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How I did on my lofty goals from 2017

Last year I shared some goals I had for the coming year. It was intimidating to do because some of them were more personal and it felt unnatural to stick them on the internet. But a year later, I can say that I’m glad I did it. I felt more accountable. It made me take stock halfway through the year to see if I was making progress. Since I put them out here to begin with, I might as well share if I met them or not!

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Better wife

Beginning of the year goal: The first goal on my list to be a better wife. Our three kids suck up a lot of my attention and time and patience. My husband shouldn’t get my leftovers, but he does. I have lots of areas to work on, but I’m starting with kindness — in the way I speak to him, the way I treat him and act around him.

End of the year progress report: Yeah, this is the most recent picture I can find of Marcello and I together, haha! I’m not sure how “kind” I’ve been in the last couple weeks because it’s been crazy around here, but I would say overall I have made progress on treating Marcello with more respect and kindness. I am in a praying wives group and have learned more in the last two years about relationships than all the other years combined. In fact, I wrote a marriage series with all my game-changing knowledge: 15 Secrets to a Lasting Marriage

Keep a prayer journal to see God's faithfulness


Goal: I’m an over-thinker. This year I will redirect that brain power to something that will actually make a difference. I want to stop thinking, thinking, thinking and start praying, praying, praying. I also plan on keeping a list of the things I am praying for so I can see how God has answered them.

Progress: Mmmmmm, I started out doing a quick five-minute daily journal on my laptop, but I am not consistent at all. In fact, there isn’t anything in there from the last two months. I’d say this goal probably fizzled, but I’ll pick it back up.

Keep a scripture board or book to memorize verses

Memorize scripture

Goal: I will memorize 12 verses this year, one a month. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but my brain just does not memorize things easily. Since I’ve discovered it’s harder for me to memorize things than the average person, I’ve let myself off the hook of memorizing the Bible. However, I was deeply convicted a couple months ago when I heard a pastor ask how many verses the congregation thought they could memorize by midnight if he would give them $1,000 for each one. He said the words of God are worth more than paper money and we should treat them as such. Ouch. I would also like to help my kids memorize scripture too, but I’m not sure how to go about doing that. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Progress: I made this one! But by the skin of my teeth. Like journaling, I started off strong for the first six months and slowed way down the last six. I memorized 12 verses and it was a fantastic use of time and a great comfort to commit God’s promises to memory. It’s not my strong suit, but I’ll have to add it to my 2018 goals as well.

I also did find a way to help my kids memorize scripture as well. I created these Bible verse coloring pages that we went over during the summer. Feel free to download them for your crew too!

Grateful project - 1 kind thing a month with kids

One kind thing a month with the kids

Goal: I want to do one kind thing for someone else with my kids each month. I want to keep that Christmas giving spirit going all year, showing them what’s important, not just telling them.

Progress: This two sentence goal ended up changing our year dramatically. In the process of trying to teach my children kindness and what it looks like to have a grateful heart, I redirected my own thinking patterns and motivations. This goal was a major success and we’ve already started round two for this year! Read about our year of kindness here.


Goal: I want to send my grandmother something in the mail at the first of each month (a card, a small gift, photos). She doesn’t use a computer or cell phone — well, she has a cell phone, but doesn’t know how to use it — so mail makes her so very happy.

Progress: I sure am glad this made my list because my grandmother, Katherine, passed away this year. When I was in her condo the week of the memorial service I found so many things I had given her over the years. They clearly meant something to her. I encourage you to send your grandparents a card, give them a hug and take a video of them telling stories. You can read my eulogy here.

Reaching out

Goal: Along those same lines, I get sucked into my own world and neglect to ask about or care for those around me. I want to get in the permanent habit of calling or texting people that come to mind right then and there. When my friend’s mother is sick and I have a passing thought to ask how she is, I want to drop what I’m doing for a moment and send her a text. When a friend I haven’t talked to for a long time keeps popping into mind it might be the Holy Spirit, I want to be better about picking up the phone.

Progress: Well, that was vague. I would say overall I am making strides at thinking of others. In fact, I have made some new incredible friends this year. Not some fun acquaintances either. Like real, I-have-a-problem-can-you-come-over-to-help friends. You don’t come by those very often, so I’m extremely grateful!


Goal: Is this boring yet? I’ll wrap it up. As far as my blog, I aim to post once a week, on Tuesdays.

Progress: Hey, I made this one! In fact, I started posting twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have more ideas than just four a month, but this takes a lot more planning ahead and advance work. I completely underestimate the amount of time it takes to write, shoot, edit and put together a post. Every. single. time.

I also redesigned the site on the fly — which was interesting. And scary because I almost lost everything! Haha! But it’s much cleaner and mobile compatible now.

I started creating ebooks (Christmas and cleaning) and those have generated quite a few new subscribers. They’re a lot of work, but I’m pleased with their success so far.

Plant wall

Goal: And finally, I want to create a plant wall in my bathroom. My idea is only three shelves and some plants, so I’m not quite sure why it seems like climbing Everest.

Progress: My only house goal and I did it! I really like it and haven’t even killed any of the plants yet. Yesss. See more pictures of the plant wall in my bathroom here.

Did you have goals for 2017? Did you make any of them? Don’t let me be the only over-sharer, haha! I’ll be sharing my new goals next time and hopefully a printable for your own if I get my holiday vacation act together :)

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2 thoughts on “How I did on my lofty goals from 2017

  1. Great goal and good progress IMO!

    Some of the goals I did achieve this year included: finding a new daily devotional (The Power of Being Thankful by Joyce Meyer), start a daily gratitude journal, some home projects, potty trained our 3 yo (yay!) and starting composting.

    My personal ‘stretch’ goal was to: observe creativity: music, concert, art, etc. I did ok, definitely room for improvement.

    Happy New Year!

  2. That’s quite the list, Anne! Not least of all the potty training. I’m up next and I keep putting it off. I absolutely love your “stretch goal” to observe creativity. That in itself is creative and beautiful. I’m so impressed. Happy New Year!

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