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Kids Easter activities: Resurrection eggs

Have  you ever heard of resurrection eggs? They’re a fun, interactive way to tell the Easter story to kids. We did this activity last Sunday with the kids and they were much more receptive and involved than I anticipated! We really enjoyed it. They want to do it again this Sunday.

The basic idea is that you number eggs (I used glitter stickers). Then you add a scripture (printable provided) and some items that represent that scripture inside the egg. Go on an egg hunt and take turns opening them to tell the Easter story. It’s fun to read the story in the Bible or children’s Bible first so that they can try to guess what the egg contents represent.

A word to the wise: Be very clear that there is no candy in the eggs before you even get them out. Haha!

I hung our eggs on this whitewashed branch that I had from Christmas when we were done for fun.

Click on image to download.

I don’t even know how long this printable took me to design between interruptions by kids and my own sidetracking because there were things in Matthew I don’t remember hearing before! For example, Matthew 27:53 says after Christ died the earthquake opened tombs and and many holy people who were dead were brought back to life! Whaaaaaa? (Seriously. Look it up!) Unfortunately I had to leave it out of this printable on number eight for space’s sake.

But listen to this! I was so curious about it and wanted to look into it more, but I had to leave for a hair appointment. You’re not even going to believe what was on the radio. It was a question on a talk show about this specific phenomenon! The question was asked soon after I got in the car and was resolved just before I arrived. I seriously just sat there with my mouth open. There is no such thing as a coincidence! God, you are so good. I’ll never get over his willingness to satisfy my curious mind.

Ok, so back on task. Now you see why the printable took me so long. I highly recommend you yourself read Matthew chapters 26-28 before doing this with the kids, as you might uncover things you had forgotten or never knew!

Ok, now for the instructions:

What you need for the tree

  1. 10 eggs
  2. ribbon
  3. number stickers (or a permanent marker!)
  4. tree branch (or make it simple with a basket)
  5. provided printable

What you need for the eggs

  1. leaves (and donkey if you have one)
  2. change
  3. bread
  4. small cup
  5. something symbolizing a kiss (Hershey’s kiss, lips sticker or small handcuffs)
  6. soap and red food dye on cloth
  7. cross or nails
  8. torn cloth, rocks
  9. white cloth
  10. empty


  1. Number the eggs with stickers or marker and fill them with the items and scriptures from the printable.
  2. Read the Easter story from the Bible if your kids are older or a children’s book if they are younger. Our favorite is the Jesus Storybook Bible (affiliate).
  3. Hide the eggs and let the kids find them.
  4. Have the kids put them in numerical order and take turns opening them, one at a time.
  5. Ask them if they can think of what the items in the eggs represent from the story and read the correlating scripture.


  • Eggs: Target  |  Basket: World Market  |  Stickers: Hobby Lobby

We really had so much fun with this activity and I hope your family does too!

This Easter is special at our house because it’s the first year Luca and Adriano are Christians. Last July Luca and I were having conversations about what it means to follow Jesus and why we need Jesus. I was mostly directing the conversation toward Luca because I thought Adriano was too young at three. But then Adriano stood on top of his chair as I walked away with Luca and spoke loudly “I want to be a child of God!” So Luca and Adriano decided to follow Jesus that day. A beautiful day!

Because they accepted Jesus we decided to have our first communion as a family on Easter Sunday! We’re really looking forward to this special day.

Happy Easter to you and your family. I hope it’s a beautiful day to remember.

Credit: Watercolor palm leaves by freepik.com.

5 thoughts on “Kids Easter activities: Resurrection eggs

  1. I am looking for a way to incorporate the resurrection story into the easter egg hunt. Instead of it being all about the candy this is a way to make them stop and think about the real reason we celebrate Easter. These Bible verses and ideas really help with this.

  2. So glad to hear that! What’s great is that when it becomes a tradition, the kids get truly familiar with the Easter story :)

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