Mini command center with printables

editable version for $3Life is getting busier around here. It seems like someone has a doctor’s appointment every other day, one kid started school, and Marcello is traveling more for work — I’m starting to feel overwhelmed!

I decided to do a mini command center. I’m not ready (or organized enough) for the take-up-the-whole-wall variety, so I settled on this little wall off the kitchen, in the back entrance. It’s only 13 inches wide and perfect for one tile of cork and two clipboards.

mini command center for small space

I chose clipboards because they’re easy to take down and write on. Here are my printables if you’d like to create your own wall:

mini command center with clipboards and bulletin board

mini command center with printable calendar


I started a dry erase calendar on the fridge with Marcello’s travel dates and Luca’s school stuff. That was progress, I thought. Until someone accidentally rubbed half of it off! For Pete’s sake. So I’m going with paper this time. I think it will work better for us because I can write down events in the coming months as well.

I left a little extra space at the top of the calendar file for the clip. And the dates are blank so I can reuse them next year.

Here are the blank calendar printables:  January  |  February  |  March  |  April  |  May  |  June  |  July  |  August  |  September  |  October  |  November  |  December

mini command center with printable menu


I already try to do a weekly menu but it’s usually on a random piece of paper in an undisclosed location (I frequently lose it). And lately I’ve been in an major rut. Would you like chicken and rice, or chicken and rice? So far, this solution has given me some much needed motivation.

I designed three versions:

  • dinner
  • lunch and dinner
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner (in case you’re super organized!)

Click image below to download.

Weekly menu printable - dinnerWeekly menu printable - lunch and dinnerWeekly menu printable - breakfast lunch and dinner

Editable menus - meal planner - breakfast lunch dinner - meal planning ideas

You can also purchase these menus in the editable version for $3 on my Etsy shop! All you need is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to make menus to use again and again. All three menu options are included.

bulletin board in kitchen with babysitter printable

 Babysitter info

This little 5 x 7 card gives me some piece of mind on that infrequent occasion I actually leave the house.

It’s important to have something like this up for babysitters, caretakers, and even older children. I’ve been in an emergency and not had the address before. It’s extremely stressful. Just make sure you point it out to those in charge.

Click image below to download.

Family info for babysitter printable

organize menu and calendars on clipboards

Command center printables - menus, calendars, babysitter info card

Have you done any organizing at the start of this school year? How do you manage a family calendar? Have any good tips for this newbie?

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16 thoughts on “Mini command center with printables

  1. Hi I really like your website but I live in a one bedroom apartment with a small closet and kitchen just for myself its about square feet and I do have a personal laundry room . Do you have any advice on organizating a one bed room apartment

  2. When I lived in a one-bedroom apartment I had way too much stuff. I probably have less stuff now in a single family home then I did then. My advice for a small space would be to get serious about getting rid of things. When we moved we got rid of about 40 percent of our stuff. Don’t hang on to things you might use one day or feel like you should keep because it was a gift. Ikea has a million smart space-saving ideas. And as far as small apartments done right, this one from Cup of Jo always sticks out in my head.

  3. Hello, I am trying to download the dinner ideas picture and it keeps taking me to the lunch ideas portion of the blog. I cannot locate the dinner ideas picture for download. Can you help me?

  4. Hi Tiffany! It looks like all the links in this post were corrupted! Thanks for letting me know. All is updated and should work now.

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