Clara turns one

First birthday for baby girl

Clara Anne is the sweetest thing I ever did see. She rarely fusses. Her smile comes easy and is contagious. She likes to know Mom or Dad will hold her, but would prefer to go exploring. She’s taking steps and toddling around. She does that precious backwards hand wave babies do. “Mama” is always on the edge of her lips and when she takes a bite of food she says “mmmmmm!”

Happy first birthday to our sweet, sweet girl!

First birthday photo shoot ideas

One year old girl photo ideas

First birthday girl photo ideas

One year old details - hands

One year old girl

One year old details

First birthday girl photoshoot

One year old details - baby neck

One year old birthday photo shoot

First birthday pink and white mini cake with rose for girl

First birthday cake photos

One year old birthday cake eating photos

First birthday party cake destroying

One year old birthday cake destroying

(As you can see, she was more interesting in “sculpting” the cake instead of eating it!)

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  1. I got it at a consignment shop, but the tag says Genuine Kids Oshkosh. Sorry, I know that doesn’t help much :)

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