Simple Halloween decor

Simple fall Halloween decor with trick or treat banner and pumpkin centerpieces

My Halloween decor is simple, mostly sticking to black and white with an occasional pop of orange. I like to essentially decorate for Thanksgiving, but then add in a few spooky things for Halloween that can be taken away after October 31.

Fall Halloween or Thanksgiving centerpiece

Simple Halloween fall decor using black and white with a pop of orange

Bats from the dollar store - inexpensive Halloween decorations

Spider behind a lampshade makes for a spooky surprise

A large dollar store spider behind a lampshade makes a spooky Halloween surprise

Aren’t the spiders under the lampshades fun? I did that to surprise the boys. They’re from the dollar store.

My favorite Halloween Dollar Tree finds this year were: crows, bats, rats, spiders, spider web bowls, battery-operated candles. When you stick to black and white the cheap stuff blends in well.

Simple fall Halloween decor using mostly black and white

Easy fall pillows out of placemats

An oil diffuser makes for a spooky glowing and smoking lantern during Halloween. You can use cinnamon or fall harvest oils for an autumn smell.

Ok, this trick makes me happier than I’d like to admit. I found a way to cram my oil diffuser (affiliate link) that glows different colors in this lantern to create a spooky glowing, smokey effect? Can you see the vaporized water coming out?! Yesss.

The large lantern was a cheap display with three dollar store birds and a branch from the front yard. See if you can spot a rat in this picture as well.

Halloween decorations to buy at the dollar store

Oil diffuser makes for a glowing smoking lantern -- that smells good!

Small white pumpkins to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving

I saw that Target was selling real pumpkins this size for $1.50, but then I saw these fake ones for $2. I thought I’d buy a bunch of fake ones for a little more that I can reuse in the coming years. The brand is Spritz, and it appears they are only in the store.

Spray painting old lanterns black for Halloween

Some black spray paint salvaged these faded red lanterns that have been hiding away in the garage.

These pictures I posted look much too serene for our house, so I thought I’d show you what was going on behind me. This:


I’m holding back on all my cheesy Halloween decorations I bought on sale last year just a little longer. But don’t worry, I’ve got a giant spider with purple lights, an even “gianter” spider web and a blowup vampire Mickey that need to make their way onto the scene.

Easy 20-minute placemat pillow

Here’s how I made fall pillows for $5 each in 20 minutes from placemats.

2 thoughts on “Simple Halloween decor

  1. Wow! Everything looks so perfect. Love your house and your style. The 20 min. pillow cover are such a cool idea. The kids look like they’re have lots of fun too.

  2. Thanks so much, Julie. The kids are always “having fun.” Yesterday Luca ran wild into a loaded parking lot without looking. Adriano took half a melatonin pill he found somewhere in my nightstand. And Clara ate two scoopfuls of Vaseline and put two more in her hair. So nothing is perfect around here ;)

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