Creating an entryway (where there isn’t one)

Creating the feeling of an entryway

There isn’t a real entryway at our house. You pretty much open up the door into the living room. So I wanted to create the feeling of an entry by adding a dresser, lamp and a bowl to drop keys.

I knew I wanted something with drawers so we could store our table linens in it. It just took me a lot of looking and thinking to decide what size and color! It’s in between a large wood dining table and a long wood side table. A wooden chest seemed like too much wood, so I was considering a variety of colors until I came across this metallic dresser from World Market.

I love its detail and how the isolated location of the furniture, alone against the white wall, showcases it. (Side note: I would not recommend this dresser for clothes or something you need to get to on a daily basis. The drawers are not terribly smooth, opening and shutting.)

To tie in other wood elements in the room, I added this wooden table lamp. And the simple white artichoke bowl for keys goes with everything. The tapestry on the wall is one our favorites! It was a souvenir from travels to our friends’ wedding in Ecuador and has great memories for us. You can find more useful souvenir ideas here.

Here’s to hoping the boys don’t break this lamp. They’re four for four at the moment!

Kiran Embossed Metal Dresser

Boho entryway

Wooden table lamp

Tapestry from Ecuador as art


Mixing finishes in the entryway

Entryway dresser that can hold table linens

Creating an entry space

Dresser: World Market  |  Lamp: World Market  |  Ceramic bowl: Marshalls

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