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Christmas gift guide on a budget

Christmas gift guide on a budget - pine candle, monogram mugs, wood cross, wood watch, address stamp, wreath

It’s not easy to think of a thoughtful gift on the fly, so I’ve kept a running list all year of things I think would make anyone smile. These are my top picks that will work with your budget:

Wooden cross

I bought this cross ($13) for our house a year or so ago and hung it over our door so every time we leave we can remember that Jesus is with us. This cross is made from olive trees in Bethlehem. I love this gift as way to honor Christ’s birthday.


A simple wreath ($20) that can be used every year makes a nice family gift. And a wreath doesn’t have to go on the door. Hang one in the kitchen or from a window or on a mirror. I like this one because it can be dressed up for multiple seasons.

Thyme candle

This candle ($25) truly smells like real pine tree and makes those of us who have fake trees fall in love. It’s pricey for a candle, I’ll give you that, but it smells much stronger and lasts hours longer than cheap candles (around 50 hours). I bought one for us and one for my grandmother last year. Worth it.

Monogram mug

Marcello’s dear friend from Italy bought me initial mugs ($8) for each person in our family last Christmas and I LOVE them, really love them. I’ve mentioned before that I grab one of our five cups at random for my morning coffee and pray for that family member as I sip on it.

Wood watch

I bought Marcello a wood watch ($20) for his birthday and he gets more compliments on it than his more expensive watches. For a watch lover this is something different and trendy.

Oil diffuser and oils

I’m a little obsessed with my oil diffuser ($18) and trying new scents and combinations. Pine oil or cinnamon oil would be a nice holiday accompaniment. I ordered both of these and they bring fall and winter indoors.

Rubber stamp return address

Monogram return address stamps ($17) are a novel personalized gift. They’re great to have on hand for bills and sending out holiday cards. We have one, and it makes me smile when we get letters from my parents with the monogrammed stamp we bought them.

What do you think? Would you like to get any of these gifts? What are your favorite go-to items to give?

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4 thoughts on “Christmas gift guide on a budget

  1. It’s really fun too when your family knows you’re praying for them when you have their mug in your hand. When my oldest sees his initial, he says “You know what you have to do!”

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