Gift ideas for 4-year-old boys

Luca turned four this year and Adriano just turned three! My toy-testers definitely have their favorites they go back to again and again. Here are my kid gift ideas for four-year-old boys:

Preschooler toys - Present ideas for a four year old boy

present ideas for 4 year old boys - cameraDigital camera

Our favorite toy the boys got this year was a kid’s digital camera. It’s been dropped, banged around, and still takes pictures. We’ve got at least 500 pictures on there and they say it holds 2,000. You can plug it into the computer, and the quality is actually better than I expected. I love how creative Luca is with it and preserving our life as he sees it at four years old. Here’s a peek a Luca’s shots.

present ideas for 4 year old boys - watchWatch

Luca loves this super hero watch. It lights up in all different colors, which makes him very happy. It also gives him super powers, he’s informed me, so it’s a pretty impressive gift.

present ideas for 4 year old boys - reusable stickersReusable stickers

If you have a sticker lover, these reusable stickers are awesome. There are animal, car, town, and house pads to choose from — the animal pad is boss around here. Each pad has five scenes and over 150 stickers to play with. You can use the pad, but you can also use them on a sliding glass door/window or in the bathtub! They’re great to take on a trip too. Not bad for five bucks.

present ideas for 4 year old boys - puzzlePuzzle

These floor puzzles are big (2′ x 3′) and good for little brains. We have several of these, and I like the underwater set because it’s a little more challenging. You might have to help him the first couple times, but then it will keep his interest longer than the easier puzzles.

present ideas for 4 year old boys - costumes and dress upCostumes

A four year old’s imagination is extraordinary. They can easily be transported to another world where they can be or do anything. We have a bin in the boys’ closet full of dress up items: fireman hats, army helmets and vests, cowboy hats, pirate hats, capes, glasses, bird wings, and random pieces from past halloween costumes. They come up with some very interesting combinations! This set is a good place to start.

present ideas for 4 year old boys - animal figuresAnimal figures

We collect animal figurines. We have a tub full of them, ranging from dessert reptiles to arctic animals. Some are from the dollar store or variety bag (1.5-3″), and some are the highly detailed Schleich figures. Just when I think we’ve surely finished this collection, Luca will come up with a new fascination with honey badgers or peregrine falcons or something else ultra specific. They play with these more than any other toys.

present ideas for 4 year old boys - doctor kitDoctor kit

The boys play with their doctor kit all the time, almost every day. Get one that lights up if you can.

The stories of how they got hurt are the best part. Monkeys are always pushing people out of trees and lions are constantly biting fingers off around here. They also play veterinarian and fix up their stuffed animals. This toy promotes creativity, which keeps them busy longer which helps little brains grow.

present ideas for 4 year old boys - Curious GeorgeBook

My son’s attention span is a little longer now so we can read books with more than one sentence on a page. He loves the Curious George collections. “He was a good little money and always very curious …”

present ideas for 4 year old boys - play-dohPlay-doh kit

There are lots of Play-doh kits out there, we have a few, but Luca always goes back to this Fun Factory. It squishes the doh out into long pieces, which he makes into snakes and worms and snails.

present ideas for 4 year old boys - toolsTools

Little boys love tools and the Black & Decker tool sets look more like Dad’s. (BUT, I wouldn’t advise buying this one. Its loud noise makes me crazy, and it now resides on a high shelf far, far away.)

present ideas for 4 year old boys - super heroesSuper hero figures

Most toy lists I see have wooden toys and learning tools, which are adorable and great! But the truth is four year olds also LOVE superheroes. My boys haven’t even seen the shows or movies, but they still jump off couches and spin webs and save the world. The man of the hour around here is Captain America.

present ideas for 4 year old boys - boatMatchbox ship

Both my boys play with this Matchbox rescue mission boat in the bath, the pool, and on dry land. It’s sizable and has different moving pieces and interior spaces to keep it interesting. My dad bought it over a year ago and it is still in great condition with no rust spots. It was a good buy. (I don’t see it in stock anymore. Try this boat.)

Remote control car

The boys will play with their remote control cars they got for Christmas until the batteries wear out. Marcello races one under the couch, around the table, and all around while they chase it, trying to burn up some of that little boy energy!

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