Save your child’s artwork with a collage

Make a collage of your kids art instead of having to save it

I’m a newbie parent on the school scene. School’s out and I didn’t know to do with all Luca’s creations. All I could think is “I cannot keep every thing these three kids make until they are 18! Where will I put all of it?” So I decided to make a couple collages with my phone of our favorites. Here’s how.

Preschooler drawing

Mr. Man keeps drawing and drawing. They’re all precious masterpieces ;)

What to do with all those kid art projects

The pile grows.

Save all their art from school in a collage

Halfway through the school year I started putting all his crafts in one of these Ikea magazine boxes. I suppose when all three kids are in school I could have one for each.

Take pictures of your child's art and make a collage instead of saving all it

I took pictures of 12 of our favorites on my phone, did a little editing right there on the phone and put them into two collages with the app Poto. They look like this:

Saving kids art with phone collage

Phone collage of kids art

How to make a photo collage of your childs artwork on your phone

So what do you do with the collages? I make a yearly photo book, so I can add them in like this:

Save kids art with phone camera, collage and photobook

This was pretty simple to do and didn’t take much time. What do you think? How do you handle your budding artist’s masterpieces?


P.S. Here is Luca’s preschool graduation picture. I can’t believe I paid $32 for this and a class picture. But it’s just so cute I couldn’t help it! They got me.


This was the best photo we could do at his graduation. Marcello was in Italy and we always take the worst family photos anyway. Minutes after this Adriano said his tie was making him too hot and took all his clothes off before he got in the van. All of his clothes, down to his underwear. It was such a ridiculous spectacle that my mom and I had tears we were laughing so hard!

Anyway, I didn’t know preschool graduation was a thing. It sort of makes my eyes roll and heart flutter at the same time.

If you’re not ready to file those masterpieces in the trash, you could make an art wall like this.

4 thoughts on “Save your child’s artwork with a collage

  1. How did you know I was sitting in front of a pile of my kid’s artwork right now trying to decide what to toss and what to keep? This is brilliant idea! I also have three kids and I was shuddering at the thought of figuring out what to do when all of them are bringing home cute creations from school.

  2. Haha! My mountain of papers on my desk is making me nuts. The struggle between my minimalist mind and mother’s heart is real ;)

  3. This is such a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration! I discovered your blog three days ago, and I’ve been binge-reading whenever my littles give me the chance. I’m enjoying it so much! Thank you from Minnesota. :)

  4. Thanks, Charis! I can never have enough friends from Minnesota. Every MN friend I have is so down to earth and caring. Thanks for reading! :)

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