White dining room

White dining room with bold blue rug as art

My slow, two year process of making over our dining room on a serious budget has finally come to an end! Our dull brown space with mismatched dining set and dated chandelier is now white and bright. Take a look at the before and after pics:

Before and after - making the dining room white and modern

The chandelier was brown with some sort of yellow speckled faux painting and yellow glass. So pretty. I sold that and our mismatched dining set on Craigslist.

Over the course of time, I painted the walls white, found an awesome second hand table and an oversized drum pendant and Eames style chairs online.

The total cost was $1,435. It broke down like this:

  • 9′ second hand dining table $900
  • Eames style chairs on sale for $476
  • Drum pendant on sale for $160
  • Paint $30
  • Batik rug on wall (sold out, Urban Outfitters) $89
  • Minus $220 we made selling the old set and fixture on Craigslist

Before and after - Dining room update for only $1,453

(The boys broke that cool white table lamp in the before picture above. Uhhh, they have broken every single one of my table lamps. The ones on either side of our bed in the master both have shattered holes in the back of them. They’re just turned toward the wall so you can’t see them. One day one of them is just going to fall to pieces onto the floor in the middle of the night!)

Dining room with white walls oversized drum pendant and Eames chairs with rug as art. The update cost only $1,435.

I hung a cheap rug on the wall for big impact on this huge white wall. It was featured on the TODAY show! Ok, ok, my picture was live for like half a second, so you probably wouldn’t call it a feature … anyway, here is my tutorial on how to hang a rug that they were demonstrating.

Easter lilies

Eames style chairs paired with wood table

Oversized white drum pendant with painted medallion moulding

The electrician took down the old fixture right before he took a lunch break. So that gave me time to take the medallion moulding into the garage, paint two coats as quickly as possible with three kids bugging me, aim a fan at it and pray it would dry before he came back!

White dining room with wood table and Eames chairs

White dining room with rug as art

2 thoughts on “White dining room

  1. Hi -I love your design eye! I want to get rid of my tan/beige walls as I find them not happy enough.

    I am so stuck on what color white to choose…Glidden? Sherwin Williams? What color white did you use? I would greatly appreciate an answer as this has been driving me nuts! :)

  2. Thanks, Mary! The white I painted is one my mom came up with for her own house. She is a retired interior designer and is so very picky about her whites. Haha! It’s called White Flour by Sherwin Williams. It’s just slightly softer and creamier than true white without having a cast in blue or yellow. It’s a keeper.

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