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Wardrobe capsule: Comfort

I like to look put together but I’m too busy with my kids and projects to take time to think about it. My goal in this capsule is cozy comfy, with things I will wake up and want to put on. Not things I thought looked cute on the model while online shopping in the evening, but would never throw on last minute to take my son to school. Things that are foolproof and every single thing can mix and match.

Once or twice a year I realize that I’m wearing nonsense and need to buy a few things. So I make a mini wardrobe capsule to last me awhile. It’s some work up front to mix and match things in my head, but then once it goes together it leave much less thinking required during my morning routine.

My criteria with comfort aside: they must be longer in the back and be loose around the belly. That said, I’m relatively short (5’4″), so these things hang somewhat over my booty, but if you’re tall you might want to try a couple sizes.

minimalist wardrobe capsule green moto jeggings striped shirt cream cardigan and booties-

This is my uniform right now. I just try to hang out in different circles during the week so no one will notice I am wearing the same outfit every day.

My Christmas present from Marcello. Ok, obviously I picked out these booties, but I love them! They have so much detail, go with everything and have a low heel.

minimalist wardrobe capsule - ripped jeans white shirt pink twist bow sneaker

I’m a simple girl. Jeans and a white tee work just great. My mom bought me this scoop neck strappy tee in black for Christmas. I love it so much I bought a white one too. It’s roomy, soft and I like the strap detail. Throw one of the cardigans and a scarf for a different look.

These jeans are a new staple of mine too. They are mid-rise and fit all the stomach extras in! Luca asked me why I have holes in my jeans. Adriano said it’s because I’m a rock star. Obviously.

Twist knot sneakers pink

I got these Reaction Kenneth Cole twist knot sneakers at Ross, but now I’m seeing them all over the place: DSW, AE. They’re a fun twist on a plain sneaker. (See what I did there?)

super soft cardigan

booties with ripped jeans white tee and cardigan

This super soft cardigan can be warn alone, buttoned, with something like that lace bralette shown below (which is super comfortable and pretty, by the way) or open with a top underneath. It’s very versatile.

I added in a soft headband cream headband to the accessories because that is my favorite trick when there isn’t enough dry shampoo in the world to help me. I’m surprised how many people say they like my hair like that!

And to try to make my new capsule wardrobe as easy as possible, I’ve literally emptied two drawers and have all these pieces in them. Otherwise they get mixed into the chaos that is my closet and I get confused again!

Let’s take a look at the individual pieces:

Minimalist wardrobe capsule for comfort #capsule



Note: Now it looks like the green moto leggings are sold out! These are similar. And this is why I don’t normally do style posts, haha!

Second layer


Sperry boot can also be found here.




When I started off making a capsule, it started like the one below. It has most of the same pieces, but I evolved to the capsule above, which has more basics and more options. I thought I’d throw this one out there too, though. I bought that purple shirt and really like it. It’s flowy and a little unusual, but it doesn’t cover the bum like my choices above, so this mom of three would not wear it with stretch pants. Just sayin’. Take a look at this outtake:

Wardrobe capsule - blush - casual everyday mix and match clothing pieces

Blush capsule

More fun items to add to the capsule


5 thoughts on “Wardrobe capsule: Comfort

  1. Good basics as well as style. You can mix and match and do much. I loved Adriano’s comment, I agree their Mom ‘rocks’! Kids notice our ways more than we realize. I had a good chuckle. It was a good read with much information. The sailor stripe makes a reliable item as well as gingham squares, depends what we can get our hands on. Wear and enjoy :)

  2. I always love seeing your capsule wardrobes! As a mom that goes for comfort first when picking out clothes this wardrobe is right up my alley. It looks put together and isn’t something you’d have to fidget with and adjust all day when taking care of kids. This has given me some good outfit inspiration. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. Thanks, Kindra! I’m so glad you got some inspiration here! I’m still trucking on with this little capsule and it’s working really well :)

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