in one particular dream I seen Jesus sitting in the tree just watching the earth crumble behind him was the moon the biggest I have ever seen that shone so bright I seen every part of him . I got the feeling of when Jesus spoke to the disciples and started to worry that God was not happy with me for some reason and today I’ve dreamt a place I’ve never seen before where my children and ex partner was trying to get our children back together so we can be together at the end but the bombs started to drop and I woke myself up but again I seen what I believe to be Jesus but differently this time . This time it was more the sun in the background and a shadow of a man but on his head shone out a light and I woke up crying that Jesus is calling me . I feel like his calling me to repent and be at peace with him . I know Christ and have done for many years but haven’t given myself to him . And I truly believe that he loves me and is wanting me to make that choice before it’s too late to go back . I just remember feeling very sorry and even stated this in one of the dreams how sorry I was but at this point in time I suffer from a lot of abuse from an ex partner so my minds very clouded . I just want to get to know Christ how I should and didn’t understand what these dreams meant literally until now and I can’t express to you how much I appreciate your post . It really resonates with me and so many other people . I hope in time I can have that loving relationship with Christ because after so many years of trauma I can only thank him that I’m still here . May God continue to bless you Kate❤️

  77. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Naketia. I’m sorry for the abuse you have suffered and even continue to suffer as a result of it. And yes, I do believe Jesus is calling you to himself. He will meet you where you are. No need to “be ready” even worry, all you have to do is surrender all of it to him. He has more room to work in the broken than the self-sufficient. Sounds like he is about ready to do a great work in you! Much love and blessings to you 💗

  78. Yes I had a vision the other day..with seeing unusual colors and I thought I was awake but I wasn’t. I looked to my left side and I saw someone or better yet just a being standing next to my all white it was only for 15 seconds…and then I took a big gasp of air and woke up as if my soul left my body. it was crazy but I wasn’t was peaceful.

  79. Thank you for sharing your dream. I was searching for other people who have had dreams about meeting Jesus, because I had one last night. I don’t know if it was from my own subconscious or not, but I have been thinking about it all day. In the dream I was in a crowd of people waiting for Jesus to come back to Earth. For some reason, they all knew He would be coming back any time and there was a lot of excitement in the air. I was the first to spot Him. He was coming along a path in the distance surrounded by angles and beautiful animals. I think he was riding a donkey or a horse, but I don’t know for sure because everything was fuzzy. I just remember clearly seeing Him. He was wearing a white robe and had a gentle, kind face. I pointed Him out to the crowd, and I jumped off the hill I was standing on and flew (I quite often fly in my dreams) over to see Him. When I got closer, He stopped and smile at me and told me to come down to Him. I did, and I felt overwhelmingly shy and awkward, but I wanted to give him a Hug. I Hugged him, but when it was time to let go, I didn’t want to and hugged him tighter, even though I was very shy and feared I had overstepped my bounds. Afterward, my dream shifted as dreams so often do. I woke up and have felt a presence all day, like Jesus is with me. Like He wants me to understand that He is my friend and that He is inviting me to have a deeper relationship with Him. I have been a Christian since I was a child, and I believe in Him with all my heart, but I have had a lot of doubts and fears too, even though I want to trust and follow Him. I have a hard time trusting, and understanding that I could be loved or noticed by Him, even though I know that the Bible says He does. Anyway, like I said, I don’t know if this dream just came from my subconscious or not, which is possible, but I remember feeling overwhelmed that Jesus stopped for me specifically to call me down to Him.

  80. Anna, this doesn’t sound like a dream to me! It sounds like the Savior reached out to you so you can finally be secure in his love for you! What an amazing thing. Gives me tears. I hope you save what you have written here somewhere — even in the notes on your phone so that you can revisit it often. Sometimes these years later when I re-read what I wrote about the dream even more details will come to mind. Your dreams sound a lot like mine too! I often can fly by slightly leaning forward and the scene shifts. Sometimes I am even different people. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dream with us!

  81. I had a dream I also seen Jesus in deep purple robe. Gold rope around his waist & golden saddles and children gathered around him in a white robes. I got shot in the head my sister was there crying with me because I didn’t want to die. I had passed away and a cloud was there then the cloud passed away. A man in a deep purple robe, golden belt & golden saddles stood there looking at me in the distance. Children in white robes sitting Indian style were in front of him. He was speaking but I couldn’t hear what was being said. He seen me there & he at me then looked down at the children and the children looked back at me and the children glided apart. I had a ton of thoughts but as I thought of questions to ask I couldn’t complete my questions telepathically without him knowing my every thought before, I couldn’t complete my question in thought the answer was there; the answer was there again without a word being spoken. The Lord Jesus glided to me I felt so much love that it was as if I was standing I was standing underneath a waterfall filled with love that flowed completely thru me. I NEVER wanted to leave. I felt so much love. Me as a mother would die for my children but God sent his only son to die for me and for every one who believes in him. Our love as mothers die for our children doesn’t even amount to a dot at the end of a line in comparison to God’s love for us!!!! Years before, when I was a child; painted a pair of ceramic prayer hands; the sleeves where purple. But, I know that from that experience that God loves me more than i could EVER imagine and everyone more than anyone could possibly comprehend. He also made it clear to me that we (human kind) overcomplicate everything when love isn’t complicated. But I have told all of my family, witnessed to all kinds of people but I want the world to know of my experience because I believe the reason we have those experiences is to tell others about his love for us. And GOD KNOWS I AM NOT KEEPING IT A SECRET.

  82. I had a very similar dream years ago and was considering painting a picture of what I remember and began second guessing thinking maybe it wasn’t a “real” encounter with Him. I googled dream of Jesus and it felt real and came across this blog . Whoa.

    I dreamed I had been passenger in a car and was telling my then bf we were going to crash. We went off the path into a forestry wooded area where we did crash into a tree. I then was floating on a river, clinging to driftwood and Jesus was sitting there. He looked at me the same way He did with you and as I told him how I was wrestling with sin he looked at me with love, assurance, authority, and confidence. I in turn felt He was like a close friend. He swam away and I floated there, excited to see Him again.

    I woke up shaking and felt with certainty this encounter, like yours, was encouraging to seek a more personal relationship with Him and to truly know Him and to know His love. Truly incredible and I appreciate you sharing this excellent dream.

  83. Lea, this is incredible! This is the second or third time I have heard of others having car crash dreams in a woodsy area! But each one is varied and personalized toward them, because he is a very personal savior. And yes, that look of love and understanding is thrillingly haunting. I long to feel that every moment one day. What a hope we have to look forward to in Heaven!

    Now I know why God asked me to share the dream I wanted to keep for myself. We can reassure each other and cling to the encouragement that he will stop at nothing to gather his sheep. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dream.

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