Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! I’m not sure how much longer my babies will be little enough to take pictures in their Christmas jams, so I’ll treasure each one. I take a Christmas picture of them every year and get nostalgic looking back on them. Not that I want to go back (I don’t!), but it reminds me of where we’ve been and forces me to think about what lies ahead.

Big things lie ahead for us next year and are already in motion. In fact, I didn’t even get to my post for Tuesday because I was quite distracted with all we have happening! But I have finished my post for next Tuesday and please stay tuned. I’ve spent hours and days studying and writing a piece on proof that God exists. It’s the most important thing I have ever written.

I’m not sure what business exactly I have writing about space, DNA or archeology, but I feel called to put this out there in hopes that it makes someone think deeper about our creator and savior. Because this information has reshaped the way I think about the world around me.

He’s real. He has always existed. The world is at his command, yet he chose to come as a vulnerable baby, born in a barn, to normal people, in a normal town. No VIP treatment, no fanfare or publicity. Humble and low. What kind of king is this? What kind of god is this? One I want to know better. I hope you’ll check in with me on Tuesday and join a conversation with me.

Lots of love from me to you. May you have a very merry Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2017

  1. Merry Christmas Kate and Family! We wiss you all the best for the comming year. May God bless you and your Lovely Family.

    Thanks for every inspiring post. We will be waiting for more next year.

    Luis, Raquel, Ane and Aner

  2. Merry Christmas Luis, Raquel, Ane and Aner (the family with the most beautiful names ever)! May God bless your family and your new year as well. Many true and heartfelt thank yous for your continued encouragement. It means so very much.

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