Black and white Halloween tablescape

We had some friends over for dinner the other night, and instead of cleaning the floors and bathrooms, I decorated the table for Halloween. Naturally. I stuck with black and white.

If you’ve read any of my holiday posts before, you know that I always buy decorations the day after the holiday for the next year because I’m very cheap. I didn’t buy any Halloween decorations this year. Wait, that’s not true. I bought a spider table runner from Target for $5. It had pom poms! I don’t think I need anymore Halloween paraphernalia this time, but you never know!

Everything is from the Dollar Tree (birds, spiders, rats, bats, battery candles, cob webs) or Target marked half off on November 1 (pumpkins, banners, wreath).

Black and white Halloween decor

Simple black and white halloween decorations

Easy Halloween decorations - Just add cob webs and creepy dollar store birds

Black and white Halloween table setting

Simple black and white halloween decor and tablescape

Halloween tablescape with crows, spiders and bats

5 dollar Target spider tablerunner

Dollar store bats hanging in entry

Black and white halloween decorations on the cheap

Black and white Halloween table setting on the cheap

Simple fall wreath

acorn fall wreath

Fall front door with $5 placemat pillows

These are my $5 placemat pillows on the patio.

Fall front door and settee

Cheap Halloween decorations - stick a spider inside a lampshade for a spooky effect

The boys love it when I poke a Dollar Tree spider in the lampshades for a spooky effect!

Black and white halloween tablescape - stick a spider inside a lampshade for a spooky effect

Halloween dinner with friends

My favorite kind of night! Bring on the friends and food and dance parties with the kids!

4 thoughts on “Black and white Halloween tablescape

  1. This is so very cool. I love the idea of black and white. Who would have thought? This is so beautifully effective.

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