3 free awesome apps I use every day

3 free awesome apps I use every day

I love these apps so much I thought I should share them with you. I don’t actually spent too much time on my phone, but these have me hooked.


the weather app I use every day - lightning an storm radar

A few months ago we were swimming with the kids at a neighbor’s house and we thought we heard a low rumble of thunder in the distance. A mom whipped out her phone to check this app to see how close lightning was.

It seemed I was the only one who didn’t know you should get out of the water when lightning is less than 10 miles away. I always did the ol’ “I hear thunder, two more minutes kids!” This is way more high tech.

This is a good thing to have, living in the No. 1 lighting prone state (Florida)!

the weather app I use every day - pollen count

In addition to weather updates and lighting satellite, I like the pollen feature. If your family has allergies, this can be helpful.


First 5

the devotional app I use every day

As far as free devotionals go, I really like this one. The idea is to use it as an alarm and spend your first five minutes of the day with God. I don’t actually use it as an alarm — that’s my kids’ job — but I do like having a quick read to get me more God-focused during my day. Amazing how that can give you a little attitude adjustment!

(By the way, my favorite devotional of all time is Jesus Calling. It also has an app you can purchase. Never have I read a devotional like this one that seems to apply directly to my life day after day. It’s changed my life.)



the workout app I use every day

I don’t have my postpartum body back yet, but this is a big step in the right direction. Confession: I don’t actually use this every day, but most days I do!

workout app I use every day

What I love is that you can choose your time, even just five minutes if you want. You don’t have to fast forward to your favorite 10 minutes of a DVD! You know you’ve done it. And it’s all customizable.


P.S. Just have to share

clear flexible silicone iphone 6 case for $6

I’m crazy about this case I bought for my iphone 6. It’s soft silicone so it’s flexible and has a little more give/bounce to a used and abused phone. I like that it’s clear and you can see the clean lines of the phone. And it’s only $6.

What is your favorite app right now?

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6 thoughts on “3 free awesome apps I use every day

  1. Thank you SO much for this post! I already have the First 5 app on my phone and am so in love with it. The Weatherbug app will be especially useful for my family, as my husband has severe allergies to pollen, and we have a two year old son who loves playing outside, so the storm indicator will be great, too. The workout one is also helpful because my husband has sciatica, so I am just so happy you posted this! Every single one of these apps is beneficial! :)

  2. I’m intrigued by the devotional you mentioned. I clicked through the Amazon and it has a 5 star rating. As a huge Amazon enthusiast, that- along with your recommendation- says a lot to me- haha! I just might have to check it out.

  3. Just discovered your blog through your How I Save Money to Be a Stay at Home Mom post and am having so much fun purusing it! I recently discovered the First 5 app and totally love it. It is perfect for this busy season of life as a mom of little ones. And I love that if I have extra time, I can dig deeper into the passage that is being studied too.

    Going to have to check out the Sworkit app. Sounds like something I need!

  4. Hi Lydia! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a message. Looks like you have a thrifty blog too that I’ll have to check out. I love learning tricks from other moms!

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