Summer trip wardrobe capsule: Aqua

Aqua summer - trip wardrobe capsule

We’re packing up and heading out! This summer has been rough for us. The temperatures in Florida are insane and the kids are still little — and wild — so it’s still hard to do much. So we’re on our way to Indiana to see my family and escape our everyday non-routine routine.

Aqua tunic: Marshalls  |  Lace tank: Forever 21  |  Gray T-shirt: Target  |  Hat: Target  |  Green shorts: Target  |  Ankle jeans: Forever 21  |  Cover up: Marshalls  |  Swim suit: Marshalls  |  Flutter sleeve dress: Old Navy  |  Coin necklace: World Market  |  Sunglasses: Dollar Tree

Two confessions: 1) I packed more than this. A lot more than this. We’re gone for longer than normal and I got my own bag this time, so I filled it. Not proud, but I did. 2) I did not pack the hat. I wanted to, but was afraid it would get squished. It will have to be for road trips and the beach.

And now a few travel tips:

Travel tip - bring empty water bottles and fill them up after security

One way to save money is to take empty water bottles and fill them up at the water fountain after you pass security.

Travel tip - Keep the bags sheets come in and use them for packing. Everything is visable and organized.

Another travel tip is to keep the plastic bags sheets come in and use them to pack. They’re sturdy and keep things organized, yet still visible. I love them too much.

And we’re off! Wish me luck traveling with three, five and under. I’m cringing a little just thinking about it.

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6 thoughts on “Summer trip wardrobe capsule: Aqua

  1. Hope you did ok traveling with 3 kids! Allowing lots of time and being patient yourself are key! We just road-tripped with our 3 kids (ages 5, 3, and almost 1 year) “8 hours.” It takes 12! By the time we get home we are all ready to be done traveling!

  2. Hi Hannah, my Indiana pal! I can’t imagine that many hours in a car with all the littles. I hope you had a wonderful trip. We made it with no real issues. Little miss didn’t want to hold still, but that’s nothing new for a one year old — as you know! Good to hear from you. xo

  3. Great tip on the plastic sheets bag! And I love a good capsule wardrobe for traveling. On my recent vacation I did black, white and pink.

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