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Plant wall in the bathroom

I’ve wanted to do a plant wall in this bathroom for about two years and it’s finally done! I have been eyeing beautiful plant walls on Pinterest, plotting and planning for this blank wall in our master bathroom. It has artificial and real plants. Here’s how I did it and where I got the plants:

Step one, be continually irritated by a blank wall near a window.

Step two, buy three LACK shelves at IKEA. They’re so simple and unobtrusive, I love them. And you can’t beat $15.

Step three, don’t fight with your spouse when assembling said shelves. This is an illustration of Marcello and I while putting together things from IKEA. Happy, happy. Just kidding! We never agree and are both convinced we could have written the manual and the other one just needs to listen. I have finally learned to go in the next room, let him do it and ignore all his uncensored muttering in Italian.

The shelves are 21.5 inches apart and our ceilings 9.5 feet high.

I got busy spray painting all my pots white. I had a vision. I really love an all-white bathroom and bedroom! If you like the colored pots better, below, don’t tell me. It will just make me reconsider everything.

I found that at Hobby Lobby you can buy fake individual stems for a fraction of the cost of a potted plant. The succulents on the left are $3 each (I’m holding a few) and the potted plant on the right is $12! I made a much larger plant for the same price by buying the stems individually.

Above is an artificial succulent stem I bought for $4 at Hobby Lobby (not on sale) and put in a $.50 pot from the Dollar Tree (they are in stores now in a pack of two) that I painted white.

Here is another artificial succulent for about $5 in a $.50 pot. For the past few months I also collected seven faux plants from Ross Dress for Less and Marshalls when I saw them for 10 or under.

Can you tell which ones are real? Don’t answer that. I bought some cheap ones! I hope by mixing them together it will be less noticeable. I put all fake plants on top because they’re hard to reach and they won’t get as much sun. On the other two shelves I mixed real and faux in together. A big fern would have been pretty, but I tried to buy plants that will not drop a million leaves into my bathtub because cleaning bathtubs is not my favorite.

The real ones I bought for an average of $10 a piece at Home Depot, plus pots. And I would love for the one on the far left of the middle shelf to grow and drip down the side.

Here is the progress. We finished it in one day. I thought I was doing things on the cheap, but it still ended up costing about $250. Eeek! That seems like a lot for a project, but when I consider all the plants and pots and shelves here, I still think it’s reasonable. I don’t know if Marcello agrees with me.

It’s so peaceful in here! Now to find a way to keep the kids out …

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24 thoughts on “Plant wall in the bathroom

  1. Beautiful! I love the all white and the mix of real and artificial plants! Keep up all of the great information!

  2. Looks so good! What a great idea to mix fake and real. I like to water my house plants in the tub so this could be easy for you to pull off.

  3. I was hoping I didn’t sign up for a tub full of leaves, but watering in the tub is a great idea! Thanks!

  4. Thank you, Lisa!! I wish I had an IKEA near me. (Some awesome friends picked the shelves up for me.) It’s for the best though, I would probably be broke!

  5. Hi Kate! New to your blog and had to tell you I love your plant wall! I have been slowly collecting low maintenance plants and white pots so it must be a sign to do this. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

  6. Thanks, Samantha! You should definitely do a plant wall. It makes a big impact and I haven’t even killed mine yet despite my brown thumb! :) So glad you stopped by my blog. Hope to see you again!

  7. I did it and love it! I have a question though, did you cover the silver bolts under the shelf with anything to make them all white? Back to hobby lobby I go!

  8. I didn’t cover the bolts. That’s a great idea! I was just too lazy :) You could put the bolts on top of the higher shelves, just a thought.

  9. I know it’s nothing to do with the plant wall (which looks fabulous, by the way) but can you tell me the make, model etc if your bath. I really want a low-rise, small tub here in the UK. Any leads greatly appreciated.

  10. Hi Hilary! We have since moved from that house, but I remember that it was a Jacuzzi bathtub. It did not have jets. The house was built in 2004 and it was installed then, so I don’t know if they still make that model!

  11. 💖 your post. Excellent illustration. The outcome is absolutely beautiful. I too love all white/peacefulness in my rooms.

  12. Wow! Your trick looked natural. I wouldn’t assume that some of it were fake when I looked at the photos. It’s definitely a smart and lovely post I would love to read over again.

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