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Making a bedroom a playroom

Clara’s favorite place at our local children’s museum is the play house. It has a kitchen, table, high chair, ironing board, food. She could play there for an hour, but her brothers never let her. So I thought I would try to recreate that space in her room with things we already had. And she loves it! (Actually so do the boys!)

I didn’t buy anything new, I mostly just rearranged her room. No, actually that’s not true. I bought that cute little high chair because I knew she’d love it! And the flowers, placemats, towel and pot holder from the Dollar Tree.

Anyway, I moved the play kitchen into her room, took the Ikea bookshelf we had standing in the corner and put it on it’s side to act as a divider, and added in two old (mostly dilapidated) LACK tables for a counter. You can see how her room was before here.

I was so excited to turn her nursery into something more functional for her. She has played in it every day since I put it together a few weeks ago — and the boys like to play restaurant too. They serve up some interesting combinations.

When the chef hat doesn’t fit, you improvise. Funny little girl.

Do you have any playroom tricks up your sleeve? What do your kids play with the most?

4 thoughts on “Making a bedroom a playroom

  1. That’s adorable! I think I’ve lost count of how many configurations the bedrooms, office and basement have had as the kids have grown. Ages and stages :)

  2. Quick question – where are the big white baskets inside the Ikea shelving unit from? I checked the Ikea website and didn’t see them. I like how they take up the entire opening. I looked back at the other bedroom post and there were different baskets. Thanks!

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