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Lemon, cucumber and mint cocktail

Lemonade cucumber cocktail with mint for summer BBQ

We had a barbecue at our house last weekend and Marcello decided last minute to make summer in a glass! I was so impressed with his lemon and cucumber cocktail, I have to share. It was the perfect, refreshing barbecue accompaniment.

Lemon cocktail recipe with lemonade, vodka, cucumber and mint

Lemade with a twist

Lemonade cocktail perfect for a summer barbecue


  • lemonade (2 ounces for one drink, 16 ounces for a pitcher)
  • vodka (3 ounces for one drink, 24 ounces for a pitcher)
  • cucumber slices
  • lemon wedges
  • mint sprigs
  • ice


  • Mix all the ingredients except the ice and let sit for a couple hours in the refrigerator if you have time.
  • Add ice when you are ready to set it out for guests.

Lemonade cocktail with vodka, cucumber, lemon and mint

Adaption from Delish

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