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The ultimate kids planner

Summer is around the corner. Some moms are filled to the brim with excitement, others of us break out into a cold sweat thinking about it! But fear not, my new 20-page planner has got us covered. 20 pages! I’ve got activities, bucket lists, charts and even a schedule to start the summer off right.

Get your laminator ready because you’re going to love this one!

This planner is an instant download. That means you download it from the email I will send you, print it and can get started planning the very same day!

Ultimate kids planner -

Printables included:


  • Baby and toddler pack list
  • Big kid pack list
  • Baby and toddler plane list
  • Family beach list
  • Kid’s birthday party list
  • When kids are sick list


  • Chore chart
  • Stay in bed sticker chart
  • All purpose sticker chart
  • Summer bucket list
  • Blank summer bucket list for you to personalize
  • Reading log sheet


  • Month calendar of outdoor activities
  • Month calendar of indoor activities
  • My personal work at home schedule
  • Blank schedule for you to personalize

kids binder with cover and spine

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kids planner - all purpose generic sticker chart

All-purpose sticker chart

I am probably most excited and will get the most mileage out of this new sticker chart. It’s generic, so it can be used for many different things — potty training, reading new books, being kind to siblings, chores, whatever goals you make together.

kids planner - baby and toddler pack list

Baby and toddler plane list

This is one of my most popular checklists ever. It pays to be prepared for those summer trips with the little ones! Somehow I ended up with three wild ones on planes, so I know. Boy, do I know.

kids planner - big kid pack list

Big kid pack list

This is a new pack list I just designed. My boys don’t need the toddler items anymore listed on my other pack lists, so I thought it was time to update a list for the big kids. This works for boys or girls.

Kids summer bucket list

Kids summer bucket list

I want to feel excited and prepared for summer this year, and I think this list will get everyone pumped up! There are six categories, so something for everyone. I also included a blank bucket list for you to make your own.

kids planner - one month of outdoor activities

Outdoor activity calendar

I designed this month of activities to do outside a few years ago and my kids still request it. We don’t do it every day of the summer, but when they want something to do, they’ll find it in my binder, figure out the date and do that activity. Nothing requires advance planning or a trip to the store.

Kids planner - work from home schedule with kids

Work from home with kids schedule

I put my ideal schedule home with the kids in the planner. Now, this does NOT happen every day. This gives me some structure and an idea of what I need to be doing to make all these things happen. But really, most days I’m flying by the seat of my pants. I have also included a blank schedule for you to personalize with your needs.

Kids planner - Reading log

Reading log

This is the first summer I have a reader! Hopefully he’ll get hooked on reading this summer. If he fills this page with new books he’s read, he can get a prize.

kid chore chart with family and paid chores

Kids chore chart

My kids have used this chart for about two years now and it has worked great for us. It has chores that have to be done just because they are a part of the family and need to help contribute. When those are done they have the possibility of earning money. We don’t give them many things outside of birthdays and Christmas, so if they want something they save for it. I want to teach them to work for what they want and that money isn’t just swiping a card at a store. I laminated ours and they use dry erase markers to check the boxes.

kids binder with cover and spine

Get your copy here. >>

For your binder


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  1. Hi Kim! I checked my mailing list and it looks like your email is on it! Yay! Let me know if you didn’t get your free download. I send emails Thursday afternoons, so you can look for it then. Thank you so much for subscribing! :)

  2. These all look terrific! I can’t wait to start using the kid’s planner and chored/bored jars!

  3. I signed up for newsletters and have been surfing your site for hours! I’m a single mom with no support. 4 babies all by myself, this website is what I’ve needed and have been looking for something similar to this! Thank you for your blog site!!! It’s amazing and super helpful!

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