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Gift ideas for a 6-year-old boy

Noise with dirt on it. That is exactly the definition I think of when it comes to six year old boys! They’ve got all the energy we wish we could harness, an unmatched lung capacity and an a wild imagination. Luca turned six this year and these are our favorite toy picks. Fake mustaches are not on the list, but they are always a desirable choice, of course. I’m sure you’ll find something perfect here for the six year old in your life.

Gift and toy ideas for a 6 year old boy

Walkie talkies

Little boys and walkie talkies go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let the super spy adventures begin!

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name personalized bookPersonalized book

Six year olds are learning to read, and what better way that to get them excited than a personalized book? He will be thrilled to see a character who looks like him and has his name!

Grow animals

Personally I don’t quite understand the fascination with these grow animals that my boys have, but they love them! You put them in water and over a couple days they grow three times their size.

Bug book for boysBug book

Luca and Adriano like to go around the yard and identify bugs. This kids bug encyclopedia has tons of photos and and lots of fun facts. I’m always amazed by how much they remember. “Spiders aren’t insects, Mom. They’re arachnids.”

Preserved bugs for kidsPreserved bugs

I absolutely can’t wait to give a set of preserved insects to the boys for Christmas. Our children’s museum has them and I always have to tear Luca away. This goes great with the bug book, above.

Expanding sphereExpanding sphere

These expanding balls seem to fascinate all kids. I admit, I think they’re fun too! They come big and small. The one pictured expands from 9.5 inches to 30 inches.

pokemon cardsPokemon cards

Luca started collecting Pokémon cards this year. I won’t let him watch the show, but he still likes them! I’ll come clean and tell you that I found a pack of 100 for super cheap and gave him a card for every sight word he memorized. Is that bad? I got him a binder and card sleeves and he likes to sort and trade them with friends.

Legos are still the perfect gift for little boysLegos

Legos are still the perfect gift for little boys. They span a wide age group and keep them busy for hours creating and building. I finally bought several of these large baseplates and now they create whole cities. When in doubt, just go with Legos!


They kind of creep me out, but the boys go nuts over transformers! They’ve been around for a long time for a reason. A robot that turns into a car, they’re into it.

super hero slap braceletsSlap bracelets

When the boys’ best friend got superhero slap bracelets for this birthday he shared with them and they were completely obsessed. They were teaching me how they work and I was like “Boys. I was an ’80s kid. I think I know how a slap bracelet works.”

Hot Wheels trackHot Wheels track

Hot Wheels cars are another toy that spans a wide age range. The boys love their car track and even combine it with a set of extra tracking. My husband and I teach Sunday School and the kids LOVE playing with just the orange track set. They make huge drops and ramps.

National Geographic Little KidsMagazine subscription

Kids love mail. Kids love animals. You can hit both of these with a National Geographic Little Kids subscription. The little kids version is recommended for ages 3 to 6.

Activity binder

Kids activity binder for plane or road trip. Just grab it and go.

Any kid would love one of these activity binders. They would be great for a visiting child or for a trip. All three of my kids really enjoy theirs and it would make such a fun gift.

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