Inexpensive, simple light fixtures

Marcello and I agree to check with each other before making most purchases. We’ve never actually named a dollar amount that is ask-worthy, but I would say it’s probably around $100. Yep, we’re two frugal noodles, but it really keeps us in check — especially because we rarely agree about where the money should be spent! So when Marcello told me that I could change out all the light fixtures in this house right away, I did a double take. Say whaaaat?

In our last house I waited over two years to even change one light, so I nearly got whiplash making my way to the computer. I didn’t ask him his opinion too much and within two days I made all my purchases! Hey, one wrong move and he could have changed his mind! I did it as cheap as possible, with one exception, one splurge, that I’ll show you.

I tried to make my choices blend together and mix and match. Even with a larger house, I personally like continuity. I know the experts say you can mix and match metals, but I’m not a professional and probably not that cool. So I stuck with white, silver and black.

I’ll go ahead and put it right out there, I’m insecure about my lighting picks. Maybe it’s because I’ve only done it in one other house, maybe it’s because I never quite get on board with mainstream favorites. So tell me what you think, but be gentle.

White oversized drum pendant

Oversized drum pendant

My first purchase was this oversized drum pendant. It’s not a creative choice because I had it in my last dining room! That’s how much I love it. It is simple and goes with any style. It’s oversized at 34 inches, and that’s not easy to find, especially at $199. It balances my large dining room table. I highly recommend this fixture.

Ikea ALANG flush mount drum fixture

Flush mount drum

I’m replacing two fixtures with these affordable flush mount drums from IKEA. I ordered the larger 18-inch size for $44 each. I like that they mirror the dining room pendant, offer soft lighting and fade into the background.

Capiz orb pendant globe

Capiz orb pendant

The new capiz shell trend is one I can get onboard with. This was my splurge. I ordered one large 22-inch capiz orb pendant for $263, originally $329. The original capiz pendant I found was over $500, so I’m glad I found this option. I’m going to put it in the little reading/sitting area beside our front door, hanging down in front of a large window.

Inexpensive steel modern silver bladed fan

Steel fan

It’s hard to get away from fans when you live in Florida! They just help on those super hot summer days. The traditional white fan is just too normal for me, but I can’t afford the $700 driftwood options that catch my eye. I bought one of these silver fans for our last house and was pleased with its simplicity and that it’s a little out of the ordinary for a living room. It’s priced at only $70. I’m putting one in the kitchen and one in the living room.

Inexpensive modern outdoor pendant - black with orb bulb

Metal design and globe outdoor pendant

I had a hard time making a quick decision about an outdoor pendant for above the front door. I didn’t want a lantern, a star-shaped fixture didn’t fit the style of our house and other options were too pricey. I settled on this metal design with a glass globe inside at $99. It’s on sale (I’m not sure for how long) and I like the black will match the door handle and contrast with our house that I eventually want to paint white.

White beaded chandelier

And this wood beaded chandelier would be so sweet in Clara’s room. I haven’t bought it yet because I don’t have a good idea of what the room will look like. But I sure hope I can work this one in!

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Simple and cheap lighting

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