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Our reflective (instead of relaxing) trip

We took our annual trip to Indiana this summer and it was emotional. We got to meet our new niece and cousin for the first time. She is precious and perfect, let me tell you without any auntie bias! She is a welcomed treasure and I’m so happy for my brother and his wife. They will be absolutely amazing parents. You might remember their heart-wrenching love story from this post.

Along with celebrating a new life came the closing of another. My mom and aunt worked to clean out my grandmother’s house after her passing in June. The times that I was able to help them, it felt surreal being immersed in her world with all of her things, knowing she’s not there and not coming back. We waded through drawers and shelves of dress buttons from a Victorian relative’s dress, hand-stitched lace, vintage cookbooks, depression glass, ’40s costume jewelry, feathered hats. What a hope I have in Jesus, knowing that because of him I’ll see her again. Puts a spring in my step. P.S. That babe in the frame is my mom.

We visited my grandpa, 91, at his lake cottage several times. The cottage has been in the family for decades and he said my kids are the sixth generation to see it! I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent there, but it was tinged with nostalgia, missing my other grandmother who once lived there and even a little longing for the simple past of my childhood.

I was supposed to join Marcello in Washington D.C. after his conference for a little getaway, but little girl had too many scary stunts. My mom and I couldn’t take our eyes off her for a second, so Marcello decided to cancel the trip and came home early.

Adriano celebrated his fifth birthday in Indiana. He wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese and see a movie in the theater for the first time. My feral child will not let me take pictures of his cute little face, but that’s ok I don’t mind holding him. He’ll always be my baby boy.

I had some comments on Instagram that I should post more pictures of my mom’s decor. I started a series, Country House, that featured a different room from her house, but my kids trashed the place this trip and I ran out of energy. I’ll do better next time!

Overall, it was probably a more reflective trip than a relaxing one. But then again, can you have a relaxing trip with three little kids? It’s getting easier, but the travel bug inside me continues to brew. Here are a few more shots of our country kids.


P.S. I’m saving the money I earn from this blog for a new camera. (So it’s taking awhile, haha!) Are you into photography?  I currently have a Canon Rebel that’s over ten years old. I’m looking for something more professional that’s under $2,000. What kind of camera/lens would you recommend?

Are you sad summer is over or are you enjoying getting back into the routine?

3 thoughts on “Our reflective (instead of relaxing) trip

  1. Kate – I had to tell you the marriage series was really wonderful, I really enjoyed the perspective of someone married exactly twice as long as me! It covered things I’ve already experienced but also felt like a road map for the future, it was great.

    ps. I asked my husband about the camera since he’s a photographer and he had a couple of suggestions, he said you could replace your rebel with a newer version and invest in a nice lens that takes good video for about $1700 (Here’s links to those two items: and

    But if you’re happy with your lenses and just want a nice camera body, he recommended this and this one (he said this second one is actually what he’d buy for our family if he had $2,000 to spend)

    Hope this helps!

  2. Jessie! Thank you on both accounts! I’m so very happy that you got something out of the marriage series. I couldn’t stop myself from writing it even though it was very long :) AND this camera info is perfect and I can’t wait to check these out and pick one. Thanks for taking the time to ask and look for me! So sweet and I truly appreciate it. Now I just have to wait for the money to roll in … trickle in … it will be awhile.

  3. The photo of the sun porch must have been photographed early in the Indiana visit.
    The planter on the table has (had) poisonous leaves that of course Clara found irresistible and tried to eat them! Just one of Clara’s 2 year old antics on this trip. Needless to say the planter is long gone!

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