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White and green Christmas decor

This year I’m keeping Christmas decor simple — all white and green with lots of twinkle lights! I bought a flocked tree (which I’m crazy about), added quite a few strands of garland and aimed to add a strand of lights wherever possible. It’s amazing how magical they make the evening time.

White Christmas decorations

We’ve actually never bought a tree before this one. We used a tiny tree my grandma gave me for a few years, then my parents gave us their large hand-me-down artificial tree that we’ve used for years now. And destroyed. So we finally bought this flocked beauty. And it’s pre-lit. Hooray!

Flocked white Christmas tree with all white and silver decorations and white beads

Last year as I put lights around a giant tree, the top kept falling down. The boys had light sabers and were battling, running in circles around me. And I was trying to keep myself from yelling and swearing in front of the kids. It was not the family tradition I dreamed of. In fact, my neighbor said she saw the nonsense from her window and was laughing! I shut the blinds this year.

So last week I bucked the cherished family tradition from generations past and decorated this tree all by myself. In fact, even Marcello was asleep on the couch (our kids have still not recovered from the time change and he gets the brunt of it). Actually that was the day I drove across the state to see my beloved grandpa. He is not well and I mostly likely will not see him again. We got to say sweet goodbyes with lots of tears and talk of Heaven.

When I got home, feeling quite melancholy, I turned on some beautiful old hymns and decorated the magically pre-lit tree. I sang and prayed for my grandpa. It was truly lovely. Is it bad to have a new decorate-the-tree-all-by yourself-really -late-at-night tradition? Haha!

Flocked Christmas tree and simple holiday decor

All white Christmas decor - flocked tree and pom pom blanket

Flocked all white tree with silver and white ornaments

It’s all white and silver, as you can see. To keep costs down, most of the ornaments are from the Dollar Tree (which I’ll talk more about next week) and I spray painted my red beads white.

I have officially turned into my mother and eat every word I ever said as a child about her distaste for colored lights and having a themed tree! I even did the same thing as she did and gave the kids their own tree with colored lights that my grandpa sent home with me. They love it.

I admit to being a Christmas tree decorating novice. I had to Google “how to decorate a Christmas tree” and there it was, filler. Did you know about filler? You probably did. It’s so fun and adds so much to the tree!

Christmas tree filler

JoAnn Fabrics had 60 percent off holiday decor the week before Thanksgiving and so I bought 10 strands of garland and two bundles of this pretty filler for the Christmas tree. (And now you know how I shot these photos from my flat lay secrets post!)

Sparkle garland with pinecones from JoAnn Fabrics

I used five strands of garland on the window above the dining room table, three above the kitchen cabinets, one on the table and one under the TV.

Holiday sparkle garland from JoAnn Fabrics

White kitchen with green garland and wreath Christmas decor

Garland twinkle lights and wreath in kitchen for Christmas

Large tray decorated for Christmas - houses from Target dollar spot

How to arrange a Christmas tray

The little white houses and bottle brush trees (both $3) are from the Target dollar spot.

Holiday house tour

Remember in the early 2000s when everyone kind of had their one color in the kitchen and such? Well, mine was red. We had red kitchen utensils, red pot holders, even a red couch. I’m still phasing out red things around here! I burned myself out of all things crimson, and I realized that’s why I’m always wanting to take Christmas decorations down early. So this year I just put out all things white, green, silver and sparkly. And that’s the psychoanalysis behind the no red this year.

I honestly don’t know how professional fancy bloggers do a real holiday tour. I’m always curious how much they spend, how they store all the things and how they keep their kids from messing with stuff. It’s amazingly hard to have this wide open space in perfect condition to take pictures! I have to shoo the kids out, bribe them with candy, shoot quick and hope that a baby doll’s leg isn’t sticking out from underneath the couch. In my pictures there are cords in weird spots and messed beads on the tree that I don’t see until after the picture is already snapped.

I am a blogger — not sure how professional I am — but I’ll try to be be transparent. I’m sharing my Christmas budget with decor, gifts, everything next Thursday. And I keep all my indoor Christmas stuff in four bins. Maybe five after all the garland I just bought!

Twinkle lights make all the difference in holiday magic

This year, since our new tree is pre-lit (picture me doing cartwheels), I have extra twinkle lights and patience, so I poked them in all over the house. It’s so cozy and festive at night. I’m not sure who likes it more, the kids or me. Probably me.

kids around lit Christmas tree

How many trees do you have? Do you decorate before Thanksgiving or take it slow? What is your favorite decoration? Do you wish I would stop trying to psychoanalyze you now?

12 thoughts on “White and green Christmas decor

  1. Your living room looks gorgeous! So wintry and sophisticated but cozy too. Sorry to hear about your grandpa; how wonderful that you got to spend time with him even though it was heartbreaking. I love John 11:25. <3
    We get a live tree every year but I'm considering an additional fake one that can be more fancy…that'd be fun!

  2. I love your Christmas tree and I did not know about adding filler!
    Also, wanted to say that my kiddo still has not recovered from the time change and I am getting the brunt of it. ;)

  3. Kate, your white décor is so very beautiful. It bet it looks very cool and refreshing in the Florida sun.
    Love the new garland you bought. Are the wreaths in the Kitchen made of Bay leaves?
    I would think you were so pleased with doing the tree yourself. I think it’s a nice tradition to give yourself. Plus the nice surprise for the kids to wake up to. Magical; ya know?
    Your manger scene looks very intriguing. I would like a close-up sometime or maybe it’s something that is in another post.
    Also I think I miss some of your posts, because I rely on e-mail notifications and it just doesn’t come through. I followed the link to your post about flat photo layout for pictures. That was very neat and helpful.
    Hope your holiday season goes well for you all.

  4. Awwww, Melanie, you’re so sweet. And yes to John 11:25! It’s my consolation that my grandpa believes. I’m always a little jealous of people who get real trees every year. Haha! I’m too lazy. But they sure do smell aaaaamazing.

  5. Hi Anne! I’m so relieved you didn’t know about filler. I thought it was just me. So much to learn about tree decorating, haha! And darn that time change. We have early risers and they just kill us with 5:30 wake-up calls.

  6. Thanks, Julie! The wreaths in the kitchen are … I’m not sure! Maybe bad imitations of magnolia leaves?? They were from Target a year or so ago. And my father-in-law made the manger. I didn’t take a detail because none of the guys are in there yet! It’s part of our advent calendar, so it’s looking a little empty. I’ll try to get a better pic when we set it up. I’m sorry the emails aren’t working properly! I post on Tuesdays and Thursdays if that helps. Thanks so much for dropping me a note :)

  7. Hi Kate, I just saw your gorgeous white tree. It’s amazing! I am also changing my ornaments this year on my 20 year old apartment size tree. Gold, silver and white ornaments. Isn’t Dollar Tree a real cool store to find so many ideas for decorating. Yes, a bunch of decorations came from that store! I’m putting lights on the tree tomorrow, the last day of November. Last year I didn’t want to take my tree down, is was so different. This year it will stay up til mid January 2022. Am talking too much. Bye!!!

  8. It’s so exciting to change up the tree a little bit from year to year! And yes, I’m grateful for the dollar store and all their affordable options!

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