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$10 or less: Toys

With holidays coming up, I thought I’d share some fun toys that are sure to be a hit but won’t hurt the wallet. Here are my picks for inexpensive kid gifts for boys or girls:

Inexpensive toys and gift ideas for boys and girls under $10.

Sticker book: Kids and stickers. They love them. I bought my boys these sticker books after hearing about their daily misery of a precious sticker that no longer sticks after adhering to their shirts. Now they put their favorites in their book and all is well. Add in some sticker sheets and you’ve got a nice little gift. By the way, there’s no better deal on stickers than the dollar store, but this is the link to the animal stickers shown. $6

Reusable sticker pads: We also love these reusable stickers for little ones. Each pad has five scenes and over 150 stickers to play with. You can use the pad, but you can also use them on a sliding glass door, window or in the bathtub. $5

Bubble gun: These are so fun I find myself wanting to play with them. Just make sure you get one for each sibling, because this one is popular! $6

No-spill bubbles: And for smaller children, Fubbles has this no-spill container that is genius. I saw them at a kids birthday party and couldn’t believe that the two-year-olds weren’t dumbing the entire container of bubbles like mine always did. $8

Joke book: Who keeps the ocean clean? The mermaid! This book of jokes is recommended for ages 7 and up and has amazing reviews. I can’t wait to buy this for Luca when he’s a little older! Corny jokes with kids are the best. $3

Silly straw glasses: What kid wouldn’t be excited to have these funny straw glasses? A childhood classic. $5

Art case: New art supplies are always exciting to little creatives. Mom bonus: There’s a case to keep all the pieces together. $10

Water color pad: For younger kids, this is a great coloring pad. My three and four year olds love these and the best part is there is no paint to get everywhere. These are a staple for us when flying with kids! $5

Glow in the dark stars: I remember putting these up in my brother’s room when we were little! We tried to match the constellations from the diagram, and couldn’t stop laughing because there was a constellation called “the poop.” At least that’s what I remember. I think its technical name is puppis, which is not nearly as funny. $10. There’s also a smaller set for $5.

Photo album: I do a yearly album for our family and the boys love to look at the pictures, but they are so rough with the books that I’m going to get them their own albums for Christmas. Kids will cherish some prints of trips, family, friends and pets. You can get them started with some photos and then let them add to it. I’m really excited about this one! $5

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