Family Halloween costume: Despicable Me

Despicable Me! We have watched these movies too many times and no one can do a better minion impression than Adriano. The boys decided this is who we should be for Halloween and you know I’m down for a good family costume!

Also I got a new camera! I saved the money I make from ads off this blog for about 10 months and bought a new camera — so yeah, I don’t make much. Haha! It’s a Canon 7D Mark II — just the body though. I’m saving for a lens next and using an old one in the meantime.

So I’m testing it out. These guys didn’t give me any wiggle room to figure out my new gear. We took these in about three minutest flat! And the perfectionist in me would like to do them all over again because of lighting and technicalities, but the mom in me smiles and loves them because they really enjoyed themselves.

Family costume ideas - Despicable Me Halloween costumes with Gru, Lucy and minions

Brother minions

Gru and Lucy Despicable Me couple Halloween costumes

Siblings costumes - minions

Family costume ideas - Despicable Me - Gru Lucy and minions

Kid minion costume

Minion costumes for kids

Family costume ideas - Despicable Me

Minion costumes

I’m sorry I can’t be much help with costume sources, but most of it is already gone! I bought the kids’ costumes online at Walmart a couple a months ago when they were on clearance. Marcello’s scarf was $5 on Amazon, no longer there. And my dress, scarf and wig were also from Amazon, but now they’ve raised the prices considerably! I used a turquoise Sharpie on white Dollar Tree sunglasses. We spent about $80, which is on the steep end for me.

Little Miss

I got Clara a couple extra costumes at the consignment store, marked down to $5. She is my perfect little model. She sits right where I put her, giggles with delight when I play peek-a-boo behind the camera and will always go for a chocolate-covered raisin bribe!

Her brother’s old pumpkin costume. Her idea to put her arms inside :)

An homage to Minnie Mouse. Clara is a BIG fan. When she saw this dress she said “Mine. Mine, Mama,” and carried it all around the store. I guess she didn’t trust me and wanted to make sure I didn’t put it back!

And finally, Marcello calls her fragolina, which means strawberry in Italian. So I couldn’t pass this up!

What are your kids dressing as for Halloween? What is your favorite Halloween memory?


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2 thoughts on “Family Halloween costume: Despicable Me

  1. Kate, such incredibly cute costumes and photos. You all look so good. Good job on finding the extra costumes at the consignment store. Clara is such a sweetie.
    Happy Halloween to you all.

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