Halloween Spotify playlist (kid-friendly)

Halloween spotify playlist - An hour and a half of kid-friendly Halloween music for your party. No kiddie tunes and some songs you wouln't think of..jpg

I don’t love creepy or spooky, but I still can’t help but get over-involved in a holiday. So here I am making a Halloween Spotify playlist instead of doing anything productive that really needs to get done around the house!

I’m a little sissy and play scary way down. Like, even “Thriller” is a bit much for me! You know, the creepy guy talking with chains rattling. No. I also have these three little kiddos too, so here’s a kid-friendly Halloween Spotify playlist that is safe for little ears, but without the kiddie tunes. I bet there are some you wouldn’t have thought of!

What is your favorite holiday, by the way?

Also, I took the kids on a fun trip to the pumpkin patch Friday afternoon. The only problem was that they didn’t have enough pumpkins.






When your sister won’t scoot over and make room in the wagon. It’s funny, people comment on how pale Clara’s coloring is, but the truth is I don’t really know what her coloring is yet. She’s so busy and into everything we always do all of our outside activities while she’s taking a nap! That’s awful, I know. Poor girl.


Many thanks to those who reached out to me after my last post. I’m on the other side of that trial now and feel a little bit tougher and a lot more energized. I truly appreciate your encouragement. xo

4 thoughts on “Halloween Spotify playlist (kid-friendly)

  1. Kate, thanks for the cool playlist. Lots of neat songs on there.
    The kids look so happy at the pumpkin patch. Clara is getting to be such a big girl. Love that she seems to be able to hold her own with the boys. :-)

  2. Hi Julie! Yes, she’s getting big! And can definitely hold her own, that’s for sure :) Hope you are well. xo

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