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Last minute NYE decorations left from Christmas

If you’re like me, Christmas has occupied all your brain space for a month and then you think, “Oh yeah, New Year’s Eve!” And we take note that we have zero plans. Always. We have three small children, so it’s not like we’re going to tear up the town, but it would still be nice to do something. So we have a few people over last minute, and I decorate with silver and gold Christmas decorations.

(I’ve got range, right? Last week I was talking about the solar system, DNA and proof God exists. This week I’m all glitter and twinkle lights, haha!)

What you need to decorate for NYE:

  1. White Christmas lights
  2. Gold and silver ornaments (you know mine are from the Dollar Tree!)

Last minute New Years Eve decorations

Christmas decorations also can work for NYE

Gold and silver Christmas ornaments work for NYE

Outdoor Christmas lights work in some sparkle on NYE

Easy last minute NYE decorations

Last minute NYE party

Last minute New Years Eve decorations

Last minute New Years decorations

Last minute NYE decorations from Christmas ornaments and lights

Easy NYE decorations you already have

Christmas lights in a vase to add NYE ambience

Pull out gold and silver Christmas ornaments for New Years decor

Lights and sparkle equal NYE decorationsOutdoor Christmas lights make some magic for NYE

Last minute NYE part and decor

What are your New Year’s plans? Do you plan in advance or do everything last minute like me?

2 thoughts on “Last minute NYE decorations left from Christmas

  1. Lovely, you are such an inspiration. I was not going to ‘bother’ but now I have a change of mind. The clock with the 12 hour caught my eye, wonderful, we can start a new, actually we do so every day, another opportunity not make the mistakes of yesterday. Have a wonderful get together I wish you the very best with many blessings for 2018 I will be thinking of you and all the people over the world hopefully the purpose of Christmas is not already forgotten by many, love, peace and joy.

  2. Thanks, Elize! You’re right! We can have a new start, let go of the old and look forward to who we are intended to be. It’s a beautiful celebration if we look at it that way. Happy New Year to you and your family. xo

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