Laundry room makeover

Our laundry area is simple and white, nothing remarkable really. I keep thinking I will do something to give it a pop — a stencil, wallpaper, I’m just not sure. But what it does have is a God story.

Our old washer and dryer were space-rocket loud, moldy and involved in a potty training accident (like a number two accident that somehow made it into the washer!). I told Ashby that I would pray for a new set because it wasn’t in our budget. That weekend she her husband, Dominic, came over for lunch. He asked out of the blue if we needed a washer and dryer set because his client was selling some on the cheap! Without a word I looked at her. “I didn’t say anything!” she said. So that’s how God provided a new-to-us washer and dryer set.

I truly think of how God has provided for us every time I do laundry. He gave us a barely used washer and dryer set for $500 because he is gracious, and also because I went to him for our need and trusted he would find a way. And he did.

Please forgive my photos. Not much natural light hits this area and the overhead lighting looks awful in pictures (like the one below!). My Photoshop skills were put to the test, lightening them up, and I don’t have many. But about lighting, the previous homeowner was a handy (and smart) guy. He installed an automatic light that goes on with a sensor every time we walk through so we don’t have to flip a switch 50 times a day. I think I owe him a case of beer or something.

Below is the before picture from a couple years ago. I painted the cabinets white when I painted the kitchen cabinets and painted the walls white. It lightened the space significantly, especially because there are no windows close by.

The handy prior owner also cleverly used the extra space beside the dryer for a spice rack. I love this so much, but Clara figured out that it opens and takes everything out and puts baby dolls and ponies in their place. It’s very annoying and now my dyer sheets and such are in the garage. And please ignore my shoddy paint job on the inside of the cabinet and awkward space above the rack after we got new appliances. I’d like to tell you that I will fix them, but I won’t.

I remarked to handy man’s wife that the counter above the washer and dryer was convenient. She said “You think you’ll like it, but you’ll just put all your stuff there.” And she was right, we just put our stuff there. There’s stuff there right now even though this picture is clean.

I keep two baskets on the counter (from Ross Dress for Less, $5). One is for random dirty laundry like dish towels, the random sock on the floor and, in this case, a reusable grocery bag. The other is for things that need to go their permanent home — garage tools, dishes to give back to someone or hand-me-down clothes for a friend. This does cut down on the clutter, but it’s still a struggle.

A word about the cross above the door. A woman in my Bible study once said that her family keeps a cross above the door as a reminder that Jesus goes with them when they leave and to be a reflection of his light out in this dark world. I liked it so much I put one above our door as well.

And as you can see, the pantry is across from the laundry space. It’s a good size pantry, which is nice because we don’t have all that much cabinet space in the kitchen. I added a little command center for our family calendar, menu and bulletin board.

There’s the tiniest tour of the tiniest laundry space. Marcello and I were still washing our clothes in a laundry mat into our 30s, and we know don’t even deserve this space, but we’re grateful!

What is your laundry space like, friend?

4 thoughts on “Laundry room makeover

  1. I love what you did in the laundry room. That white is so fresh looking.
    We have a laundry / pantry off our kitchen too. It’s a little larger than yours and is so very, very handy.
    Clara is pretty cute with putting her toys in the spice rack thingy. It’s just what kids do, although annoying for you. Sorry.
    I like the story about the cross. I’m not Christian, but I think it’s good to have reminders like that of the things we do believe in.

    Take care.

  2. Hi Julie! I always think that I would love a separate laundry room, but you’re right, a laundry/pantry space IS very handy! And yes, having reminders of things we believe in is what makes a house a home. xo

  3. Thank you for all of your super helpful posts with photos. I also noticed the cross in a few photos. Your explanation is going to be used in my house too. I have 10 kids (same mom- same dad) plus a few extras.. But our laundry is the worst and the rest of the house is a wreck. I have one daughter and she will be off to college before I know it. The boys are dirty and messy so I think that this divine intervention has brought me to your pages and printables. Wish us luck on implementing them into our busy schedules. With summer coming quick, the older kids will need to get on board and help. I am actually looking forward to getting organized. Thank you !

  4. Wow, I think you need to be giving me the tips not the other way around! I can’t imagine laundry with 10 kids, God bless your soul. I can’t even handle 3! Wishing lots of luck on getting organized. I just did some kid charts today too. We can do it! xo

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