Monthly baby pictures of first year

I didn’t struggle with Clara turning one as much as I did with the boys. I had a few emotional days here and there when I had to mentally adjust to her transforming into a toddler, but for the most part I’m excited to see her grow. I think what has changed is now I know what I have to look forward to because of her brothers.

My mom gave the best advice when she said she enjoyed something about every age of my brother and I. She told me she never wanted to travel backwards because it is too fun to see her kids move forward — even now as we are adults! This changed my perspective. Even in my short five years of being a parent, I can start to appreciate her words to be true.

Pictures of baby each month of the first year

I took Clara’s picture every month in the same pink-colored onsie and blanket each month of her first year. It’s not easy to photograph the world’s squirmiest baby, by the way. I had to make crazy noises, wear funny hats and basically act like an insane clown. You can see Adriano’s first year pictures here. (Sorry, Luca. I was too busy freaking out when you were a baby.)

And I couldn’t resist adding a few photos of Clara as a newborn and one year old. I hope you don’t mind.

Take newborn picture and first year picture with the same prop to see how they have grown Use a prop with a newborn picture and at 12 months to see how baby has grown her first year

How do you adjust to your babies getting older? Do you hate it and drag your feet? Or is it new and exciting?

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6 thoughts on “Monthly baby pictures of first year

  1. My little girl is only 2 weeks old, but I’m already dreading (if that’s the right word?) her getting older. I think that she’s just perfect right now. She’s so delightfully squishy and gorgeous.

    And a huge thank you so much for your lovely blog – it’s been the perfect accompaniment and help to my life for the past year (buying and renovating our first home, and now our first darling baby!)

    Best wishes to you and your lovely family, from Perth (Australia)

  2. Madeleine, thank you for your lovely comment and brightening my day! Congratulations on your sweet little girl! And house! What a big year for you. So happy to have a friend in Perth :)

  3. Beautiful photos. Read your posts too, very helpful.
    If you could pls share which camera has been used for taking photos, it would be great .

  4. Hi Shalu! I use a Canon Rebel for some of these shots and then my iphone for others! I know, very inconsistent, but I was having camera problems. I used a filter to make them more uniform.

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