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VIDEO: New house tour

We’ve been here for a week and a half and I’m finally ready to give you a tour!

Last week I shared our God story behind the house. I hope you’ll have a read because it shows where our hearts are and how we would like to use this blessing.

The definition of a blessing has many layers, most of which I don’t understand yet, but two layers have recently been taught to me that turned what I thought was a blessing on its head. Stay with me here, because this will change the way you use #blessed on those social media posts, haha!

1. A blessing is something that brings you closer to God.

Does this blow your mind like it does mine? For me, it completely changes what I view as a blessing. In these terms for my own life, Hurricane Irma was a blessing. Infertility was a blessing. Waiting years in separate countries before Marcello and I could be married was a blessing. Financial hardships were a blessing. Difficult relationships and even losing loved ones were a blessing. Why? Because they all drew me near to God, dropped me to my knees in prayer, forced me to depend on Him when I wouldn’t have otherwise. These are the places of tremendous spiritual growth and maturity.

2. A blessing is not meant to stop with you; it is meant to pour through you onto others.

This concept adds another layer onto the definition. What have you been blessed with? It could be money, it could be spiritual wisdom, it could be a skill. How are you using that to bless others?

We can’t hoard all our blessings and keep them for ourselves. God has chosen for us to live in community and often tends to work in our lives through each other. When you freely give what has been given to you it will bring infinitely more happiness than keeping it all for yourself!

Marcello and I believe that God blessed us with this house so that we may bless others with it. My prayer (and I’d love it if you could say one for us too!) is that we would not loose sight of His vision and provide a Christ-centered, peaceful respite for weary souls. This house is His, not ours, and we want to remain open to however He wants us to use it.

I’m done chattering, I promise. Here is the tour!

A few friends of mine commented that they were surprised things are coming together so fast, but I told them that we just moved all the extra into the garage! To be fair, I should have showed that mess, but I didn’t think of it when I was videoing.

Feel free to ask me questions or tell me what you want me to blog more about.

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: New house tour

  1. Hi Kate

    Simply amazing! I have no words to describe how God has blessed you. It is the house of my dreams. I must admit that I have “holy envy”: D. Indoor pool, huge garden, guest house .. It’s huge!

    It’s very nice what you say about your in-laws and what you are doing for them. I love that you give the glory to God of everything.

    I wish you much happiness so that you may enjoy it and may God continue to bless you.

    PS: I love the decoration!

  2. Hello Kate – Absolutely stunning, a beautiful blessing straight from our Father’s Throne Room. Thanks for taking time to share with us, you have done very well for such a short period, managing the house and kids and now the organizing and setting up the new home. I love the house for your in-laws, I am sure they are going to be blown away not to mention the garden. I am sure your father-in-law will absolutely love to work in the veggie patch, I am already imagining the veggies he is going to grow, that pepper is nice wait till he gets started, I know the Italian people love fresh vegetable and fruits so you are in for a perfect treat. All I can say is enjoy “all” of your blessings our God is just so amazing and He really only wishes the best for us and all because of our love for Jesus. The children seem to be settled in nicely, and it is a perfect garden for children. I am so happy for you as a family, may it go well with all with the blessings of the Lord.

  3. I’m catching up on your blog; I am so so happy for you all! What an amazing place and opportunity! May God bless your new home and your whole family! <3

    PS super excited to follow along as you settle in! :)

  4. Thank you, Melanie! We’ll take your sweet blessings :) I truly appreciate you taking the time to make a comment of encouragement!

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