Wrapping up summer


I was looking forward to this summer so we could be free of obligation and flow with the wind. Then I realized you can’t flow with anything when you’ve got three kids five and under. In fact, there’s not a whole lot you can do by yourself with all of them. So we spent a lot of time at home and the boys picked up bickering as their summer hobby.

We were so relieved for a change of pace when we went to visit my family in Indiana. It was just what we needed to get out of our rut and wrap up the summer to get ready for school.

indiana trip - woods
This is the lane to my parent’s house. The boys and I kept saying “A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood ..” You know, from the Gruffalo. It’s Adri’s favorite book.
indiana trip - digging for dinosaurs in the driveway
This is the day the boys thought they discovered dinosaur bones beneath an inch of gravel.
indiana trip - stories with grandpa
Stories with Papa are best.
indiana trip - doggie
Luke, my brother and sister-in-love’s giant dog who thinks he’s a chihuahua.
indiana trip - exploring
Clara was quite the explorer (read: cute pain in the neck) with all the rooms, stairs and pretties.
indiana trip - sleepy
Running around all day is hard work.
lake rats
My brother is the worst uncle ever. Not sure why the kids are so crazy about him. Just kidding, he and Wendy are the absolute BEST with kids. They should give classes.
indiana trip - chuck e cheese
We celebrated Adriano’s fourth birthday at Chuck E Cheese. As you can see, the grown ups had fun too. Adri was quite pleased with his venue selection. (And that’s Clara’s new smile. I know. Hopefully she’s just experimenting.)
indiana trip - four generations
There are four generations here. I harassed and pestered them until it happened! But I know I will always cherish this photo.

I didn’t get all my favorite people from this trip in the photos, which I hate, but I made myself limit the pictures to 10 here so you don’t feel like I’m sitting you down with a half hour slide show.

You might see some duplicates if we’re friends on Instagram. If we aren’t, we should be! Come find me, I want to see your summer family pics too! Did you travel anywhere?

Go here to see more of my parents’ country house.

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