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Simple and cheap Easter decoration ideas

Easter is my favorite holiday. Celebrating Christ’s resurrection, time with family and friends, blooms, floral dresses, egg hunts and bunnnies! Yes please. And it comes without the pressure of some holidays. (I’m talking to you, Christmas.) This year I wanted to have a banner that said “He is risen,” but I couldn’t find something that I liked so I made my own! More on that below.

I also bought two new bunnies from Ross ($7) and Marshalls ($12). Other than that I used what I had and clipped some branches in the yard. I used a white pitcher, cake plate, neutral ball decor and a green vase in my tray — nothing specifically Easter. Adding some green to my terrarium made a spring statement.

Here is how I made the banners. It should probably take between one and two hours — I can’t say for sure because I had so many interruptions!

Please note: Do not put a plastic sleeve through a laser printer. It will melt it!


  • I got the wooden banners ($5) and dot garlands (on sale $2, but I don’t see it online) at Target.
  • The green paint is Hauser Light Green by Americana ($1) and the floral garland ($5 on sale) is from Hobby Lobby. Don’t forget you can get a 40 percent off coupon on your phone for a regular priced item at Hobby Lobby any time.
  • Credit: I learned this awesome binder sheet transfer to wood technique from We Lived Happily Ever After.

And here are the letter printables. (Don’t worry, they’re supposed to be reversed!) Click to download high-res image.

And I’ll leave you with this — one of my failed Easter projects — a moss poop ornament. I thought I would get out my Christmas branch and add some moss ornaments and maybe a few flowers to it. So I tried this, which clearly did not work out! I quietly threw it in the trash and put my branch back in the garage. Haha! I should probably post more of my fails for a good laugh.

Have you started any spring decorating yet?

4 thoughts on “Simple and cheap Easter decoration ideas

  1. Kate, this is so beautiful. Love the soft colors. Your projects are always so inspiring.

    I Don’t think I commented on the bathroom planter wall. That is such a grate and effective way of dealing with a blank wall. Love that there is a mix of real and fake plants.


  2. Julie, you’re so encouraging! I decided to just go with white and green this year for a fresh look. Maybe next year I’ll get some pastels in there :)

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