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Gift ideas for 2-year-old girls

Today I’m adding two-year-old girl gifts my kid gift series. Clara turned two in April and I’m fascinated to see the difference between her and her brothers tastes in toys. She likes some things that they did, of course, but then she wants to carry a little purse around and always has a baby under her arm. And none of it was taught. In fact, I didn’t buy any “girl” toys for her her first year and a half or so — not on purpose, I just didn’t think we needed more toys! My dear friend gave her her first baby doll and she never put it down. Anyway, these are our favorite toys for toddler girls.

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Toddler toys - Present or gift ideas for a two year old girl

Little People

We have quite the collection of Little People and toddlers love them. Our church nursery has this doll house and it’s always the hot item with the girls and sometimes even the boys.


Kids of all ages love teepees! This is one she can grow into. Some pillows, string lights and garland on top make this space magical. She absolutely loved it! The problem was so did her brothers. They also thought it was fun to wrestle in it. The moral of the story here is that teepees are perfect and fun for little girls, but maybe not for wild brothers.


Fun little purses are always fun for little girls. She loves to fill it, empty it and carry it around. She takes it out and about to be like mom.

Animal bouncer

Our local children’s museum has these and Clara cries when I take her way from these animal bouncers. They’re not too big and they’re so much fun for littles to bounce around on to burn off some energy. Put on some tunes (try this playlist) and bounce away!

Baby doll

Not all little girls are into baby dolls, but mine is! The more baby dolls she can fit under her little arms, the better. She is so sweet to them and it melts my heart. She’s still fascinated with how the milk disappears when you tip this magic milk bottle. So are the boys, actually! I love that she has picked babies with a variety of skin tones and doesn’t care or even notice.


This pom pom tutu is perfect for tea parties and twirling. Clara goes in phases when she wants to wear a tutu over everything, even PJs. This one would be cute for a birthday party too.


This classic IKEA play kitchen works for a two year old and beyond. Clara likes opening the doors and putting things inside. (By the way, you can use masking tape over the magnets to weaken them if they are too strong for little girl to open.) The boys, now 5 and 6, still play restaurant, store, even library with it. It’s versatile and durable. Ours has seen play for four years now.

Chunky puzzles

Melissa and Doug chunky puzzles are my favorite for toddlers. We have several and it’s so fun when they start being able to match them up. They are so excited and proud of themselves!


Blocks are something all my kids like to play with. In fact, my older boys still even play with their chunkier set of blocks I bought when they were toddlers. This set is a fair amount of blocks at a good price. Theirs size makes it easier for little hands to put together.


Play-doh is fun for all ages, but Play-doh with sparkles is alway better! Clara plays with Play-doh at least three times a week. A fun gift to go with it is the Fun Factory ($5).

Bubble machine

Kid and bubbles go together like peanut butter and jelly. They just love them. And the more floating through the air, the better. You can’t go wrong with bubble machines.

Of course sometimes girls like to play with tools and trucks too! Here’s the two-year old list I made for my son, Luca. Check it out to find more ideas!

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3 thoughts on “Gift ideas for 2-year-old girls

  1. Great list, our girl turns two next month, I’m thinking a tent may be on the list :) I forget where you are in Florida, but I hope you’re getting prepared and will have somewhere safe to go! Thinking of you.

  2. Oh, you’re so thoughtful! Yes, we’re on the gulf side, getting prepared and trying not to freak out ;) Thank you!

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