10 yearly birthday questions templates

I started this fun little tradition of asking the same 10 questions every year to my boys. This year Clara turned two so I did her first page. I’ve got the printable templates to do your own below.

I’m not sure how long I’ll do these. In the back of my mind I think about doing them until their 18 and making a book for them. It would make sentimental graduation present. At least it would be sentimental for me anyway! Haha!

Printable template of 10 yearly birthday questions to ask your child every year. It's like a baby book for cheaters!

These are boys’ pages I’ve done so far. They look like a lot more work than they are, I promise. It’s fun to see how they grow through the years, but also interesting to see what remains the same as well. This is like a baby book for cheaters!

Printable template of 10 yearly birthday questions to ask your child every year. It’s like a baby book for cheaters!

Click here to download pink & green birthday question template.

You can edit this in Word or Open Office, which is free (and wonderful for excel, Word, Power Point documents)! I used Century Gothic for the font — you probably already have it on your computer.

If you aren’t a techy person, here are some simple directions:

  1. Select photo and delete it.
  2. Leave cursor in front of name. Go to Insert > Picture > From file to get your photo.
  3. Edit questions.
  4. Maybe change blue to pink if you have a girl.
  5.  Go to File > Export as PDF > General: check PDF/A-1a > Click export

To get the blue & green template see this post.

Each year I do three things with the kids on their birthday: 1) mark their heigh on this DIY height chart, 2) take a picture that captures their personality or interests and 3) fill out one of these question templates. And this is how we do birthdays with less presents.

Do you have any fun birthday traditions you did as a kid or do with your kids?

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  1. Wish i had seen this when my first born was born ahahahah. Such a beautiful idea – just too slow to pull it off with the eldest now 7.

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