The Ultimate Christmas Planner

I love all things Christmas — the traditions, shopping, making DIY gifts, baking cookies (ok, I actually don’t like baking cookies, but everything else). But don’t think that you have to break the bank to have a wonderful Christmas! Marcello and I are trying to focus more on giving and family time than gifts and it’s so much more meaningful.

Last year we budgeted only $325 for Christmas — including decorations, kids’ crafts, presents, cards, wrapping supplies — and it worked! We didn’t feel like we were missing anything and the kids were delighted. The amount we spend will vary year to year (I’m told this is a pipe dream with older kids!), but family traditions and giving to others is what makes the Christmases we all remember.

Having a tight budget means you have to organize and plan where each penny goes and start early! That’s exactly why I created this planner to give to you.

This 18-page Christmas planner is an instant download. That means you download it from the email I will send you, print it and can get started planning the very same day!

Ultimate Christmas planner printables - 18 pages with calendar, budget, menu, party planner

Printables included:

  • December calendar
  • Christmas checklist
  • To do list
  • Budget planner
  • Holiday card organizer
  • Gifts planner with budget
  • Received gift
  • Stocking stuffer planner
  • Giving and acts of kindness plan
  • Holiday menu plan sheet
  • Party planner checklist
  • Winter bucket list sheet
  • Family traditions
  • Advent calendar
  • Charades game printable

Instant download Christmas organizer and planner

Get your copy here. >>

Christmas organizer - Printable Christmas to do checklist


The Christmas checklist is like looking at the big picture. This is the overview and the other printables will get down to specifics.

Also included is a party planner. It’s a fun checklist for any holiday party.

Ultimate Christmas Planner - December calendar printable


Mark down all the season’s events in one spot. Include school programs, tree lightings, parties, advent calendar activities. You can keep it in the binder or clip it to a board for the family to see.

Ultimate Christmas planner - Christmas budget organizer printables


This page helps you sort out your entire budget for Christmas. All the little things you don’t factor in can add up! When you look at all the details — decorations, pjs, cards, holiday dinner, travels — in addition to gifts, it gives you a better picture of what you can spend. Get this out and talk it over with you spouse so you’re both on the same page.

Fill it out as you go, there are spaces for the budget, but also for what you actually spent so you can keep track of the bottom line.

Christmas planner - Christmas card tracker sent and received


I sent cards, but kind of in a last minute, frazzled way. I’m going to be better! I still keep my addresses on the computer, but I’ll keep my names and whether they’ve been sent here. I’ve also included a box you can mark when you’ve received a card from a family. This way you can be sure to send on back.

Ultimate Christmas planner gift idea printables


You can print this one gift page or make duplicates if you’re a super shopper. I’ve also included a single line list on a separate page for those people that receive only one item. This page is probably more for immediate family.

Christmas planner - Giving and acts of kindness plan


Giving and acts of kindness are a beautiful way to celebrate Christ’s birth. I find that making a giving plan helps it actually happen. Take food to a food bank, donate toys, visit a nursing home, get out your wallet for those in need, give because you have been given. Teach you children to be generous.

Christmas Planner - holiday menu printable


This menu planner is for Christmas week. First, mark down your events, days you don’t need to cook. Then, pay attention to when you might have guests and more mouths to feed. Fill out the family’s favorite festive meals and treats from there.

Ultimate Christmas planner activities - family game of Christmas Charades


The planner includes two family activities: one is an advent calendar for the month and the other is charades.

I have to add charades to our list of annual traditions. We played Christmas charades last year with extended family and had a blast! Cut the sheet in strips, place them in a hat, make your teams and get ready to laugh!

Instead of having candy in our advent calendar, we have activities. The advent activity sheet has one (realistic) kid-friendly thing to do each day of December. You can cut the strips and hide them in a house like this. The kids look forward to it every day.

Instant download Christmas organizer and planner

Get your copy here. >>



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  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas Planner download. So very sweet of you to do this. Wonderful job, as with all your posts and printables.
    Cheers for a lovely day.

  2. I only just discovered this blog and signed up for the newsletter… So sorry I missed this planner by a few weeks, it looks lovely ! Well done !

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