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Hallway gallery with mismatched frames

I’ve practically wallpapered our hallway with family photos, both young and very old. I even went up over the door frames and into the corners. Pre-made moulding frames and a simple chair rail provide a boundary and ending point. I’ll give you a little tour.

Peek at photo gallery in hallway

I had to add some new photos because I realized that Clara just turned two and there are no printed pictures of her in our house! That’s bad. Poor third baby. What makes it worse is that she likes to point to all the photos and identify family members. I was starting to feel a little guilty that she wasn’t up there!

Hallway wallpapered with frames of old family photos

Where to get cheap frames

I bought some inexpensive frames at Ross and printed out photos at Costco.

Nothing is perfect about this space. Feet are chopped off in some photos. The matting doesn’t fit around others. The spacing is all over the place and sometimes frames are crooked. But that’s ok. If I wanted perfection, I’d never get the pictures up!

I love having old family photos in the mix. Some of them are even my grandparents’ grandparents. It gives us a sense of where we came from, who we are, where we are going and the great potential we have to influence future generations.

Photo gallery collage covers entire hallway with family photos of new and old. Chair rail and premade moulding frames offer a boundary.

Mismatched frames up the the ceiling in hallway

Photo gallery hallway with pre-made moulding squares

Gallery wall in hallway

Inexpensive frames and prints for hallway gallery

family photo gallery wall in hallway with both old and new photos

Premade moulding squares make for an easy polished look

As I said before I used this chair rail as an ending point for the photos. To read how put them up and added pre-made frames underneath, read this post.


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