Gift ideas for 1 year old girls

Need a Christmas or birthday gift for a one-year old girl? This is my third time being a mother to a one year old and I’m a little more cynical wiser about toy choices. Pit balls in a wading pool, not a great idea. More toys is not better. And too many toys with batteries means … well, you have to have batteries and I never do. That said, these are Clara and my favorite toddler girl toy picks:

Toddler toys - Present or gift ideas for a one year old girl

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Beige Soft Nurturing First Baby DollBaby doll

I didn’t expect Clara to show much of difference in toy preference based on her gender this young, but my friend Alisa showed me otherwise. She got her this sweet little baby doll that has a magnetic paci and Clara carries it around everywhere! I confessed that I hadn’t yet bought her any babies to which she shook her head “Kate!” Ok, proven wrong.

Little baby doll craddleBaby doll cradle

cradle goes perfect with the baby doll. Even as early as 15 months, Clara was putting her babies in blankets and using the cradle at our children’s museum. We’re getting her one for Christmas and I kind of can’t wait.

Fisher-Price Little People Noah's ArkLittle People

You cannot go wrong with Little People. If you’re up in the air on a gift idea, this would be my recommendation. My boys, 4 and 5, still occasionally play with them alongside Clara! We have a strong Little People collection going, mostly from our local consignment store. The boys loved the barn, but Clara is hooked on this Noah’s Ark that a neighbor gave us. She likes that she can put “guys” inside and put the lid on.

B. FunKeysKeys

Oh my, do babies love keys. The more buttons and noises the better. Clara grabs hers and says “buh byeee,” as she heads for the door.

Infantino Flip and Peek Fun Phone Phone

And along with the keys comes the baby phone. There aren’t too many things more funny and adorable than a toddler having a nonsense, gibber-jabber conversation on her play phone. The only warning I would offer is that she’ll basically be mocking you.

Color Dog interactive childrens bookBook

Interactive books will keep toddlers interested. They can’t follow a story yet, so the books that slide or have flaps make books fun for them. Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx usually have good selections too. More favorite board books here.

Children's Tin Tea Set in a CaseTea set

Clara loves tea sets. When I found out I was having a girl I couldn’t wait to buy one. I loved them as a girl and actually still do! I bought the cutest tin rose set you ever did see, similar to the picture as I can no longer find it online. If you get a tin set, take away the teapot lid, spoons and small pieces until they are older.

Little Tikes car pinkLittle Tikes Car

This car. It holds the fascination of every child. Ten year olds secretly wish they could still get in and Flintstone their way around the driveway. The Little Tikes car made it onto my two-year old boys list, but Clara is already obsessed with it at one. This is a classic for a reason.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing, PinkBaby swing

All my kids’ first tantrums were because they didn’t want out of the swing. Toddlers are BIG fans of swings. Big. Before we had a swing set to put one on, we installed two anchors on the beam of our porch and hung it there. The weigh limit is all the way up to 50 pounds, so it has a lot of life in it.

Little girl cat squeaker shoesSqueaker shoes

You can still get away with non-toy presents for one year olds. And one of my favorite things I had with my last two kids are squeaker shoes! Every time they take a step they squeak, much to their delight. Get out a video camera the first time she wears them because the reaction is hilarious!

Clara is a runner, so I like to put these on her when we are in busy places so I can hear when she takes off. We get such a fun reaction from people when we are out and about. If you need help with size, she was about a size 4 when she started wearing them at one.

Simple and small silver cross necklaceFirst cross necklace

My mom gave Clara a tiny cross necklace for her first birthday. She doesn’t wear it yet, but it will be so special when she’s old enough to know she’s had it since she was one year old. I love this thoughtful gift.

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For more favorite toys, see my series for boys.

3 thoughts on “Gift ideas for 1 year old girls

  1. Those are good ideas! Isn’t the difference between boys and girls amazing? I didn’t expect to see it so quickly either!

    One more thought I would add is at 1 year old all of my children have seemed to be in the stage that they love putting things inside another thing, pom poms in an empty container, shapes in their cube, coins in a jar, anything! :)

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