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VIDEO: A day in the life of a stay-at-home mom

Here’s a video glimpse inside our daily life — complete with a 4 a.m. wakeup call, a frog in the house, crying (mostly from the kids), fighting and cuddles. I did miss the part when Adriano spilled his entire glass of milk on me, but managed to fit a few tips and recipes in there.

If you’re a mom of little ones you know the phrase “enjoy this time, it goes so fast” extremely well. I happen to disagree with it — it seems like my kids should be 25 by now! — but because so many people say it I wanted to make a video of a typical day for us. I want to remember how crazy staying home with three kids under the age of five actually is.

As I edited the video, I wondered if parents of older kids say this because they tend to remember the highlights, the best moments. For example, will I remember sweetly cuddling all three kids at the same time while watching a movie, or will I remember how exhausted I was and how I was counting every single minute until they went to bed? My game plan is to love and live in the present, document it as best I can and look forward to what the future has in store.

At first I thought I would do a video just for future me, but then as I got going I decided I would post it even though the quality is terrible and my videography skills are the worst. I would encourage you to do your own video too! It will be so fun to watch when the kids are grown and you think you long for “the good ol’ days.”

I’m glad I shot it on this day too, because by the time Marcello got back from his business trip I was a frazzled mess laying on the couch catching a cold. Nothing like your spouse leaving for a few days to make you see all the little things they do. I told him I’ll never leave him, I can’t handle these kiddos by myself!

Ok, here’s the video. I’m nervous to show you! It’s terrible quality and now I think I need a makeover, but it’s still accurate.

10 thoughts on “VIDEO: A day in the life of a stay-at-home mom

  1. Hi Kate!
    I loved this video! I am not a stay at home mom, but I feel like your everyday is what my Saturdays and Sundays are like. I really enjoyed seeing “inside” your life. I also admire how you don’t harp on everything your kids do that’s not “perfect” which I’m currently struggling with with our 5 year old son. Thank you for this!!
    I love your blog!!! Keep up the awesome work :)

  2. Thanks so much, Megan! It actually makes me super happy to hear that you don’t think I harp on everything with the kids because I feel like I do! It’s hard, isn’t it? Thanks so much for your support!!

  3. Kate, Fabulous Video. I just love your beautiful children. You’ve done a wonderful job of raising them. They are so sweet. It was fun to hear and see you in action. The blog pictures don’t really convey your unique personalities like a film does. I think you will be so pleased to watch these in later years. It really does go by so fast. Thanks for the inside look. Your home is still beautiful even with three kids running through it. :-)

  4. Kate – I loved watching this video! I wish I had thought to do this when my boys were “home” with me and not in school full day. But….it’s never too late. I’ve mentioned “ages and stages” before, maybe I’ll take video of our day as it is now. It would still be fun to watch when they are 30! It’s still busy – just different busy. Like needing to leave the house with an 8th grader at 6:45am for band and choir a few days a week. Then still being up after evening activities until 10 or 10:30 when I’m waaay ready for bed. I confess, I take a few naps each week, it’s the thing that keeps me functioning and not full on crazy lady by 9:00pm. When they were little they were all in bed by 7:30pm in this house. Not anymore;) Sleep for the mom is a really good thing no matter what age the kids are :)

  5. Michelle! You should definitely take a video of your day now!! It’s funny because today my mom sent me a picture of my high school jacket she found in the back of a closet and all the things that were in my pockets. Haha! So much junk and it was like a time capsule of my 18 year old life. Your boys will love it. And oh yes, sleep for mama is a very good thing. Agreed :)

  6. GAHHHHH this makes me miss you so much! Loved getting a peek into your life with your sweet, wild littles. You’re amazing for parenting them so well while Marcello is out of town! Definitely puts my exasperation at trying to get things done with just one baby into perspective. You’re so great! More Marcello next time. ;)


  7. Stephanie!!! I miss you too! Thank you so much for your sweet words. Really. I had a weird comment on another platform that made me wonder if I should have posted it at all. So thank you for the support you are always quick to offer. And one baby IS exasperating! Even when the boys are at school I can’t get anything done because of Clara. And yes, I agree, more Marcello next time :) xoxo

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