White and gray master bedroom

We finished up our master bedroom last week. Marcello and I finally bought a king bed! It deserves an exclamation because now we can actually sleep in the same room! I’m the main problem with my tossing and turning and 5 million pillows, but with the extra space it doesn’t bother him and I don’t feel the need to hold completely still. Because that makes me want to move even more! I’m curious, do you have a queen or king?

affordable gray upholstered king bed

Costco had a sale on a Sealy mattress ($520) and box spring ($120). Can’t beat that! And I found this upholstered bed for $540 with one of those coupons you get from the Post Office when you move (10 percent off). I’m in love with the bed, but the reviews were right, it’s a three-hour job. I still say it’s worth it. It’s sturdy and I like that it’s a whole bed, not just a headboard. It looks more polished.

Cheap white bedspread and shams for king bed

By the way, I have bought this bedspread three times now (in different sizes) because it is so inexpensive and washes well. It’s $41 for a king bedspread and two shams!

White bedroom with gray upholstered bed and large black nightstands

White, gray and black bedroom color palette

Urban Outfitters tapestry in bedroom

I bought this textured tapestry with tassels to go in the guest house, but it didn’t work where I planned to put it. But it works great here! I love it. Tapestries and rugs are definitely the cheapest way to go for large-scale art.

bookshelf styling

I shared with you some of my treasures in this bookshelf and how I painted it white in this post. Now I’ve also added our wedding vows to a frame at the top.

Print wedding vows for master bedroom

If the text looks like garbleygook, that’s because our vows were in Italian so his guests could at least understand part of the ceremony. The vows are important, we still mean them and strive to uphold them, so I love having them in our room.

The bedroom is a special spot. It’s where you sleep, dream, connect and rest. Pray over your bedroom and marriage if you are married. Pray it would be a safe spot, filled with the Holy Spirit, peace and joy. Ask that God protect your marriage, thoughts and dreams from the evil one. More on marriage here.

white and gray bedroom with bookshelf

occasional chair and pom pom throw in bedroom

Aged mirroom lamp in bedrom

Lamps are expensive, aren’t they? Ross Dress for Less had the best deals, but it was difficult to find a matching pair that I liked. I found these at Home Goods for $40. I’m crazy about the silver, aged mirror effect. I listed a similar one from Target, below.

Engagement picture

Shop the post

Real life

I love the way all white everything looks, but in the real world I can’t keep all the white things white!

Colored pillowcases on an all white bed are easier to clean

I use these blue/gray pillowcases on our pillows that go under our heads each night so they won’t show makeup and stains like white cases do. I poke them back behind the big euro pillows when I make the bed. And that’s not all that often!


I do the same for towels. I buy the large ones in white and then the hand towels and washcloths in gray. Works great for kids with dirty hands and my makeup.

Master bathroom

White gray and silver bedroom

Next, off to the side is the master bathroom. It’s a little worn down and dated, but it’s all neutral and completely doable right now.

I’m spinning you clockwise in the pictures:

master bathroom before

master bath that needs an update

Yes, that’s a red heat lamp on the ceiling. Pretty awesome, right? Haha. I tried it one night when I was taking my bath and Marcello pulled in the drive, coming home from work. He told me that the red glow was just a liiiiiitle creepy from outside!

All super-cool heat lamp talk aside, wouldn’t a free-standing tub and bead or shell chandelier be lovely over it? Are you a bath person. I love them, take one almost every day.

large master bath before

master bath shower before

I’m not sure if I’ll invest much time or money into framing mirrors and re-caulking for now. Maybe in a few years we could remodel? Marcello says maybe not.

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6 thoughts on “White and gray master bedroom

  1. Hi Kate – Love the new bedroom look. White is so lovely and the gray matches well. I love how you used the bookcase, it all blends together lovely. The textured tapestry is quite grand a softer effect than a painting, a nice change. I like the main bedroom to be extra special, that is “your” space. When we were first married we slept on a single bed, yes, when I turned James turned and vice versa. My mother could not believe how we got a good night’s sleep, she said we were ridiculous, there was no space in the apartment at the time, we bought a Queen size bed and always used that size, it is more comfortable. I love good buys! It is practical and you can still be ‘smart’. Your home is coming together so nice, and I am sure you are enjoying working through it every day. Be richly blessed and divinely protected, when we walk quietly before the Lord, He will direct our ways. Hope you have recovered completely from the flu… Much love

  2. Thanks, Elize! We’ll are all fully recovered now, thank you! A single bed for two people? Now that’s a story! A sweet story. There’s no way you can get out of cuddling there!

  3. Cuddling? I had a good chuckle Kate, I think we were more concerned not to fall out of bed! It really is amazing what we can do when circumstances are tough! “Cuddling” that is a nice word, glad to read you are all well, go well with the blessings of the Lord.

  4. Hi Molly! The nightstands were from World Market. They were called tobacco blue doublewide nightstands and now they don’t have them! I understand your plight perfectly. It’s hard to find affordable nightstands that don’t look dinky next to a king. I’m so sorry I can’t help!

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