15 last minute (cheap) Valentine gift ideas

I’ll admit to being a little bah-humbug about Valentine’s Day, but a friend once told me that a holiday centered around love is always a good thing. So with that in mind, I try to find thoughtful things to do for my spouse instead of material gifts. I also don’t usually plan gifts very far in advance, so I thought I’d help out procrastinators like myself!

Here we go, 15 last minute gift ideas that are actually thoughtful.

A month of prayer for a free and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift

1. Print off this spouse prayer calendar and pray for your spouse every day. A couple weeks ago I shared with you that my Valentine’s Day present to my husband is to pray for him in a specific way every day. Not only is this free, it’s powerful, thoughtful and betters both of us. I’ve found that it is made even more special by actually printing the calendar found in this post to give to him. I printed one for me too and put it on the fridge to remind me to actually say the prayers and also to encourage him that he is prayed over.

2. Watch a video on how to massage and set up your own spa at home with candles, music and oil.

3. Leave as many “I love you” post-its as you can for him — in his work space, on his mirror, in his closet, soles of his shoes …

4. Buy a bottle of wine and put your own label on it.

5. Make a video slide show with your song and photos of the two of you.

6. Have the car serviced, wash it and fill it up with gas.

7. Take him a surprise lunch.

8. Frame a photo of the two of you after you had just first met.

Simple creative fathers day present

9. Make a jar or box with 20 things you love about him written on slips of paper. It’s something he’ll want to keep.

10. Bake cookies.

11. Make a mixed tape of his favorite songs.

12. Serve breakfast in bed with heart pancakes, of course.

13. Make a list of all the things he does that you appreciate.

14. Write a love note about how sweet he is with a candy bar and stick hide it in his work bag.

15. Get dressed up for a nice dinner at home with candles and lights.

1 thought on “15 last minute (cheap) Valentine gift ideas

  1. I just love these valuable points you have listed, it shows your husband he is not taken for granted, and that he is really appreciated. Men do enjoy when their wives uplift them, fuss over them, just in small ways. This is also a teaching method to the children to teach them by example. It is very important as I remember the things my mother did for my dad while he was working and she was caring for the house and children and I have unawares done the same things. This all reminds me of the Scriptures, Proverbs 31; read and meditate on the complete Chapter and take note of the mention of the “Virtuous woman”. Always lovely to read your Post and yes, freeze spending is a form of discipline, we buy far too much and we do not really need it. I had a good Valentine’s Day, I was grateful that the Lord has kept me and James together for the past 45 years, we had a good meal at home had some Rose Sparkling wine which was excellent – and that was that!

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