The Ultimate Clean House Planner

After the holidays, when the tree and decorations come down, it feels right to give the house a good scrub! I’m so excited to share my new Ultimate Clean House Planner with you. It’s a 12-page printable with my favorite DIY cleaner recipes, the best cleaning hacks, a deep clean calendar and home maintenance checklist. You can print them off and stick them in a binder to use again and again.

Cleaning is not my favorite, I have to say, but it makes me so happy when it’s done and the house is sparkling. That’s where checklists and timers come in! It helps me to have a list, to have an ending point and feeling of accomplishment as I check something off. I’m not saying my house is always clean — that’s laughable! — but when I even loosely stick to a schedule I feel content. We are more likely to have people over on a whim with a clean house. We can head out to do something fun on a Saturday afternoon instead spending it tackling dirt. Just one thing a day it makes life simpler.

This planner is an instant download. That means you download it from the email I will send you, print it and can get started planning the very same day!

Printables included:

  • DIY cleaner recipes
  • Cleaning hacks checklist
  • My personal daily cleaning schedule
  • A blank cleaning schedule for you to make your own
  • 1 week to a clean house checklist
  • 1 month calendar of deep cleaning the house
  • Yearly home maintenance checklist
  • 2 types of to do lists
  • Kid chore chart

clean binder with cover and spine

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DIY cleaner recipes - magic shower spray - grout secret - all purpose citrus cleaner - homemade glass cleaner -

DIY cleaner recipes

These are my four favorite cleaners that you can make more naturally and for a fraction of the cost of buying at the store. The list includes all-purpose citrus spray, an amazing grout eraser secret, glass cleaner and magic shower spray. They all work great, but that magical shower spray saves SO much scrubbing time. It keeps my tile shower clean for weeks, even months longer.

The best cleaning hacks - number 6 is the best -

Cleaning hacks

Here’s my checklist of all sorts of good cleaning hacks to save time and elbow grease. I just discovered number six and I can’t believe I haven’t tried it sooner! I’ve got a great trick for mildew on outdoor fabric and fences too.

1 week to a clean house - daily task list - set the timer for 60 minutes

1 week to a clean house

This checklist is for when you’ve been out of a normal cleaning routine and have a big mess. Typically you have a spot for everything in the home, it’s just not in it! When my home gets to this point, I set the timer for 60 minutes a day and follow this list. Put on my favorite clean house Spotify playlist and get it done! Anything to make cleaning go faster and make it easier, right?

Yearly home maintenance printable checklist by season

Home maintenance checklist

This checklist includes things you don’t do weekly or monthly, but they’re still important. I’ll go through how to keep your home in shape and prevent some expenses down the road, season by season.

Deep clean house calendar checklist

Deep cleaning calendar

Commit one month to doing one thing a day to deep clean the inside of your house. These are the things you skim over during daily cleaning because you just want it to be over! Things like dusting the top of cabinets, vacuuming under the couch cushions (yikes) and cleaning inside of appliances. It looks intense, but it will make for cleaner air and a longer life for your appliances.

 kid chore chart with family and paid chores

Kids chore chart

My kids have used this chart for over a year now and it has worked great for us. It has chores that have to be done just because they are a part of the family and need to help contribute. When those are done they have the possibility of earning money. We don’t give them many things outside of birthdays and Christmas, so if they want something they save for it. I want to teach them to work for what they want and that money isn’t just swiping a card at a store. I laminated ours and they use dry erase markers to check the boxes.

clean binder with cover and spine

Get your copy here. >>


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